919 Evo – Proof that Porsche is a Rule-Breaker

It goes without saying that racing cars are insanely fast.

Yet have you ever wondered about the limits of these cars? Or their capabilities if they were not required to adhere to stringent regulations? Porsche is pushing the envelope and testing the boundaries by transforming its 919 Hybrid LMP1 into a racing machine. 919 Hybrid has gone rogue! With the regulations out the window, Porsche has focused its efforts on increasing aerodynamics, reducing weight, and utilizing once-restricted technology to break racing records.

In a break from the racing world’s governing limits on dimensions, tires, braking, power, and more, Porsche has pulled out all of the stops.  While these rules are imposed to keep drivers safe and matches even, engineers often feel burdened and confined. In each spot that the regulations said, "can't" or "don't," Porsche rewrote the script to read "can" and "will."

As the 919 Hybrid won’t be racing in the World Endurance Championship anymore, the engineers are truly letting loose. The result is known as 919 Evo. Rumor has it that the racing beast is hauling at nearly 1200 horsepower. With Neel Jani behind the wheel at Spa, the car lapped in at 1:41:770 -- .8 faster than the 2017 previous circuit record set by Lewis Hamilton. Neel Jani says of the racing beaut,

“The 919 Evo is brutally impressive. It is definitely the fastest car I ever drove. The grip level is at a fully new dimension for me, I couldn’t imagine this amount beforehand.

The Nature of the Change

To get specific on the 919’s transformation, it helps to look at the details. The car now rides without windshield wipers, lights, air conditioner, electronic race controls, and the pneumatic jack. Without these extras, the engineers' design of the 919 Evo cut down the carbon fiber and aluminum weight to 1872 pounds. Aerodynamic adjustments have generated 53% more down-force. It’s clear that these improvements are taking speed to a whole new level.

As if that wasn’t fast enough though, Porsche has plans of knocking quite a few seconds off the new record to ring in at 1:36. It remains unseen if Porsche will accomplish this feat, however it has already proved that the 919 Evo is crazy fast and crazy unregulated. We don’t think Porsche will be slowing its roll anytime soon!

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