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Get the exclusive Lady Gaga make-up collection on pre-order — Here’s how


By now, most everyone knows who Lady Gaga is, and where she came from – specifically that she as a small-town Pennsylvania girl-turned-Hollywood-pop-superstar. And these days, many women, teens, and pre-teens want to know how she achieves her looks – and want to replicate them.


Well, if you’re one of those people, you’re in luck.

Lady Gaga is launching her own line of cosmetics, just as Kylie Jenner did with Kylie Cosmetics, among others. Lady Gaga’s line of cosmetics, by Haus Laboratories, will be available in September, and they’re labeled as “vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. So, if you’re super-stoked at getting a piece of the Gaga, here’s a way to bag your very own, even before they’re officially on sale. Here’s a look at what’s available for the pre-sale (two- and three-piece sets, with individual pieces likely to be available after the line launches officially, for those who are TL:DR).

Gaga’s ‘Le Riot’ Lip Gloss

Although the matte finish is a thing again, glossy looks are making a comeback of late. And Lady Gaga has exactly what you need to achieve the look. Le Riot Lip  Gloss is described as being a “multidimensional gel lip gloss,” and comes in various finishes. However, only three colors are available in pre-order, including those described as:

  • “Peachy pink and rose” Seductress
  • “Sheer pink pearl and burgundy,” Hypocrite
  • “Peach and terracotta laced with golden pearl” Laced
lady gaga, lip gloss

Image: Screenshot via Amazon

Each comes in an “ultra-glossy” version, which has multiple finishes – but matte isn’t one of them. These include pigment, pearl, and shimmer. You can get your hands on them at Amazon here:

Gaga’s RIP Lip Liner

Do you remember the Maybelline lip liner pencils? Well, this one reminds us of that… But in a much more luxurious way. Gaga’s pencil is much creamier than the Maybelline version, and it has more of a matte finish if that’s what you’re interested in. Although it still shines, a bit.

Available for pre-order in three duos, the liner comes in:

  • “Neutral peach and mid-toned rose” called Floor It
  • “Mid-toned plum and spiced terracotta” called Royalty
  • “Neutral mauve and burgundy” called Slay Me
lady gaga, lip liner

Image: Screenshot via Amazon

Pair one with your fave lipstick, and you surely can’t go wrong. Alternatively, use it alone to create what’s described as a “subtle, blotted look” when worn alone.

Gaga’s Glam Attack Shimmer Powder/Liquid

If you like the dewy look, this highlighter is for you. You can use it pretty much anywhere. Although it’s made for your face, you could theoretically use it elsewhere as well (such as using it to highlight your cleavage, as so many a woman does). The color combinations that you can pre-order include:

  • A “multi-color pearl with champagne base and yellow gold,” called Give ‘em Heaven
  • A “multi-color pearl with black base and mauve with silver pearl” called Downtown Punk
  • An “emerald and gunmetal” called Speed Queen.
lady gaga, shimmer highlighter

Image: Screenshot via Amazon

The above Lady Gaga sets are available for pre-order now on Amazon, but keep in mind that you can’t choose the colors you get – for now. Also, they will set you back per set.

Once the line launches officially on September 17, 2019, you can (presumably) buy the items individually.

Featured Image: Screenshot via Amazon


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