8 Luxury Treehouse Hotel Destinations and Deco Ideas

When it comes to tourism, adventurers are always searching for something exciting and new. And what could be more inspiring than an extravagant treehouse getaway? Want to literally go out on a limb for your next trip? Once the sole favorite among young boys, tree houses have now turned into luxurious resorts for adventurous travelers (read: those unafraid of heights). In an age of roadside motel chains and worldwide hotel corporations, treehouse hotel destinations will offer you a unique travel experience.

History of Treehouse Hotels

The idea of building a hotel up in the branches is hardly an innovative idea. It was back in the mid-1980s when Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel started receiving guests to explore the Brazilian jungle canopy at a treetop resort. However, the concept has more than blossomed. Today, you can find these tiny yet luxurious hotels everywhere from U.S. to China.

Sometimes, people feel attracted to high-flying hotels thanks to the solitude and seclusion that comes with sleeping in nature. Other times, it’s the exciting cacophony of the rainforest that makes the call. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll find something unique and exceptional up in the leaves—surely rewarding the effort of traveling there.

Below you’ll find a list of the most amazing treehouse hotel destinations you can go to. Don’t just dream, go ahead and book a night – or more – right now.

1. The Woodman’s Treehouse, Dorset, UK

A completely private and unique treehouse, the Woodman’s offer you a high-up experience in the branches of a veteran oak. Given the attractive combination of luxurious interiors and sustainable craftsmanship, spending a night at the Woodman’s Treehouse feels like the ultimate retreat.

Why It’s Unique: Some of the features available for customers include a private sauna and a hot tub on the upper deck, an open air tree-shower, a revolving woodburner, and a stainless steel slide. Opened earlier this year, the magical setting feels utopic, with its uninterrupted vistas visible through the tree canopy.

Plan Your Trip: The Woodman’s Treehouse website

2. Hinchinbrook Island Resort, Australia

In the middle of the Hinchinbrook 96-acre national park – rich in rugged mountains, lush rainforests, and beautiful sandy beaches – lies just one option for accommodation: the Island Resort. If you want to plan your next vacation here, get to booking, because they secluded hideaway offers only 15 treehouse bungalows.

Why It’s Unique: Each of the treehouses feature airy floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a kitchenette, a bath, private balcony, and easy beachfront access. You also have access to one of the island’s eleven private beaches, and the Island Resort’s bar.

Plan Your Trip: Hinchinbrook Island Resort website

3. Out’n’About Treesort, Cave Junction, Oregon

One of the most luxurious treehouse hotel destinations on our list, the Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort has a year-long waiting list – sometimes even longer than that – for its residents. Its twelve world-class treehouses are coveted by adventurers worldwide, and you will soon see why.

Why It’s Unique: Each treehouse is sparingly decorated with a rustic feel that will make your feel like you’re camping with kings. The Treesort is modeled as a luxurious and relaxing bed & breakfast with the scope of a resort. There are plenty of activities you can try, including horseback riding, zip-lining, but you will also have time to marvel at the structures suspended in the trees or take in the view.

Plan Your Trip: Out’n’About Treesort website

4. Treehouse Cottages, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Another gem in the heart of the nation, Treehouse Cottages offers seven treehouses in two locations. One of the oldest high-up hotels in the U.S, the resort has been making dreams come true with canopy vacationing since 1991.

Why It’s Unique: Treehouse Cottages provide the modern luxuries of an elegant lodge, but up within the serenity of the treetops. Each cottage was built by hand, and the interiors are rich in handcrafted artistry. Air conditioning is standard, protecting the customers of the heat of Arkansas summers. Numerous cottages come with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to enjoy the high-up view.

Plan Your Trip: Treehouse Cottages website

5. Kanopi House, Jamaica

Located in the beautiful Blue Lagoon of Jamaica, Kanopi House is the most idyllic treehouse retreat with the most breathtaking views among the soaring banyan trees. The treehouse hotel overlooks the magnificent coral reef of the Caribbean Sea.

Why It’s Unique: Kanopi House is exotic, delightful, and the chic treehouses are ideally positioned to grant visitors access to the nearby rainforest. Residents are encouraged to swim to a nearby island, practice watersports, or simply relax to the gentle sounds of the sea.

Plan Your Trip: Kanopi House website

6. Treehotel, Sweden

Treehotel is famous for its five unique, futuristic-looking “Treerooms.” However, none will catch your eye more than The Mirrorcube. The name gives it away: the treehouse hotel features a shiny exterior which makes it look almost invisible. Due to this fascinating effect, the hotel adapts to its natural surroundings like no other exotic destination in the world.

Why It’s Unique: The Mirrorcube is simple yet elegant, with a lounge, double bed, and rooftop terrace. It offers gorgeous views from over the treetops. The other four Treehouse hotels include The Blue Cone, The Bird’s Nest, The Cabin and The UFO. The resort also offers a luxury tree sauna like you’ve never experienced before.

Plan Your Trip: Treehotel website

7. Tongabezi, Livingstone, Zambia

Want something even more exotic? Book a room at this Zambian treehouse which overlooks the magnificent Zambezi River. Built up in the branches of an Ebony tree, the resort offers a king-size bed and a luxurious claw-footed bath, as well as Asian chests, Anatolian carpets, and West African artwork.

Why It’s Unique: The largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls, is very close by. You can also book helicopter rides and safari trips in Chobe National Park. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, wind down with a traditional Tonga massage and a sunset cruise.

Plan Your Trip: Tongabezi website

8. Treehouse Hideaway, India

It might be the best treehouse hotel on our list. The Treehouse Hideaway, located in one of the most amazing tiger reserves on Earth, Bandhavgarh National Park, will take your breath away. With the biggest population of tigers in India, the treehouse destination offers its customers the possibility of meeting deer, jackals, wild boars, and a great number of birds.

Why It’s Unique: Taking full advantage of its location, the resort is hidden in the heart of 21 acres of Indian jungle. Featuring five stunning treehouses, the exotic destination blends in perfectly with the scenery, offering rare sightings of the local wildlife. Your dinner is cooked over a fire and served in a luxurious dining hall built on the branches of a mahua tree.

Plan Your Trip: Treehouse Hideaway website

If you can’t go away on a vacation right away but you still want to satisfy your wanderlust, browse our list of exotic treehouse accessories and other related items.

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This thoroughly practical guide will help even the least skilled carpenters to design and build a beautiful treehouse. One of the first books on DIY woodworking, this edition of Tree Houses You Can Actually Build explains the basic building procedures through simple instructions and line drawings.

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Want to preserve your memories in a unique way? You can do it with this warm, earthy and delightful candle. It has an outdoors scent – not too woodsy or grassy – and definitely not flowery.

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If you can’t actually build your own treehouse, why not buy this unique wall sticker? With its high quality, it will be long before you’ll have to replace it. It works both on indoor or outdoor walls. If you peel it off, it won’t leave marks or residue.

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If you’re children are big fans of treehouses, you can bring some of their wooden charm into you’re their bedroom with this awesome bed set. The dual twin loft setup comes with a movable ladder for easy access to the top bunk. This design allows plenty of shelving and storage space, ensuring the perfect setting for your child.

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This tree shower curtain is ideal for any homeowner who loves the outdoors. It combines the elegance of a big green tree motif with a pleasant color palette. Made from 100% polyester, the curtain features a vibrant tree pattern design all over. The tree in the light creates a lovely addition to your bathroom décor. The material is durable and the curtain will last you for many years.

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Treehouses can follow you even in your dreams, especially if you purchase this pillowcase. Made of superb fabric cushion cotton polyester material, the case ensures you have a comfortable sleep. As far as cleaning is concerned, you should wash the pillowcase under 60 degree water.

Are you already dreaming of visiting one of these luxurious treehouse hotel destinations? Check out their websites and booking opportunities (links provided for each item).

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