Contemporary Dance Costumes: Exploring the Aesthetic Beyond Choreography

Ask someone from two centuries ago what contemporary dance was, and they would probably give you a confused look.

Dance has changed considerably throughout the years. Contemporary dance today is not only a genre in and of itself, but one that has taken the world by storm due to smarter dance moves and costumes that are easy to carry and flaunt. Let's explore what makes these costumes stand out.

contemporary dance costumes

A Bit About Contemporary Dance Costumes

Not all dance and costumes are made the same. We've broken down below the ins and outs of both contemporary dance and contemporary dance costumes.

What is Contemporary Dance?

contemporary dance costumes

Credit: Nazareth College

Contemporary dance started off by bringing together techniques from jazz, modern, and classical forms of dance. It was the amalgamation of dance forms of the mid twentieth century, but has since evolved to showcase techniques from ballet and other dance forms as well. And, like all classical dance performances, contemporary dancers too have their own dance costumes that immediately give away the style they have dedicated themselves to.

What are the Features of Contemporary Dance Costumes?

Contemporary dance costumes tend to be elegant and flowy, much like the graceful movements of the dancer. So, what exactly constitutes contemporary dance wear?

Innovation is Key

contemporary dance costumes

Credit Flickr, Embajada de EEUU en la Argentina

Keep in mind that contemporary dance is by itself an evolution of other dance styles, and therefore the costumes used in some way reflect that identity. Contemporary dance costumes are all about originality, and the use of your imagination and other faculties to create a visual experience that brings together the set, the lighting, and the costume to create maximum appeal to the viewers. Your costume therefore cannot overpower or be shadowed by anything else on the stage. You could always buy costumes online or have them made according to your specifications, but the element of visual beauty always holds true where contemporary dance costumes are concerned.

Center of Gravity

contemporary dance costumes

Footwork is extremely important for all dance styles, and in contemporary dance, you will need to shift your centre of gravity up. What this allows for where contemporary dance costumes are concerned is a style that seeks to visually enhance that fluidity. The designs, cuts, styles and colors vary as per the stage shows, and contemporary dresses have less laces and frills. Instead, they tend to be well-knitted with good fitting, and come in trendy colors. Therefore, the costumes tend to be graceful as well.

Structureless Form

contemporary dance costumes

Contemporary dance costumes therefore also break the mold, giving the same structureless vibe to the performance that the dancer wants to showcase. No tutus like the ballerinas wear or sarees dressed for dance like Bharatanatyam. Contemporary dance costumes offer a level of freedom in selecting, creating or conceiving of what you wear, and this makes the experience of finding and deciding upon contemporary dance costumes an exercise in visualization as well.

The Philosophy Behind What You Wear

contemporary dance costumes

Ideas are at the core of contemporary dance performances. And those ideas make their way down to contemporary dance costumes as well. The costumes integrate that is being expressed by the dance.

Contemporary dance may not be as contemporary as it sounds, but it still stands as one of the biggest dance forms to emerge out of the twentieth century.

It is a form that inherently supports its own evolution, and now you can find several types of contemporary dresses for dancing, from online portals. They offer you color and self-customization templates, at prices that actually suit your overall budget. You can choose from long sleeve, symmetrical and asymmetrical ones to add more glamor to your dance wardrobe.

No matter which contemporary dance costume you choose, it is sure to wow. Show us your favorite contemporary dance costumes in the comments below.

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