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3 Luxury Apps You Need on Your Phone Right Now

Luxury apps are the online butlers of the modern world. Ring a bell and wait to be served to the finest wine selection of the day, a weather forecast of your favorite Caribbean island, an announced auction of luxury yachts, or a premium suite booked at a top-notch hotel in Vegas.

The smartphone you so nonchalantly carry in your pocket can cater to most of your needs and desires. The industry knows the human mind aims ever higher and complicated. There is no ultimate app. There’s only an ever growing, sophisticated menu of wild dreams highly concentrated in the tap of your finger.

Luxury Apps That Will Make Your Smartphone Look Even Smarter

Luxury Apps No. 1 – Wine Spectator

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.12.12 AM

Once you’re ready to spread the sails, you might want to christen your ship. Well, we know champagne is the tradition, but what about a toast with an icy cold glass of Merlot?

The Wine Spectator app comes right in time to give you a choice selection straight from the experts. Twelve different countries have poured their wine menus for the tasting.

The app offers detailed information about release prices, current auctions, tasting notes, and a quick lesson in how to assess the quality of a bottle of wine.

The thorough content is always both up to date and voluminous – each month, almost one thousand new expert reviews rate the wines of 51 grape regions worldwide.

Luxury Apps No. 2 – Luxy

Luxy luxury apps

This handy little app is the leading luxury millionaire online matchmaker. Just goes to show ‘Pretty Woman’ would not have stood a chance if Tinder for the rich had been a thing in the 90s.

To use Luxy, members must provide proof of a minimum income of $200k. Or, as a poorer alternative, Luxy wanna-be users can draw an appealing profile that will open the doors to the high-society of love.

The app touts itself as a middle man between ‘wealthy men and beautiful women.’ CEOs, investors, beauty queen, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, fallen princes can all apply.

One single rule is… you must be single.

Luxury Apps No. 3 – Private Islands

private islands app

This app informs you on the most remote, secluded, and water-isolated corners of the globe – private islands.

Brokers, actors with a need for intimacy, or luxury travelers will find this app useful. They can scout through weather reports, news of incoming typhoons, top resorts, property value, and local politics.

Developers will find it useful for researching market value. Paparazzi can check which celebrities are planning for a hush-hush island retreat.

To get rich, you might have to be making money while you sleep. To enjoy your riches, thought, let your luxury apps do all the work for you while you’re busy living your dream life.


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