The Best Designer Watches for Women Who Want a Stylish Masterpiece

Buying a watch can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

However, we want to take the stress out of your online searching. With so many things to consider, we’ve made shopping for watches easier and simpler. We want you to invest in the best designer watches for women – and that means names you can trust. Let’s take a look at what we found and reasons you’ll love them.  

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The History and Development of Watches

Everything has to start somewhere, and we’re fascinated by the history and production of watches over the years. It wasn’t until 1275 that the first mechanical clock stepped onto the scene. Towards 1300, three clocks were produced in Italy. Blacksmiths continued to improve the functioning, purpose and accuracy of clocks. For example, they built clocks with louder bells so manor houses and towns could hear when an hour had passed, when it was sunrise and important dates of the year.

The 17th century saw the development of the pendulum clock. This was an important part in the understand of time and creation of watches. It was used for scientific purposes to help perfect time. Also, believe it or not, but the pendulum clock helped to measure the force of gravity. Many scientists used it to measure the earth’s shape and forces which create movement. These theories are still used in modern watches and help to accurately measure time.

 best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

As technology began to develop and become more understood and popular, the 19th century saw manufactures mass-producing watches. This meant that cheaper materials were required because they weren’t hand-crafted. This progression also meant that the purpose and appearance of watches significantly changed too. You no longer needed a key to wind the time on a pocket watch. Instead, you could turn the crown to set the time. Interestingly, during the First World War, watches were used by soldiers to track and plan attacks. This meant that every routine and movement could be planned and carefully thought out.

Now, we often wear watches for a fashion statement, and quickly forget about the significance of these creations in earlier times. Imagine not ever knowing what time it is. Your life would be completely different and disorganized. Today, the best designer watches for women go beyond the practicality of simply telling the time to make a glorious fashion statement too.

The Best Designer Watches for Women 

Before diving in to buy the best designer watches for women, you want to consider your budget first. This might be down to personal preference, or how often you’ll wear the watch. With different prices come different functions. You can purchase a minimalist design with subtle features, or a smartwatch which notifies you of texts, e-mails and calls. Aside from budget, this also refers to your reasons for purchasing a watch.

If you have a four-figure budget, you can look towards luxurious watch options of the best designer watches for women and brands. This includes: Rolex, Swiss, Cartier and more. The bigger the name, the more expensive the price tag. This is because they’re hand-crafted using precious, rare materials. As a result, they are a high-quality product which won’t ever let you down. Designed to last for generations, you won’t need to renew your watch every few years.

Also, you may wish to bear in mind your lifestyle before making a purchase. For example, if you work in a formal environment, a watch made of gold with diamond details goes hand in hand. However, if you spend most of your time in a dirty environment, think about materials which are easier to care for and sturdier than precious metals. The best designer watches for women are the ones you can wear everywhere.

Luxury Wrist Watches

There are plenty of benefits to a wrist watch – plus reasons to own one, especially as it pertains to the best designer watches for women. Always on your wrist and in sight, it’s a luxury masterpiece which will make you feel confident each time you look at it. Studies have found that wearing a watch can actually boost your sense of well-being, plus happiness and pride. Owning something you love which others can see is a way to show the world your luxury timepiece without throwing it in people’s faces.

Most people will own a wrist watch at some point in their lifetime, so why not make it a top-quality masterpiece you love? We’ve searched the Internet for the best designer watches for women at reasonable prices and come up with the below five selections. Take a look, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.

1. Rolex Day-Date 36 Carousel of Lavender Jade Dial

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This Rolex watch is one of the best designer watches for women. Our favourite feature is the juxtaposition of a lavender jade diamond-set dial with the 18kt yellow gold bracelet. We love that this watch is water-resistant at 100 meters. As a result, this is ideal for regular swimmers, or even to avoid detrimental effects with water spillages. Also, this watch is resistant to scratches – which makes it an ideal accessory to wear every day without worrying. The yellow gold hands and thick border on the center makes this a standout watch, and one that everyone will admire. However, with a round shape, it’s elegant and delicate for women.

Finished in sapphire crystal, this not only gives the watch a luxurious effect, but protects the watch from accidental damages. At the top of the face is the day of the week, for a practical and stylish appeal. Aside from this watch’s stunning appearance, there’s something about purchasing a Rolex watch which gives you a sense of worth and boosts your confidence. Also, purchasing a Rolex watch is an investment because they hold their value over time. As they’re made from high-quality materials, they still work even after decades of use. The brand like to introduce new models occasionally and in limited numbers. As a result, it’s sometimes hard to get your hands on a particular watch.

Finally, buying from a trusted brand – such as Rolex – gives you peace of mind, as well as a sense of achievement and a mind of success. For many years, this brand has held its name at the top of the list of the best designer watches for women. Therefore, treat yourself to a luxurious watch will embodies your personal style and glamour.

2. Cartier Santos Demoiselle Small 18KT White Gold Diamond

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

Secondly, here’s another of the best designer watches for women. Pre-owned, this has been taken care of and is a limited edition: you’ll find it hard to find this particular model anywhere else. Set with small 18kt white gold diamond stones throughout the entire watch, this is luxury at its finest. Under lights, it sparkles and reflects beautifully. Perfect for special occasions, this watch is beautiful to look at, and makes a mundane task of checking the time a work of art.

Cartier holds a particular charm that not all designer brands can replicate. The company is inspired by travel, history and art, and this is strongly reflected in the above watch. There are many reasons to own a Cartier watch – aside from their stunning and unique designs. For example, the brand’s name alone is associated with positive campaigns and celebrities to give you a feeling of self-worth and importance, not to mention their reputation for the best designer watches for women. Obviously, a material possession doesn’t define your morals or class, but you can’t deny how wearing something of high value makes you feel.

Without a doubt, the craftsmanship and attention to detail which goes into a Cartier watch is unlike any other. Beautifully built and artistically designed, they set themselves apart from any other designer watch brand. This particular version features diamonds which have been delicately and purposely placed for a beautiful result. This watch also boasts technical features unlike other brands. They’re by far the most advanced and superior watches under a luxury name. This watch is suitable for a romantic date out, or important meeting. Finally, this watch has been serviced, polished and thoroughly inspected by authorized watchmakers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that it isn’t up to scratch. Wear it and love it.

3. Omega De Ville Ladymatic Automatic Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch

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There are so many reasons why we immediately fell in love with this watch, aside from it being one of the best designer watches for women. Firstly, the combination of the 18kt rose gold case and bracelet is luxury at its finest. From the back, the case is completely transparent which enables you to see the intricate details and work involved in crafting this watch. Also made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, this is ideal for wearing when you’re on the go. Given the price, you’ll naturally want to care for it when you’re out. However, it’s strong and sturdy enough to put up with more than you would think. Like many of the other best designer watches for women, this too is water resistant at 100 meters.

This is a one-of-a-kind designer, and you don’t need to wear any other jewelry. Simply add this to your outfit and it’ll completely transform your overall look. However, it’s not pretentious, so you needn’t worry that you’ll look too over the top. Omega is one of the most well-known designer watch brands on earth. Each of their creations are so sturdy and secure that they continue to work in space. This has even been proven and tested by NASA. Founded in 1848 in Switzerland, Omega produced a new fashion statement of watches. Their excellent timekeeping accuracy, reliability and ease to repair makes them loved by people all around the globe.

During the 1900’s, the brand became even more successful. Actors and well-known TV franchises (such as James Bond films) began showcasing these watches. This gives you bragging rights, but also a feeling of relief that you’re purchasing a watch from a brand you can put your 100 percent trust into.

4. Chopard Imperiale Ladies Rose Gold Diamond Watch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

You can’t deny that this is one of the best designer watches for women. Its 18kt rose gold case is our favourite feature because it’s a subtle, yet powerful shade. As a result, it holds a delicate and feminine mood without overpowering the rest of your ensemble. The silver dial glistens in different lighting and perfectly contrasts against the gold-tone luminescent hands. This watch is also scratch and water resistant to make it an ideal wear for everyday use. The subtle hints of purple sapphire are enough to add another dimension to this watch without taking away from its natural beauty.

Chopard is seriously about its watch collections, and this is apparent in their creations. Growing from a team of three employees to 136, their workshop is filled with ambitious and talented individuals. Having expanded around the world and seen major success, Chopard still operate like a small business. Their creations are precise, perfect and made with purpose. Constructed under microscopes in optimum lighting, they intend to make every single watch as unique and beautiful as their previous model.

Their Imperiale collection is sculptured with fine details and care. It’s also one of their most feminine collections to make it appeal to women all around the world. If you’re looking for a watch which holds character and authenticity, then this is a great start to add to your collection. Sparkle in any lighting and receive compliments from everyone in the room each time you wear this beautiful creation. The diamonds beautifully border the watch to help give it presence and a luxury attitude. Feel confident, glamorous and successful each time you wear this. You’d be surprised how much a watch can increase your confidence.

5. Audemars Piguet Ladies Royal Oak 33mm Frosted White Gold Watch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

This is another of the best designer watches for women because it carries such a presence each time you wear it. Topped with diamond details, it’s truly beautiful to look at. Also, the white gold elements used help to make this watch a masterpiece. At the same time, this watch focuses on practicality and reliability, so you’ll get a watch you can trust will always be there for you. We instantly fell in love with the luminescent white gold hands. These also show the date in a window to help you stay on track when your mind is elsewhere.

This watch is breathtaking and shimmers in every room it’s in. Designed using an ancient gold hammering technique, it takes a long time to produce a watch of such beauty. By embodying the Quartz movement technology, this watch is made to last a lifetime. Even if you drop it in water or on the floor, it’s made to last and not be affected by these unlikely events.

Buying an Audemars watch is a wise choice if you truly care about the brand you spend money on. With 137 years of history and professional work, this brand is dedicated to producing the best-quality watches you’ll ever see in your lifetime. The manner and process by create their models is traditional to ensure that they use the exact knowledge that they learned in the first place. As a result, the maintain independence and stand out against some of the other best designer watches for women. Also, Audemars successfully masters complex and creative designs for amazing results. If you look back at their collections in 1972, you’ll see the resemblance to this design above.

Smartwatches with Amazing Functions and Capabilities

If you’re looking to invest in one of the best designer watches for women that is different than a timepiece, then you may wish to consider a smartwatch. These devices do more than tell the time, but monitor your health, steps, calories burned and more. They even discreetly buzz when you receive a notification. What this means is that you spend less time looking at your phone and more time getting on with your day.

We love that you can easily customize the appearance and straps on smartwatches to keep things fresh. If you’re looking for a sporty effect, you can easily achieve this. On the other hand, you can also wear a smartwatch to a formal occasion. There really are no limits. Let’s take a look at our top five smartwatches which all have amazing functions and capabilities.

1. Michael Kors Access Women’s Sofie Touchscreen Smartwatch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

Michael Kors is one of the best designer watches for women, because it’s a trusted and established brand, but comes at a reasonable price. This particular design is lightweight enough that you can wear it every day without feeling like it’s weighing you down. The full round display gives it a modern temperament, whilst being the most beautiful thing you’ll wear. If you love to customize your watches and regularly switch up your fashion, then you’ll love that you can adapt this face and strap to suit any occasion. As a result, you’ll always keep your fashion fresh, as well as never fall out of love with this masterpiece.

It’s one of the best designer watches for women who love technology. Pair this watch with your smartphone and you can receive app notifications when you want. Customize these notifications to stay in touch with the important things in your life. Not only is this a handy and practical feature, but it’s also great at reducing the amount of time you look at a screen for. Instead, you have everything you need at the end of your wrist without having to rummage through your bag.

This model also features a fitness tracker which is a great way to keep moving and stay healthy whilst you’re living a busy lifestyle. The Bluetooth Smart feature is another great way to stay in touch with your phone and record any important activity. Once it’s all set up, it’ll simply sync up by itself without you having to do anything. Finally, we love that this designer watch isn’t like a typical smartwatch. Instead, it’s delicate and simple, and also embodies a round face for additional elegance. In fact, you wouldn’t even know it’s a smartwatch at first sight.

2. Emporio Armani Women’s Hybrid Smartwatch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

We love this smartwatch for so many reasons, especially since it is one of the best designer watches for women. Firstly, you wouldn’t even know it’s a smartwatch at a first glance as it resembles a traditional designer watch. This means that it’s delicate and subtle, so you have the appear and design of a regular watch with the added benefits of smartphone features. These features include: monitoring your sleep and automatic time changes when switching between different zones. Also, you can easily set goals – including the number of calories burned, hours slept, time standing or even the number of the steps achieved daily.

This watch is practical for busy women. For example, the battery life lasts for six months (even with regular usage), so you don’t need to charge it. It’s also water resistant up to 100ft, and can hand brief periods of time in water. This is great for accidents, or if you often have your hands in water. Although a smartphone might seem intimidating, anyone can use and operate one – even those who don’t consider themselves technologically minded. It’s quick and easy to connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Once it’s successful paired, it’ll handle all the work and notifications for you. And when you receive a call or text, it’ll gently vibrate on your write to remind you.

With discreet notifications, you can stay in touch with others without disrupting important meetings or get-togethers. Also, this watch offers precise time keeping to always keep you on your toes and never late for anything. Even if you’re switching between different time zones, it’ll keep up with you. Unlike some other smartwatches, we love that you can adjust and control your music via your watch. Simply skip a track, pause or turn up or down the volume at the touch of a button.

3. Marc Jacobs Women’s MJT1012 Hybrid Smartwatch Analog Display Analog Quartz Pink Watch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

This Marc Jacobs watch is another of the best designer watches for women – and for an amazing price too. You can easily control music from your watch without needing your smartphone to hand. This is a great way to reduce your time on your phone, whilst not missing out. Amazingly, you can even take pictures with this smartwatch when you purchase the remote camera shutter activation. As a result, this is great for if you’re always on the go, or love to explore new environments. Capture beautiful and stunning scenarios without having to use your phone.

This smartwatch is powered by a battery, so you never need to charge it. However, you’ll remain connected at all times without worrying about connecting it to a powered source. We love how easy this makes operating the watch and going about your everyday activities. Similar to the previous model, you can set and track your goals through the app. Keep moving and aim for a healthier lifestyle by regularly improving and increasing your goals. Consequently, it’s a life-changing device which is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Set it up in minutes and you’re good to go forever.

There aren’t many designer watches which focus on improving your lifestyle and helping you to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. However, this particular model is evidence that you can wear something which makes you feel good about yourself and makes a positive difference to your life too. Recognized for luxury fashion and elements, Marc Jacobs is committed to creating accessories for people with different tastes and ideas. Therefore, you can customize this watch whenever you feel like it, so you’ll never get bored of its appearance.

4. Fossil Q Women’s Jacqueline Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

This designer watch has so many features which will make your life easier and run smoother. For example, you can check the date, set personal goals and control your music at the push of a button. Once it’s paired with your smartphone, it remains synced until you disconnect it. With so many functions, you’ll love that you don’t have to search for your phone in your pocket so much. Operated through a battery, you needn’t charge this smartwatch. Worry less and focus on the important and fun things in your life instead.

At a glance though, this designer watch doesn’t resemble the features of a traditional smartwatch; it isn’t bulky, made of rubber or square-faced. On the other hand, it’s feminine, light and minimalistic. This is a great way to have the best of both worlds, without feeling like you’re missing out on certain functions of a designer or smartwatch. You can also set personal health goals to acquire more steps, travel a farther distance or burn more calories. This is a great way to get into shape – especially with the new year looming.

Unlike some of the other best designer watches for women, Fossil watches feature an impressive battery technology. They can often last years without you changing it, which makes it ideal for someone who will wear a smartwatch often or who regularly receives notifications. Also, they’re reliable and accurate to calculate the number of steps you take, so you don’t need a FitBit any longer. Measure your motion correctly every time, without having to do anything yourself. This means you’ll no longer miss a recording of how many steps you took or calories burned. Consequently, you’ll stay on track with your new health goals.

5. Skagen Signatur Connected Hybrid Watch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

If you’re searching for a smartwatch which has multiple functions which are easy to operate, then this might be an ideal option for you. With this Skagen model, you can connect your iPhone or Android device to the watch and be up and running in no time. We love that this watch automatically updates the time and date when you’re travelling to different time zones or the clocks change. This means you’ll always be on time and never make an unfortunate error ever again. Also, this watch will send you discreet vibrations when you receive a call, e-mail or text. This means you’ll always be in the know of important messages – even without your device in your hand.

This is one of the most petite and delicate smartwatches available on the Internet right now. Measuring only 36mm, the case size is simple, though strong. With a band size of 16mm, it’s suitable for most wrists, without looking too overpowering and big. More importantly, this watch is comfortable to wear for hours at a time. The clasp easily closes and folds to securely attach to your wrist without any chances of falling off. Once you’ve got it on, you won’t feel it tugging or pulling on your skin like other designer watches can do.

Skagen have worked hard over the years to develop a watch that is appealing to an array of women. This particular model took years to master and remains as one of their most accurate watches to date. Consequently, this will make a beautiful Christmas gift for a loved one – especially if you’re concerned you could purchase something they’ll strongly dislike. There aren’t many chances people won’t fall in love with this masterpiece.

Pocket Watches with a Timeless Appeal

You might not see pocket watches around as often as wrist watches, but that doesn’t mean they’re no longer fashionable or some of the best designer watches for women. This type of watch embodies history and character which other designs can’t quite live up to.

First introduced in the 16th century, they still hold an element of sophistication. With no case, they’re perfect for an array of occasions and situations. The face is always clear and easy to read, which is ideal to check the time in a hurry. We highly recommend investing in a Quartz movement if you intend to use your pocket watch every day. This is because they have an excellent battery life and are more mechanical and reliable compared to others technology.

Let’s take a look at a varied selection of pocket watches to purchase for yourself or for a gift to others. No matter if you’re searching for an antique feel or contemporary finish, we’ve found numerous options we think you’ll love.

1. Catorex Women’s ‘Les Petites’ Quartz Brass Pocket Watch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

This is such a stunning pocket watch for numerous reasons. Firstly, the gold-plated border embodies an antique feel. However, this is then juxtaposed with the modern art and contemporary colours to cater for an array of tastes. Hand-painted, it’s evident that a lot of thought, heart and time went into creating this pocket watch. Catorex love to adapt their style and results depending on the era they’re in. This means that they’re influenced by cultural changes, fashion trends and even colour developments throughout the time.

This particular Catorex pocket watch features a mineral crystal window for delicate detailing. As a result, this makes it appealing to younger audiences. However, with a white dial and black hands, this beautiful contrast resembles a vintage feel which collectors will admire. When we first saw this pocket watch, we were drawn to the floral design. The expression and emotion projected is admirable and completely different to anything we’ve seen before.

Designed by the best people in the business, Catorex is dedicated to creating amazing watches which you can rely on for years. This is why you can trust the name behind the brand. Although they still may be fairly new, they’re continually improving and developing their productions for the best results possible for their customers. We love the warmth and passion injected into this pocket watch. Wear it on display in a top pocket, or discreetly store it in your pocket. Either way, you’ll receive compliments each time you bring it out for others to see.

2. Rapport Oxford Hunter Case Pocket Watch with Sub-Seconds

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

We love this pocket watch because it has a traditional feel which some other pocket watches don’t embody. With the spring, metal lid, this protects the watch’s face from dust and accidental damage. You can easily open and shut the lid, whilst having peace of mind that your watch is protected whenever you’re not using it. The Roman dial and face has a vintage character which makes it one of the best designer watches for women.

Gold-plated and stylish, this pocket watch embodies all of the features and originality of the first designs. As a result, it makes a great gift for a loved one if you don’t know what to buy them. Also, the 17-jewel miyota mechanical movement ensures that this watch is accurate and reliable throughout its lifetime. Presenting itself with a classic charm, there’s nothing to hate and everything to love about this pocket watch. Its stylish, simple and not at all overwhelming. Also, by coming in a neutral colour, it’s suitable for women and men, as well as for a variety of occasions.

3. Pierre Laurent Mechanical Pocket Watch

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

Pierre Laurent watches are designed and crafted with superb expertise. Each produce surpasses technical standards and the results truly speak for themselves. High-quality and embodying the most advanced technology, Pierre Laurent sells an array of watches. However, we couldn’t turn away from this mechanical pocket watch. Designed to last a lifetime, it’s not only a spectacular to look at, but designed with safety and practicality in mind. As a result, it’s technically superb and received excellent attention to detail.

Performance and craftsmanship are important things to consider when designing a Pierre Laurent watch. This means, each design is hand-crafted and unique for a personal and special touch. With this particular model, you won’t look like anyone else and instead, will embody your own style and fashion sense. No more copying others. Instead, they’ll be copying your style. Also, this pocket watch helps to bring any outfit to life. Team it with an all-black or all-white wardrobe for a sophisticated touch.

There’s so much attention to detail and so many beautiful moments within this pocket watch that it’s difficult to address them all. However, we adore the precise artwork on the inside of the lid. This makes a beautiful moment out of a mundane task each time you check the time. Finally, with a Swiss mechanical movement, you receive only the best, high-quality materials and functions possible.

4. Bernex Swiss Timepiece

best designer watches for women, designer watches for women, womens designer watches, designer watches

Finally, this pocket watch is stunning to look at and makes looking at the time an interesting activity. Hand-finished and crafted from a team of experts, this makes a suitable gift for anyone. We also love the thin, acrylic clear glass feature and Swiss movement function to make this one of the best designer watches for women with all fashion tastes and preferences.

Bernex works hard to create watches made from outstanding quality. This is why they only use the best quality materials in order to create the best results for every customer. By focusing on the importance of what it means to own a pocket watch, they’re dedicated to fine details. We love that this pocket watch enables freedom and gives you the option to keep your outfit subtle and minimalist, or play around with new textures and shades.

What Do You Think the Best Designer Watches for Women Are?

We hope you enjoyed reading through our vast selection of the best designer watches for women. It was our objective to provide a wide spectrum of watches for your taste, budget or occasion. Now that you’ve heard from us, we’ve love to hear your feedback.

Share in the comments which of the above best designer watches for women are your favourite selections. Alternatively, if you have any other recommendations, feel free to share the description so others can look into them. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to share it to inspire others too.

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