Garmin TruSwing Review: A Tool to Help Any Golfer’s Game

There are many ways to analyze and improve your golf game, and Garmin TruSwing might be one of the best.

If you play golf regularly, chances are you take your game pretty seriously. And we're sure you're up on some of the new clubs and tools. But there might be one you still haven't mastered. The Garmin TruSwing is one of our favorite new gadgets aimed at improving your performance on the links. 

First of all, it performs some functions that just blow us away. And the entire device is so easy to use, it's nearly fool proof. Just allow the device to take in important information during your swing. Then the Garmin TruSwing will do the rest. Now, let's talk about what "the rest" is.

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Credit: Amazon

A Little About the Garmin TruSwing

Let's start by exploring exactly what this gadget is and how it can help. The Garmin TruSwing uses a Bluetooth sensor to collect data during your swing. Across at least nine categories, this thing measures your performance and offers feedback. After affixing it to your club, simply swing as usual and be amazed at the amount of analysis you get. Then all of that information is easy to access and analyze after your practice. 

garmin truswing, garmin truswing review, truswing, swing watch

Credit: Amazon

Background about brand

Garmin has been around for nearly 30 years. Dr. Min Kao and Gary Burrell founded the company with GPS in mind. The global positioning technology was in its infancy for commercial products. And Garmin helped re-invent that industry.

It then became a leader in GPS devices mounted inside cars. Drivers of a certain generation remember how these products revolutionized travel. As the market grew and everybody had the same tech in their smartphones, Garmin adapted. Now the company produces a variety of tech products. Whether you're looking for fitness, aviation or marine analysis, check out their lineup. And one of the most promising gadgets is the Garmin TruSwing.

How the Garmin TruSwing works

Technology has fully embraced the sport of golf with this cool product. There have been advancements over the decades that have led to increased performance. But we haven't seen a product that gives as much usable feedback as this one. 

For starters, the tool uses a built in gyroscope to give you deeper intelligence about direction. Then there is an accelerometer that can help with insight to increase your power. Used correctly, you can translate this digital advice to increased distance. It will probably help significantly with your command over direction, too. And all of that data is incredibly easy to gather. Just download it to an associated smartphone app. Plus, you get a full recording afterward so you can dissect your performance as deeply as you want.

Who this product is great for

Simply put, if you are a golfer we think you can benefit from this tool. The Garmin TruSwing is a lightweight device that attaches effortlessly to your club. So if you're very particular about the feel of your set, this probably won't bother you. And it takes virtually no prep to use. There's no real setup involved at all before your first use. And whenever you want to get new info, just snap it on. After you sync up with your Bluetooth, you're ready to swing.

There are similar devices on the market. But the design of this device plus its wide ranging functions make it a sure crowd pleaser. A miserly battery that will last through all but the longest days of golf makes it an even sweeter deal.

Features & Benefits of the Garmin TruSwing

We've already established that this device is full of cool insights and data. But when we really get down to the nitty gritty, you can see what makes it tick. And despite its simplistic appearances, the Garmin TruSwing proves itself to be a complex tool.

1. Design

garmin truswing, garmin truswing review, truswing, swing watch

Credit: Amazon

You'll probably recognize this tool is built for utility. That means it's not covered in carbon fiber or aluminum for a luxury appearance. It is plastic on plastic with few if any nods to aesthetic design. But we're talking about a tool you clip to your golf club. The team behind the Garmin TruSwing obviously realized golfers just want the thing to work. And we think it does that admirably. 

Everything you need comes built into the device. Tools necessary to analyze your swing and communicate that to the app are working seamlessly behind the scenes. Designers kept everything as simple as possible to minimize confusion. There is really just a power button that you will have to worry about during setup. Then make sure your sensor is matched to the direction of your swing. Aside from that, the screen really only chimes in to let you know if the battery is getting low. 

You might find, especially at first, that you need to do some adjustments. But the Garmin TruSwing makes it easy for you to determine when you get it right. Once you get the hang of it, though, you should be good to go as long as you don't try to rush. While the plastic design saves on weight and presumably cost, it has disadvantages. Some reviewers found it started to show wear after a short period of use.

2. Setup

garmin truswing, garmin truswing review, truswing, swing watch

Credit: Garmin

As with almost any new software, there is a bit of setup out of the box. When you unpack your Garmin TruSwing, you will want to have a smart device handy. Many golfers choose to sync the device with their smartphones. This gives you great access to data as soon as you want it and no further away than your pocket. 

Once you download the Garmin Connect app, you'll just set up an account and head for the course. If you've set everything up correctly, you should be able to snap everything into place in seconds. And the software itself does not require too much information on your part.

All you will really have to input is your gender, dominant hand and such basic info. That is all it takes for the Garmin TruSwing to make some insightful conclusions. All told, even if you bring the brand new package to the driving range, you'll be covered. Within 10 or 15 minutes of opening it up, the device should be ready to start working for you.

3. Data

garmin truswing, garmin truswing review, truswing, swing watch

Credit: Garmin

With the Garmin TruSwing, you will have access to a wide range of valuable information. One particularly useful bit of data involves insight about your swing tempo. Many golfers already know the importance the right 3.0 tempo in striking a ball perfectly. And regardless of how you try to get there, this device can guide you in the right direction.

The clever gadget can also provide analysis of your club direction and path. If you've got a perfect horizontal motion to your club, the Garmin TruSwing will tell you. But more importantly, it will show you where you can improve. It achieves this analysis individually by studying the unique way you strike a ball.

A few other handy features include information about your dynamic loft angle and shaft angle. Take all of this information together, along with insight into your shaft lean, and you have a comprehensive view. This is truly one of the easiest way we've seen to compile all of these variables in one report.

4. Technology

garmin truswing, garmin truswing review, truswing, swing watch

Credit: Amazon

Want to know what makes all this possible? So did we. And what we found was an incredible amount of tech packed into this small device. Not only were we blown away by the functionality inside, we also love the way it communicates. That information is of no use if you can't access it. So the Garmin TruSwing made it accessible.

We've already discussed the sensors inside that gauge virtually all aspects of your swing. And from there, you can view the results or share them with mentors and friends. Plus, the three dimensional recreations of your swing are just fun to watch. It reminds us a bit of starring in our own video game. And it's all as close as your cellphone or computer.

When you download your information, you get much more than a neat animation. You get actionable information that will make your game stronger. That is, if you actually apply the suggestions. At the end of the day, all the tech in the world will only get you so far. But if you're willing to put in the work, the Garmin TruSwing will give you a hand.

What Golfers Have to Say About the Garmin TruSwing

Overall, golfers who have been using the Garmin TruSwing for a while have good things to say. But there are always a few things that can be improved. Especially with tech that is still pretty new


  • plus
    Doesn't impede on your swing.
  • plus
    Provides tons of key stats.
  • plus
    Very long battery life.


  • close
    Looks (and feels) kind of cheap.
  • Can be tricky to sync with clubs.

As we've described, the Garmin TruSwing has a lot going for it. But it might not be for every golfer. Its analysis can probably help anyone interested in the game. There are other options in the market, however, that serve much the same purpose. If you're not quite sold on the Garmin TruSwing, here are a few other worthy competitors. 

Alternative Golf Swing Analyzing Tools to Consider

If you're looking for a variation on the kind of info the Garmin TruSwing offers, you're in luck. The sector of swing analyzing tools is growing by leaps and bounds. Here are a few of our favorites to go up against the Garmin TruSwing.

1. Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer

garmin truswing, garmin truswing review, truswing, swing watch

Credit: Amazon

The Blast Golf device includes a very clever sensor that slips directly onto the grip of your clubs. From there, you can upload data directly to a smart device app. Like the Garmin TruSwing, it offers an array of data and a 3D readout of your swing stats. There is also a quite helpful tool to help you time your putts more effectively. You can even keep your information safe on the course if you can't enter it right away. Then, when you get back to find coverage the data will be saved for entry. 

It is easy to share your progress with others, too. So it's fine if the product trusted by an array of professional golfers doesn't offer enough help. Maybe one of your golf buddies or Facebook friends has some pointers based on its info.

2. Rapsodo R Motion Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer

garmin truswing, garmin truswing review, truswing, swing watch

Credit: Amazon

If you want to get some actionable analysis without heading to the course or range, check this out. Rapsodo provides a package that will set you up for a complete scan of your swing. And it will fit in your living room or garage. Whether you want to work on your game in bad weather or just like the convenience, it's pretty helpful. Once the backstop is set up and the sensor is attached, you're ready to go. 

The device is grabbing information from your first swing. When you sit down to analyze it all, you'll have a comprehensive report. Among the metrics this sensor will provide is information about the speed of your club and balls. Then there are influences like swing path, launch angle and distance for further data analysis. 

3. Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

garmin truswing, garmin truswing review, truswing, swing watch

Credit: Amazon

Arccos provides much of the same data as the Garmin TruSwing with a different application. Instead of one sensor to affix to every club when you swing, this set includes 14. That way you can attach one to each club and it will always be ready to start gathering data. 

Plus, it gives you live feedback while you're playing. That includes precise distances to the holes from wherever your ball lies. You can easily compare your own performance as you improve. Look back at how you used to play or match your skills up against more than 120 million users worldwide. And when you hook it up the first time, it will be ready to go from then on. Don't worry about hooking up your sensors every time you play. And these are smaller than the previous version of sensors. So chances are you'll forget they are even there until you're looking for your data.

The Garmin TruSwing is one of a new breed of golf enhancement tools.

We think it's one of the best. But then again, there are plenty of solid contenders. The simple truth is, there's probably a perfect tool out there for just about any golfer. And if you haven't found yours yet, we hope our review of the Garmin TruSwing helped.

We hope you'll share this article with the golfers in your life. And leave a comment below if you have any thoughts or questions.

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