Chanel Shoes and Their Story: What Makes Them Unique

Every self-proclaimed fashionista has a favorite pair of shoes. More often than not, that prized item will be a classic cap toe shoe by Chanel – whether it’s the black ones or the warm beige. Suede or leather, Chanel shoes continue to exhibit a fascinating attraction for women everywhere and of every age. Today we find out a bit more about their history and the reason why they are so unique.

Chanel ballerinas – or flats, as they are often called – go with everything and for any occasion. When it comes to the busy life in New York, you realize sooner rather than later that high heels might not be such a good option. Then you discover the stylish power flats, and Chanel’s seem like a good option. But how did these shoes come about?

Coco Chanel & Her Legacy

Chanel shoes are a branded product created by Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, a French fashion designer of great renowned and a terrific businesswoman. Coco Chanel was the founder and namesake of the Chanel brand, while her legacy is still admired today.

Along with Paul Poiret, she was credited in the post-World War I era as one of the most important fashion figures who liberated women from the constraints of the “corseted silhouette.” Instead, she favored and popularized the sporty, casual chic as the new – and improved – feminine standard of style.

An extraordinary fashion creator, Chanel’s influence extends beyond couture clothing. While her designer ideas are still used today (such as the little black dress), she also realized a specific design aesthetic in jewelry, handbags, and fragrance. Noteworthy is her signature scent, Chanel No. 5, which has become an iconic legacy in itself. The brand’s shoe line was founded in 1957 and even though it is not a major business venture overall, the collections are highly anticipated.

Coco Chanel has also received the amazing honor of being the only fashion designer listed on TIME magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. Ever since the 1920s, the Chanel brand became recognized around the world due to its iconic interlocked-CC monograph.

Why Are Chanel Shoes Unique?

Chanel shoes represent a particular kind of fashion taste and they might not appeal to everyone. However, it is obvious why they have claimed the status of “classics” among the shoe designs of 20th – and 21th – century. In addition to the high quality of every shoe, the colors and the designs make for compelling arguments.

In 1957, Coco Chanel designed the two-tone slingback shoes; they became legendary. Conceived in a beige color with a high contrasting black toe cap, the innovative style creates a flattering effect. For once, the design seems to shorten the foot, making it look petite. In addition, it lengthens the leg, making shorter ladies look taller without the strain of high heels.

Soon after the creation of the first Chanel ballerina shoe, other followed. Changes were made in both the design and the color of the new pairs, creating the most sought-after collections. You can now choose from a patent color (nude, red, champagne beige, etc.), any of which will add a splash of style to your outfit.

Chanel Ballerinas: Why Such a Big Hit?

The metallic gold toe was also a big hit, a love at first sight for many women looking to adopt the celebrities’ sophisticated style. Nowadays, this style was often replicated by other brands in the industry, popularizing it even more. The beauty of the metallic toe (whether silver or gold) is that it matches any style, whether you’re looking for something more casual or more formal.

Due to their high-end prices, us (ordinary people) will likely buy just one or two pairs of Chanel, so we have to make those choices count. Reading some reviews for Chanel shoes on the Internet has revealed that Chanel ballerinas are a favorite and a go-to shoe for many fashionistas. It probably has to do with the fact that they combine comfort and style so perfectly. (Browse our list below to find a pair that suits your preferences.)

A lot of times, women’s conversations about shoes – especially brand ones – revolve around one important question: “Are they worth the money, with so many other flats style shoes around?” While no-one can tell you how to spend your money, we can give you a couple of reasons why you should feel comfortable paying the big bucks for a Chanel pair of shoes.

Reasons to Splurge on Chanel Flats

1. The Heel – One of the most flattering things about the Chanel ballerina flat is its heel. Small and subtle, it adds a certain edge to the shoes without becoming uncomfortable for the wearer. At the same time, the heel albeit small gives you a longer line. You still get the flat casual appearance you were going for, but that sneaky bit of height always helps.

2. Traveling – The fact that these shoes fit snuggly in a carry-on bag is a definite bonus, but they are also a great choice when it comes to flying on planes and getting around airports. They are also lightweight and comfortable, so you can explore new cities in style.

3. Classic & Timeless – For 50 years and counting, this shoe has been a stylish option for chic women everywhere and of every age. Just like Chanel’s little black dress, this shoe never loses its appeal, even though other styles come and go.

4. Versatile & Stylish – There are not many clothes that you can’t pair with a Chanel flat. They are incredibly versatile, allowing you to match them with jeans and a shirt or a trench and Capri pants. In summer, you can wear these Chanel shoes with light skirts or even Nike Bliss pants. There is variation in texture and color, so you have plenty to choose from. Any woman should have a fresh black pair in her closet, whether it’s the sturdy leather shoes or the glamorous beige pair in a softer lambskin.

5. Comfort – Last but not least, Chanel flats are comfortable. Unlike other flat shoes, the back of the shoe keeps a low line, so your heel doesn’t experience any unpleasant rubbing. Also, the leather is quite soft so the shoe molds to your feet for the ultimate comfortable experience.

Based on the previous descriptions of Chanel shoes, here are a few of our top picks that you can buy. Whether it’s short boots, long boots, or sportswear, be sure that Chanel delivers on the quality it promises. Pro tip: If you are interested in buying pre-owned items (from eBay, for instance), make sure you’re paying for authentic products.

1. Chanel Leather Cap Toe Platform Pumps

Do you need a pair of sturdy pumps for your upcoming events? Chanel is the way to go. These cap toe platform pumps are not just made of high-quality leather, but they are also very comfortable. The outsole is of buffed suede, while the insole keeps the leather trend. Easy slip-ons, they are marked with the interlocking CC logo – synonymous with elegance and high French style. The shoes come with original box, a dust bag, and a set of heel tips.

2. Light Grey Suede Espadrilles

These youthful and fun Chanel espadrilles are the perfect boost for any style you choose. The sought-after espadrilles are a must-have for any chic fashionista. These high tops feature the signature woven rope Espadrille style, complete with a lace up suede upper. The sturdy soles of the espadrilles will carry you on any daytime adventure or evening excursion.

3. Black Quilted Calf Leather Boots

There’s nothing better than a pair of leather boots that have been carefully crafted. These chic and sophisticated Chanel boots are not just made of great leather, but they are also warm and comfortable. What a useful – and trendy – addition to your cold weather wardrobe! Made of black quilted ‘oily calf’ quilted leather, they also feature a large star stitched on the back of the shaft and harness details on the sides. They’ll keep you chic all winter long!

4. Chanel 13S Multi-colored Tweed Sneakers

These Chanel tweed sneakers will take your running habits to a whole new level. Perfect for your daily runs, they keep you fun and in style. Featured in orange, blue, white and black tweed, they are also enriched with sequins details on top of the blue leather trim. You cannot miss the prominent interlocking CC logo stitched on the side in white with orange trim. The brand’s name is also embroidered across the heel. Comfortable, yet gorgeous!

5. Chanel Embellished Cap-Toe Flats

One of the praised Chanel flats, these crème leather and black patent leather Chanel cap-toe flats are to die for. They are perfect for everyday use, especially if you know you’ll be running a lot of errands. The embroidered interlocking CC is located in front, while the entirety of the shoe features tonal stitching throughout, as well as crystal embellishments at outsoles.

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