Britannia Rose Desk: Its Features and Why Every Home Office Needs One

Every home office deserves a sophisticated desk and chair.

We appreciate that finding the perfect furniture is difficult, with so many options around. However, we’ve found a suitable desk for so many work enthusiasts: the Britannia Rose desk. This high-quality piece of furniture is well-suited for a variety of home offices, and we’re taking a close look at the reasons why.

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A Bit About the Britannia Rose Desk

The Britannia Rose desk is perfect in many ways. Of course, before purchasing though, you'll likely want to know more about its maker and uses. We've broken it down below to help you decide if this is the desk for you.

 britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

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Background about the Brand 

Britannia Rose is an established company which brings the best of British interior products with the highest-quality materials. The company hand-select all of their products and have years of experience in the industry. They take great pride in their work and understand that choosing made-to-measure quality resources will improve the lifespan of the product. They’re confident that you’ll be delighted with their craftsmanship which is why they offer a 10-year manufacturing guarantee.

Who the Product is Great For

The Britannia Rose desk is perfect for anyone searching for a practical and stylish desk for their home office. As it features a unique oval shape, it’s great for a large office space where it can be centered in the room. This is because you won’t get to appreciate its beauty and charism if it’s positioned against the wall. As it’s not just your standard desk, it features a bookcase, and file cabinet. Consequently, it’s an ideal product for those who have plenty of books and paperwork. Alternatively, you can use these areas for desk accessories and to personalize your work space.  

Best Uses for the Product

The best uses for this product are that it’s used as an office desk. Thanks to the different sections on it, it works best to store files, devices, equipment, documents and everything in-between. The desk is stunning and elegant with a sophisticated touch, so it’s mainly appropriate for professionals, rather than young children. This is mainly due to the extravagant detailing on the desk.

Britannia Rose Desk Features 

There are so many desks available to purchase instore and online. As we’re focusing specifically on the Britannia Rose desk in this article, let’s take a look at its many features and what makes it so special.   

britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

Credit: Amazon

1. Size 

This desk measures 32”w x 72”l x 31”h. As it’s one of the biggest desks you can purchase, it’s best suited in a large office space. However, this isn’t a disadvantage of the product because it provides plenty of worktop space for documents and multiple devices. Also, you can comfortably fit a desk lamp on the worktop. The file cabinet section measures 42”l x 22”w x 31”h. This provides a sufficient amount of space to show important files, documents and other essentials. As a result, you don’t have to have mess on display, because you can easily hide it from the surface. The bookcase area measures 36”l x 17”w x 82”h, which is a respectable surface area for a handful of books, or you can personalize the space with accessories and office stationery.

2. Material 

The Britannia Rose desk has a two-tone espresso and brown-red finish featuring intricate carvings. Made from hardwood and wood veneer, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that this desk will support you for many years.

3. Capacity 

The Britannia Rose desk was built with busy professionals in mind. It features plenty of storage space, felt-lined top drawers and an exposed storage shelf. The desk can also hold both legal and letter size files to keep your important documents organized. The keyboard drawer is a wonderful feature to provide storage for your keyboard and keep it within reach. This also enables you to use a separate keyboard to your laptop, which considers your posture and the ergonomics of sitting at a desk. The felt-lining draws protect your valuable gadgets by preventing them from scratching inside the draw. As there are multiple storage options, you can separate your devices to keep your personal items organized, as well as preventing any hard materials from rubbing against one another.

4. Surface Area 

This stunning Britannia Rose desk has a large surface area to provide you with a comfortable and spacious work area on top. You can comfortably fit a laptop, lamp, plant and handful of books on top, and still have enough surface area to move around. As a result, it makes an excellent work space for busy minds.

What People are Saying about The Britannia Rose Desk

We’ve scoured the Internet and found many positive reviews about this product, specifically which refer to the desk’s high-quality material and spacious design. As it made from sturdy resources, it’s a very heavy piece to unpack and carry upstairs without any assistance. Customers are impressed with its excellent quality and how well-crafted it is. Many users chose to place the desk in their living room to divide their office area from the social space. As such, it acts as a great room divider because it looks great from all angles.


  • plus
    Solid material
  • plus
    Excellent space on top, and on the shelves and bookshelf
  • plus
    Looks wonderful from all angles in the room


  • close
    No place for cords, so they have to hang on show
  • Heavy to manoeuvre on your own. So, once you’ve positioned it, don’t expect to move it around often

Because the Britannia Rose desk is sturdy and heavy, it’s strong enough to withstand bumps and scratches without leaving much evidence. Many of the past customers of this desk are professionals who work from home and take their work area seriously.

Chairs to Complement the Britannia Rose Desk

There are plenty of features and benefits to owning the Britannia Rose desk, and we hope this article has opened your eyes to the possibility of transforming your home workspace. If you’re contemplating refreshing your work zone, we’ve taken the liberty of finding some executive chairs which match complement the Britannia Rose desk beautifully.

1. Executive Recliner Lafer Genuine Leather Chair

britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

Credit: Amazon

This Lafer Josh recliner executive chair is the only recliner in the world to offer two distinct functions in one chair. It’s an extremely comfortable desk chair and a recliner with all the feature of the Lafer home recliners. The footrest is retractable and the backrest inclination is from 90 degrees to 170 degrees, which is the sleeping position. It has a five-leg aluminium base with castors and a horizontal seat with a comfortable but straight work position. When reclined, the seat tilts to a relaxed position just like a home recliner.

The Josh Executive recliner is designed by Lafter which produce made-to-last products. Manufactured with excellent raw material and perfect finishing, it offers great comfort for several years. Lafer develops a sophisticated, fully adaptable adjustment system which adapts to every person’s needs, and an exclusive invisible retractable footrest system which offers support for the whole body. Made from genuine leather, this chair comes in a variety of colours to suit your room’s colour scheme as well as preference.

2. Genuine Intensive Ergonomic Headrest 

britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

Credit: Amazon

This chair would look so perfect with the Britannia Rose desk. It comes with an adjustable seat depth, back height, back angle, lumbar support, arm height and width, and neck. It can hold 550lbs in weight, making it a suitable chair for a variety of body types. It’s designed and constructed for long-term use. Consequently, if you’re prone to sitting at your desk for long periods of time, this is an ideal product for you. This executive chair is the perfect solution for multiple shifts in a busy office setting as it offers an ergonomic and comfortable experience.

Ideal for home offices, call centres and dispatch units, this chair can withstand use seven days a week. Featuring a 10-gauge steel frame, this chair maintains its original tensile strength and rigidity year after year while encouraging proper posture at the same time. This high-quality chair has a unique seven-star base with safety casters which provide stability to a long time. Made from genuine leather upholstery, it’s supportive whilst remaining soft to the touch. The furniture colour will transform over time as it’s made from genuine leather and naturally, the shade will adjust over a period of time.   

3. La Z Boy Bellamy Executive Leather Office Chair

britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

Credit: Amazon

This executive leather office chair features a memory foam advanced layering system which provides plush cushioning and optimal firmness for exceptional support and comfort. The ergonomic controls adjust the height and tilt for improved body alignment and customized positioning. In addition, the layered body pillows and padded head rest provide plush support and minimize pressure points and discomfort. The trusted quality and craftsmanship from a well-known brand delivers advanced comfort technology for exceptional support and comfort at work and play. The Comfort Core Plus with memory foam advanced layering system offers a unique zone-based support, placing cushioning in the areas you need it the most.

The strategically-assigned plush body pillowing and padded headrest on this executive office chair combine to provide neck support and minimize pressure points for relief from discomfort caused by prolonged sitting. This ergonomic chair is fully adjustable for a personalized fit. You can control the height, tilt and lift to suit your needs for customized positioning and optimized body alignment. The contoured lumbar area provides tailored lower-back support to alleviate discomfort. This leather office chair features a thick plywood subcore, reinforced back bar and heavy-duty castors for durability you can count on for all your day-to-day activities.

4. Vanbow Reclining Retractable Office Chair 

britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

Credit: Amazon

This executive chair offers lumbar support and a waterfall seat edge. The high-back design gives you maximum lumbar support for comfort and convenience. The chair has soft padding and waterfall seat edge for less pressure on the back of your legs, so you can stay comfortable even when you have to sit down for hours. This Vanbow executive chair is designed to give you ultimate comfort. Made from high-end materials, they use the right resources for comfort and style. The chair is made with bonded leather which gives it a unique and elegant style and makes it the perfect addition for any office.

The executive chair is not only stylish and elegant, but strong and comfortable too. It has extra-soft padding so you will never feel discomfort or pain whilst sitting. The high-back chair has a heavy-duty nylon base and nylon rolling casters for smooth movement and stability. For those times when you feel like a nap, or switching to a more comfortable position, pull out and flip over the footrest as a recliner.

Three Alternatives to the Britannia Rose Desk

We hope you enjoyed reading the features and benefits of owning a Britannia Rose desk. However, not every product is suited for everyone. So, if you’re looking for office furniture which is less expensive, provides more storage space or has areas for cords, we’ve found some alternative products. Each of these are suited for various lifestyles, careers, and preferences. We’ve tried to provide a variety of options to accommodate everyone’s differences.

1. Hollywood Cavier Cabriole Desk

britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

Credit: Amazon

This Hollywood desk is an excellent alternative to the Britannia Rose desk because it comes in a modern and contemporary design. As a result, it’s better suited for people who are looking for a clean-finished desk, rather than a traditional material and colour. Add pure elegance in your home with this desk. It carries a cavier finish and features beautiful diamond designs as well as metal cabriole feet. Also, the table top surface allows for plenty of space to accomplish your daily goals. As it’s not an oval shape, it offers more space than the Britannia Rose desk.

We love how easy this desk makes it to add glitz to your office, rather than working in a dull environment. This Hollywood Swank collection by Aico Michael Amini brings the perfect combination of passion and drama into your home seating. Exuding an old-Hollywood style, this office piece embodies a rich dialogue of supporting lines and elements, and carries a unique finish and upholstery. This desk doesn’t come with a bookshelf like the Britannia Rose desk does. However, this isn’t a bad feature if you don’t think you’d make use of this storage space. It does feature more drawer space though, which is a huge advantage if you use lots of equipment and accessories.

2. Statesman Executive L-Shaped Bookcase

britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

Credit: Amazon

This desk and bookcase is another excellent alternative to the Britannia Rose desk. As this displays as an l-desk rather than an oval one, it looks great pushed up against a wall. This product combines an executive desk and computer desk into one impressive office set. It also comes with two utility drawers, a legal file draw and two drawers which can convert into keyboard trays. It also offers a doored cabinet designed to safely present your PC tower if necessary. As a result, it’s an excellent alternative if you own a computer rather than a laptop.

The cabinet includes an adjustable height shelf to accommodate any heights and make your life easier. All drawers roll on quality full-extension ball-bearing slides. The Statesman bookcase is up for the challenge of holding heavy, hardbound books with 75 pounds of weight. The unit has a total of five shelves, and three of which are adjustable and include an anti-tip device. The Britannia Rose desk doesn’t feature this device, which means that it’s an excellent alternative to hold heavy-duty items. We love the similarity of the colour to the Britannia Rose desk, because it looks sophisticated, luxurious and professional in any room in the house.

3. Parker House Library Desk Set

britannia rose office oval executive desk, britannia rose desk, britannia rose desk review, britannia rose office desk

Credit: Amazon

If you have plenty of office space you’d like to fill, then this Parker House library desk set is an excellent alternative to the Britannia Rose desk. This set includes a desk, open top bookcase and outside corner. Made from maple veneers and solid poplar, it’s designed to last for life and withstand a lot of weight. Consequently, it’ll protect your devices and equipment as they safely rest on top of the desk. We instantly loved the

This multi-step chestnut comes with accent shading and highlights, as well as hand distressing and a medium sheen top coat for a stunning finish. It includes a power centre with 3 A/C outlets, phone jack and a high-speed connector. This is a great alternative to the Britannia Rose desk because that doesn’t feature an outlet for connectors and cords. In addition, the drop-face drawer can be used for a laptop or keyboard which gives the user plenty of options on how to customize this desk. It’s also worth mentioning the look of this desk, as it’s a stunning centre-piece for a downstairs room. If you’d like to add this to you living room or spare room, it’d add luxury and glamour to either areas.

Would You Purchase the Britannia Rose Desk?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the Britannia Rose desk. It’s certainly one of our favourite executive desks due to its many features listed above. What we love most about this desk is its versatility and the amount of space it offers for workers. You can easily use the surface to complete paperwork or use your laptop. However, you can store important documents, files and books in the storage areas too.

Would you purchase the Britannia Rose desk? Or perhaps our alternative products caught your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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