3 Luxury Interior Design Trends You Need to Try

Bold or witty, in a display of tropical and breezy colors or a masculine Art Deco feel, an interior design background reflects our instinctive quest for beauty in the intimacy of our homes.

As the upscale residential market is booming, the year 2016 highlights a few trends in wrapping up your house with the desired color, material, and general character. Simple and serene colors, complimented by chic natural textures and tailored shapes are among the top preferences on the high end of the interior design spectrum.

Below we list some of those models in the bespoke world of interior design background that go the extra mile to impress the eye.

3 Styles, Colors, and Materials to Complement the Perfect Interior Design Background

Leather Is Forever

3D Faul-leather background interior design background

Precious crystals, porcelain, pearl beads, marble or gold leaf have decorated all types of surfaces, from private residences to luxury retailers, from yachts to palatial mansions. Leather is iconic in the interior design world. Patterns on walls and ceilings can give a distinctive vibe to the background of a room.

Moreover, leather can be tailored and intuitive. You know you’ve entered a realm of elegance and timeless chic when the room carries an undertone of leather within.

Fameed Khalique specializing in a wide range of colors and styles, from the plain to the heavily embossed, from the origami plisse to the opulent silk hand-loomed leather. The lux brand panels bespoke high-end interiors for five-star hotels or even the Oscars, and the price is customized to the request. But when Khalique puts the price tag on ‘not so terribly expensive’, you get a feeling it an order of their high-standard leather paneling would burn right through your pocket.

For a more affordable choice, you can check the Faux Leather 3D Faux Leather Wallpaper from Blooming Wall. It lays a 3D effect on the eyes and an ‘opulent’ feel to your bedroom.

Hang On to the Perfect Curtains

Ambesonne Curtains interior design background

A spectacular interior design background should never undermine the ‘homely’ feel. To this extent, light plays a central role in interior design backgrounds. Sunlight filters through the curtains. It’s up to the swags or the pelmets, the Roman shades or the elegant draperies to complement the windows.

The Fantasque curtains collection from Osborne & Little would hang lavishly in a double-height living room. The pattern uses roasted brown earth tones or cyan hues, which are the basic points of all color palettes this year. The print hides hypnotizing details amid its Art Deco foliage – just watch out for the panther insinuating itself into the design.

Ambesonne Artistic Decor Collection paints a more Eastern-oriented concept into your curtains of choice. The blend of silk, satin, and polyester provides a softness to the touch. At the same time, it allows for a pouring of light into the room. What’s better, the price is not prohibitive in the least.

‘Hygge’ to Put Your Personal Touch to the Test

Chilewich woven rug interior design background

No other concept defines the pulling together of interior design backgrounds better than the Danish hygge. What is hygge? If images of fluffy sheep-wool rugs and cushy knit pillows greet you when you think of home coziness, then you’ve just defined the concept.

One type of hygge particularly fashionable at the moment is the layering of textured surfaces. The more exotic the material, the more personalized your home will be.

Hard and traditional materials like stone, steel, laminated resin still lead the trend trail this year. However, vinyl has re-emerged from the history books of the American 60s. Nowadays, it’s a definite contender on the luxury market scene.

Chilewich’s signature woven vinyl fabrics include placemats, runners, and wall-to-wall flooring known as Plynyl.

Not only is the material easy to clean and low-maintenance, it’s also highly durable. It comes in various shapes and sizes, like kitchen upholstery or universal shag runners. The price, of course, reflects the quality.

Together, flooring, wallpapers, accessories are the ingredients to spice up the overall recipe of the perfect 2016 interior design background. Some of the products are still on the cusp of recognition. Others have long slipped under the umbrella term of ‘classic’. Still, they are all designed to cater to both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

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