Nassima Yacht Review: Why Now Is The Right Time to Buy It

Luxury charter yachts carry a certain charm and elegance that’s unmatched in any other luxury cruise liner or travel experience.

Luxury cruises cannot match the freedom, liberating experience, and personalized service that luxury charter vessels such as the Nassima yacht. In any discussion regarding quality boats, the Nassima yacht is the one that often becomes a talking point. And, there are many reasons for it. Its features extraordinaire define luxury. With enormous speed, the Nassima yacht is personalized in the lap of water and timeless design that enhances the beautiful experience. However, that’s not all there is to it.

In fact, the Nassima yacht has excellent services and management, allowing you to see first-hand how a luxury yacht is run. The baot is not only worth the cost, but also the rich experience among the waters. We take you through the background of the Nassima yacht, its features and benefits, and even alternatives to consider before you buy.

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


A Little About the Nassima Yacht

While the Nassima yacht has been around for the past six years, it has garnered praise for its stylish and classic look among Acico yachts. Along with it, it has distinct features that are prominently used as a luxurious service by the guests.

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


Background of the Nassima Yacht

Oliver van Meer designed a long-range yacht at a top speed of 17 knots. Acico Yachts built it in 2012 with a length of 49.18 M and a 12 guest capacity. Even as it is known for covering 5,500 nautical miles, it has all amenities that a guest will undoubtedly want to experience when aboard the Nassima yacht.   

The luxurious amenities have been designed with the intent of making the superyacht comfortable for the guests.  The brand achieved this by catering to durability, eye-catching aesthetics, and quality materials -- all while being environmentally friendly.

The Nassima yacht is known for its detailed interiors. The makers took special care to give attention to light, space, a conservative furniture approach and a seating area all in the confines of the yacht. As a result, luxury is presented in a stylish and classic manner without going over the top.

Who is the Nassima Yacht is Great For?

If exotic experiences are on your bucket list, don’t miss out on the Nassima yacht. Even with its luxuries, you get to experience the beauty of the waters while staying aboard the equivalent of a five-star hotel. Furthermore, the aquarium acts as a division between the saloon and the deck -- you will not be disappointed! Besides a rich experience, owning this luxury yacht will leave you spellbound. 

What Are The Best Uses for the Nassima Yacht?

The Nassima yacht is an excellent experience if you plan to invest in luxury yacht services or want to buy one for yourself. In fact, if you have been on many luxury cruises before and want to know what’s beyond, then it’s time to try your hand at the Nassima yacht for it. After all, great time with family and friends cannot be better than when on the Nassima yacht with luxury amenities and a relaxed time all within the confines.

Features & Benefits of the Nassima Yacht

There are unique and distinct features that you will not find in any other luxury cruiser at sea. And, some of the unique features and benefits that you must avail are listed here.

1. Accommodation

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


The spacious and luxurious vessel yacht accommodates 12 guests in 6 rooms. These include a master suite, a VIP stateroom, and four twin cabins. Moreover, it also carries eleven crew members. As a guest, you enjoy the extensive entertainment facilities which allow you to present your family and friends ultimate fun and bonding. Or, for work purposes, gift your team an excellent getaway as a fitting reward for an excellent quarter or yearly performance.

2. Recreation Facilities

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


The Nassima yacht has many recreation facilities that make your time on the superyacht worthwhile. Among these are water-skis for kids and adults, paddleboards, fishing equipment, a wakeboard, inflatable toys, a hoverboard, an aquaglide rebound inflatable trampoline, and snorkeling. With so many fun activities to indulge in while aboard the Nassima yacht, you'll never feel isolated or bored on the water.

3. Amenities

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


Besides the air-conditioned environment on board the Nassima yacht, you also enjoy Wi-Fi connection, a gym to keep yourself fit, and a deck Jacuzzi. Also, among others, there is the satellite TV, iPod docking, and stabilizers for continuous connectivity.

4. PADI Certified Training Center

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


If you have been planning to learn scuba diving, then don’t hold back. In fact, don't forget your scuba gear when you take out the Nassima yacht. We have a strong reason to suggest so. The Nassima yacht is a certified PADI Dive Centre yacht.

This means you can enjoy your time on the superyacht and also learn something new. Take the luxurious experience a step further by obtaining a certificate course or PADI diving card.

5. Approved RYA Water Sports Centre

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


If you are out in the sea and have not ventured far, then RYA Water sports center aboard the Nassima yacht is your path to get trained. It lets you get prepared to indulge in water sports and has the necessary approval for it.

What Captains Have to Say About the Nassima Yacht

We have scanned the online reviews and have found the Nassima yacht to be a preferred vessel for an opulent vacation or stay. Additionally, it serves as a perfect destination to hold essential events. Some pros and cons include the following: 


  • plus
    Ample on-board activities
  • plus
    Room for 12 guests and crew members for personal attention
  • plus
    Modern amenities with luxury, minimalist interiors.   


  • close
    High cost of operation

While there are cost concerns, you will definitely get your money's worth. The amazing activities available for fun, luxurious decor, and space for family and friends make this vessel one of the best you could possibly purchase.

Alternative Yachts to Consider

Of course, the Nassima yacht is impressive. But if you're in search of something different, we've compiled some alternatives to evauluate your options.

1. 2 Ladies

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts

2 Ladies

At 152.07ft, this motor yacht is built in the same year as the Nassima yacht. And, the exterior is just as luxurious as the interiors. While the accommodation carries the same number of guests (12) like the Nassima, there is one less crew member space. However, the boat compensates for this with an elevator and lift. There are also wheelchair facilities.

The Two Ladies yacht received awards for the best displacement motor yacht, as well as showboat design awards for the interior, exteriors, and naval architecture in 2013. Still, that's no surprise when the boat features a sauna, water-ski monoski, dive compressor, and electric motorbike for guests.

2. Africa

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


Africa is a luxurious yacht that carries nine crew members, unlike Nassima which has 12. . Much like the Nassima yacht, you'll find entertainment facilities, air-conditioning, a deck Jacuzzi, and gym. The cost of traveling aboard the Africa is a bit less than Nassima. As a result, it makes the perfect companion for trips along the Caribbean, Central America, and South East Asia.

3. Agram

Nassima yacht, Nassima, Acico yachts


The accommodation is for twelve guests in six rooms, including a VIP stateroom and double cabins. Suitable for nine crew members, you will also enjoy air conditioning, stabilizers, Wi-Fi, and a deck Jacuzzi.

Furthermore, the recreation facilities include a Yamaha Jet Ski, paddleboard, snorkeling, and inflatable water toy. It is priced lesser than Nassima yacht and also complies with MCA and ABS standards, providing you the best in luxury.

The Nassima yacht gives you a premium vacation experience unmatched by other vessels.

We hope you loved our review of the Nassima yacht. While it has been around for some time, it is gaining popularity recently due to its extensive amenities and recreation choice.

If you are planning on purchasing a yacht soon, do consider the Nassima yacht. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments! Additionally, if your family or friends is interested in such a vacation, do share this article with them!

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