Rajasthan Tourism Enriched with a Historical Warrior Fortress Turned Luxury Hotel

Traveling is a wonderful experience and something many people consider one of the best parts of life on this earth. These days, traveling is easier for most people than it ever has been. You’re no longer forced to take the traditional show-up-and-snap-a-couple-photos itinerary. Instead, you can adopt one of the many creative choices available to vacationers ready to embark on truly unique adventures, tailored to your personal interests. A new resort in Rajasthan, India is a prime example of exactly this.

A trip to Delhi gives travelers the opportunity to explore some of the most impressive forts and palaces built across the famous Aravalli Mountain range. Covering about 300 miles from the northeast to the southwest, the Aravalli’s begin in Rajasthan, the western part of India. The mountain range reaches all the way to the famed state of Delhi.

Delhi is known as the land of Kings which was once ruled by various clans. The amazing hill forts are living proof of their time, and each and every one of them showcases various masterpieces of architecture. Once a symbol of protection, many of these fortresses are now open to tourism, allowing adventurers to observe and learn about the history.

Alila Hotels and Resorts Takes Over Historical Fortress

Many people often think “wow, it would be really cool to stay in one of these places.” The good news is, that is now a reality! Alila Hotels and Resorts has finally completed the remarkable restoration of a 230-year-old fortress in Rajasthan. Perched on a high granite hill, the upcoming resort offers its guests stunning 360 degree views of the picturesque surrounding landscape.

Alila Fort Bishangarh is a superb resort, featuring impressive stone walls, exquisite marble floors throughout a rich, vibrant history. In an area filled with historic forts and palaces, the resort is scheduled to open its doors in February 2017. So far, this is the only warrior fort to have been converted into a luxurious heritage resort.

It took seven years of intensive restoration for the Alila Fort Bishangarh to return to its original structure of arched windows and towering turrets. Now, the hotel will provide guests with 59 luxury suites, all equipped with all of the modern conveniences travelers expect from luxurious five-star locations.

The revamped fort will offer a variety of gourmet dining options, including an outdoor terrace restaurant Nazara, the indoor specialty restaurant Amarsar, Kachhawa Lounge for champagne, and the Madhuveni Cigar and Cognac Bar. In the dungeon of the fort, the architects designed the stunning Spa Alila, which is carved out of pure granite.

The grandeur of the new luxury resort lies in its inherent and surprising simplicity. Its fortification has withstood the test of time, which allows it to become Alila Fort Bishangarh – the first warrior fort to become a travel destination that offers luxurious accommodation to guests. The designers and architects of this resort chose to highlight the history and design of the fort, incorporating it as an integral part of the resort.

Historical Influences

The history of the Shahpura royalty was beautifully preserved during the redecoration of the resort. Guests will admire the regal design of the hotel which contains refined features of a place that once hosted families of great distinction. The entire resort offers a unique experience, showcasing the Jaipur Gharana architecture influenced by the British and the Mughals. The fortified seven foot thick walls has preserved the original openings for guns and cannons, increasing the authenticity of the fortress.

Above the old fort, Alila designed a new building. It hosts five luxury Royal Suites and all the decadent social areas required in a top-tier hotel. All of the suites have spectacular views of the valley below. However, they are quite distinct as they feature 22 unique layouts.

Guests are greeting in an imposing arrival area down the hill. It also features a fancy courtyard, a large swimming pool area and several terraces, as well as the Teen Soldiers Play Club and the gym.

Cultural Learning

The location of the historical resort is quite advantageous; it takes just one hour to reach it from Jaipur and approximately three hours from the Delhi Airport. Visitors also have the possibility of visiting the splendid Amber Fort (only 45 minutes from the resort). According to the hotel’s management, Alila Fort Bishangarh will open in February 2017 as their second property in India. The already successful Alila Diwa Goa opened back in 2010.

But staying at the Alila Fort Bishangarh is not just about the luxury of the hotel. Guests can also take up any of the many cultural experiences offered by Jaipur, Bishangarh and rural Rajasthan. The resort will feature the famed Alila Experience, which comprises five major themes.

  • Cultural Learning – Day visits to temples, historic palaces, and forts.
  • Conscious Living – Wellness sessions at Spa Alila, daily visits to the local communities for farming, teaching at the village school, trips to carpet weavers and marble artisans.
  • Active Spirits – Picnics and walks, horse-riding, biking, ATV adventures, trekking, hot-air ballooning.
  • Culinary Arts – Special food trails, as well as courses at a traditional cooking school.
  • Couples Celebration – Grand celebratory events, intimate wedding ceremonies, and everything in-between.

Come 2017, guests of Alila Fort Bishangarh will have the opportunity to explore any of these charming experiences. The new luxury resort promises to craft the Alila Experience to create memorable holidays that suit every guest’s preference.

As far as the rates at Alila Fort Bishangarh are concerned, they will start from USD 400 per room per night. This price includes two people sharing on a room only basis. For more information on booking date and prices, please visit

India can be one of the most luxurious travel destinations of the world, if you know where to go. Below you’ll find a short list of some of the best historical locations turned into elegant hotels and resorts. You’ll also find more details about booking dates and availability of each hotel by clicking on the ‘Book now’ link.

1. Umaid Bhawan Palace | Jodphur, India

Discover the fascinating past that still hides inside the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace. The resort is perched high above the capital of Jodhpur as the last of the great palaces of India. There’s no way this luxury heritage hotel will fail to leave you spellbound if you check in as a guest.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace is the former home of the Jodhpur royal family; it also used to be one of the world’s largest private residences, constructed on 26 acres of gardens. Located on the highest point in Jodhpur, the property provides guests with tours of the palace and various Kids@Taj programs, as well as indoor and outdoor pools. In addition to the unique subterranean Zodiac Pool, the hotel also benefits of a full service spa and exciting activities (such as croquet, marble squash courts, and polo).

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2. Taj Krishna Hyderabad | Hyderabad, India

Another Indian gem, this luxurious hotel is an architectural masterpiece. Its grand staircase, marble pillars, and ornately carved décor invites its guests to an adventure in opulent luxury. Every moment spent inside Taj Krishna Hyderabad feels like a fantasy. Guests can take trips to nearby tourist attractions, including the Golconda Fort, Hussain Sagar Lake, Salarjung Museum – all minutes away.

The guestrooms at Taj Krishna are not just sophisticated and spacious, but also luxurious in comfort and style. Staying at the five-star hotel comes with the opportunity of enjoying multiple relaxing and rejuvenating activities. You are also promised distinctive services and quality facilities, such as a unique dining experience exploring the nuances of the finest Indian and international cuisines.

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3. lebua Resort Jaipur | Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

lebua Resort Jaipur is an exquisite boutique hotel, event facility, and spa destination inspired by the region’s vibrancy and cultural richness. The luxury resort’s geometric structures and shapes have been inspired by Jantar Mantar, the Royal Observatory of Jaipur built in 1728. Meanwhile, the region’s famous gem craft has influenced the resort’s materials and intricate details.

The property offers 3 villas and 60 suites. The villas are designed to imitate one of Jaipur’s famed jewel colors – either fuchsia, blue sapphire, or emerald green. Intricate latticework surrounds each villa in a shape that forms a jewel box-like courtyard. Each suite has a different view of the Aravalli Hills due to the hotel’s architecture along crescent-shaped streets at varying heights.

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4. Ananda in the Himalayas | Narendranagar, Uttaranchal, India

Located in the tranquil Himalayan foothills, this luxury resort is fairly close to the mythological cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh. Surrounded by the peaceful Sal forests and overlooking the graceful Ganga, the location is a dream destination for any traveler. Ananda hopes to offer its guests the spiritual pathway to the union of body, mind and soul.

When living is just a part of the echo of nature, then elegance and style blend discreetly to focus on each color of serenity. The guestrooms, suites and villas at Ananda in the Himalayas all make a bold statement with nuances that echo nature and views that leave one gazing into the distance.

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5. RAAS Jodphur | Jodphur, India

A mixture of modern structures and 18th-century red sandstone buildings, this five-star boutique hotel is 1.5 km from the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park and just 1.4 km from the Mehrangarh Fort. The contemporary rooms have terrazzo floors and sandstone walls, as well as balconies that offer views of the fort. Guests can enjoy Indian and International cuisine at the two fine dining restaurants, as well as enjoy the extensive spa and the heated outdoor pool.

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