Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort Review: Accommodating & Luxurious

Spending time abroad is good for the soul, and a great way to discover new cultures.

If you’re looking for a new cultural experience, we’ve found the perfect place for people with different lifestyles. The Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort offers a welcoming Nicaraguan haven with the best in hospitality and luxury. Let’s take a look at the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort and why you should stay here.

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Credit: Gran Pacifica

A Little About The Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort

This region offers outstanding human and natural resources which makes it a perfect spot for families, couples and singletons. You’ll find a world-class service at this resort, which aims to offer an amazing experience for every guest who steps through its doors. The resort discovers a richness and quality of life you’d never expect.

gran pacifica beach and golf resort, gran pacifica resort, gran pacifica beach and golf resort review

Credit: Gran Pacifica

Background About the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort

The Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort was born in the year of 2000 and has developed a group of professional individuals working as a team. The resort specialises in rental properties, hotels and permanent accommodation for people all around the world. Located in Nicaragua, it’s not what you’d expect when you first arrive there. 

Why Should You Take a Trip Here? 

The Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is the perfect place to take a trip any time of the year. Located just moments away from the Masaya Active Volcano and National Park, this active crater is enough to take your breath away. For more impressive views, you can hike up to the San Fernando crater and explore a sighting you never thought was possible.

Nearby, there’s also a small museum dedicated to the history of volcanoes to help expand your knowledge. When you’re done, we highly recommend visiting the village San Juan de Oriente which is home to manufacturing ceramic products.

Embark on the tour of Granada to be transported back to the colonial times with neo-classical buildings, and even horse-drawn carriages. At the end of the tour, you can take a boat ride in Lake Nicaragua to discover some of the nearby small islands.

There’s so much culture in Nicaragua with the meso-American and Andrean cultures combined. You can witness statues made from volcanic rock and preserved footprints from over 2,000 years ago.

Features & Benefits of the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort 

The Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort sets new standards for the region. They want to improve your vacation experience and provide a high quality of life to make you feel at your best. There are so many features of this beautiful resort, but we’d like to primarily focus on our top favourites to give you a feel for it.

1. Luxury Accommodation 

Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort has an array of luxury beachfront condominiums to create an unforgettable experience for you and your party. All suites directly face the back, with decks or walkout patios just a few feet away from the crashing waves. There’s a variety of condominiums to suit your vacation, and most feature their own kitchen, laundry facilities and king-size beds.

The Grand Royalty Suites

gran pacifica beach and golf resort, gran pacifica resort, gran pacifica beach and golf resort review

Credit: Gran Pacifica

The Grand Royalty Suites feature air conditioning and are fully equipped for cooking and dining in the suite. The resort’s award-winning restaurants are adjacent to help you build the best dining pleasure.

These suites offer 1,800 sq. ft. and have a king-size bed in the master bedroom, along with an en-suite bathroom. There’s also a second full bathroom which has two twin beds, or one queen (depending on your preference). The living area also has a pull-out sleeper sofa which is great for additional guests or a change of scenery.

Boasting an expansive fully-equipped kitchen, it’s the perfect setting to entertain and prepare dinner. All of these suites have luxurious wrap-around decks offer seating for many, as well as incredible views. There’s also a large washer and dryer installed to help you feel like you’re at home.

San Juan Deluxe Suites

gran pacifica beach and golf resort, gran pacifica resort, gran pacifica beach and golf resort review

Credit: Gran Pacifica

The San Juan Deluxe Suites offer over 1300 sq. ft. and come with a comfortable, king-size bed in the master bedroom. These Deluxe Suites boast a spacious kitchen which is equipped with a washer and dryer. Step out onto the large patio/decking area for unbelievable views of the surrounding area. There’s no better way to spend your nights than inhaling the resort’s unmistakable beauty.

2. Dining 

When you visit a new resort or hotel, you want to experience new flavours and a world-class experience. As the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is an exclusive and small resort, there’s only one restaurant on offer. However, it doesn’t disappoint and is filled with excitement and new adventures for people around the globe.

Sea Salt Restaurant

The Sea Salt restaurant is a precise spot where locals gather in a casual dining environment. It’s the best place for a catch-up with loved ones, or an excellent opportunity to expand your friendship group. The environment is complemented by drinks and wine from the bar, so there’s really no better way to spend your time than here. You have the option to select from refined international flavours and favourite Nicaraguan cuisine.

Each dish features a distinctive freshness using local ingredients carefully prepared by a team of skilled staff. To further enhance the culinary flavours, you can absorb the elegant open-air dining which opens onto the pool. This is the ideal spot to watch the sun relax into the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant opens at breakfast and doesn’t stop until all guests are happy and full. The team of staff are readily available to cater a special meal for you and your guests. If you’d rather dine on the beach at your leisure, the amazing team will even pack a basket for you so you can enjoy a romantic setting. It’s one of the best restaurants in the area to offer guests at the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort an impeccable experience.

3. Amenities 

Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is filled with amazing amenities to make your time there more comfortable and enjoyable. With a variety of things to do, it’s perfect for an array of lifestyles, personalities and ages.

World-Class Surfing 

Surfing at the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Become a part of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and experience waves deemed world-class by major publications and people from around the globe. With a year-round consistency of local surfing, the steady winds from Lake Nicaragua provide you with plenty of surfing habits. For over 250 days a year, you can surf, and there aren’t many places in the world which can promise that!

The resort is considered to have one of the best breaks in Central America. With a secluded beach which is rarely busy, the water provides long rides in the tube. A nearby beach called Asuchillo Beach is less dramatic, although fun, and is suitable for beginner and experienced surfers. Surfing has become a favoured destination for surfers around the world, and the waves are paired with other activities. The Vida Surf Shop carries a variety of surf and boogie board rentals, no matter your surfing experience. With the shop’s knowledgeable and experienced staff, they can help you plan and book your vacation, and offer professional advice on the best surfing spots along the coast.

Horseback Adventures 

If you’re looking to explore the beautiful grounds and beach at Gran Pacific Beach and Golf Resort, then we recommend volunteering for their horseback adventures. There are several paths to choose from, and many offer beach and volcano views, so the choice really depends on your preference. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, because this great activity is suitable for the entire family. Enjoy horseback riding as a group, or seek some alone time. Don’t be nervous though, as each trail ride is guided to ensure you’re protected and safe.

The Spa

gran pacifica beach and golf resort, gran pacifica resort, gran pacifica beach and golf resort review

Credit: Pixabay, rhythmuswege

Doesn’t everyone dream of a spa treatment surrounded by the sound of lapping waves and natural beauty? Well, at Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort, you no longer have to dream. Relax by lying in a private, beautiful, open-air palapa whilst listening to the waves on the beach. To top off your spa experience, opt for a full-body, Swedish massage which will relieve tension. The spa offers massages in a modern, beach-front location which is ideal for anyone who loves to unwind.

Slip away any stress and tension from your day with the long strokes and kneading of a massage. This relieves tired muscles and enhances circulation and skin tone to help erase anxiety. Simply contract your Concierge to schedule an appointment which will total relax you. A full-body massage typically lasts around 50 minutes and costs $40. For a 30-minute massage costing $25, you will receive a back, neck and shoulders treatment. Indulge yourself and relax, because you deserve it.

Nature Tours 

gran pacifica beach and golf resort, gran pacifica resort, gran pacifica beach and golf resort review

Credit: Pixabay, 12019

Filled with birds of beautiful, bright colours, the Nature Tours are something everyone has to experience at the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort. Bird-watching is one of the most relaxing outdoor activities which can be practiced by almost everyone and everywhere in the world. The Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort provides the perfect conditions and atmosphere to watch birds. You can appreciate a large variety of land and aquatic birds, as well as local and migratory ones. Don’t worry if you don’t know the different species, because a guide will accompany you on each tour, along with an educational book.

Whether you’re a nature lover or like the idea of a new experience, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With two trails to choose from, you can make the experience your own and customize it to your goals. The “Martin Pescador” is popular amongst tourists and is a preferred spot if you love a large variety of birds. This trail begins along the edges of the golf course to make it easier to observe the birds in their natural habitat. There, you’ll find species including the blue grosbeak, barred ant shrike and a wide variety of hawks and falcons.

Alternatively, you can embark on the “Arbol Sagrado” trail which heads towards the north beach. If so, it’s common you’ll find parrots, parakeets, cuckoos and trogons in this habitat. This trail is also an excellent opportunity to gain some knowledge about tree species and learn about many indigenous tribes.

What Travelers Have to Say About Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort 

We’ve scoured the Internet to look at reviews of the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort from past customers. What we’ve found is positive feedback discussing its fairly remote location, where there’s nothing to do but relax. For many, it feels like heaven and the pool area is a great spot for swimming to catch some exercise, or just dip your feet in the water. Another key aspect of this resort is its beach. You can walk for miles with no hotels in sight. Surrounded by amazing driftwood, rocks and seashells, you can fill your mind with so much beauty.


  • plus
    Amazing views of the ocean you can’t experience anywhere else in the world
  • plus
    Accommodating staff
  • plus
    The infinity pool is amazing and just a few feet away from the beach


  • close
    You can only access the beach during low tides, for safety reasons
  • A limited area with not much to explore outside of the resort

There’s a large variety of food at the hotel restaurant, with a wide variety of fish, meat and poultry. If you stay in a condominium, you can open the doors and you’re right at the pool. Should you opt for two-bedroom accommodation, you can easily make use of the large living area and kitchen, plus amenities such as air conditioning, a washer and dryer, and the Internet. If you love spending time outdoors, spare a few minutes to enjoy the stunning sunsets each night to help you unwind and capture some peace.

Alternative Hotels to Consider Booking

Paradise waits for you in Nicaragua. However, if you’re eager to keep your options open to other luxury hotels, we’ve found some excellent alternatives for you. The Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is aimed at travellers and residents looking for a peaceful stay in a remote location. However, if you’re hoping to explore more of your surroundings, or perhaps reside in a contemporary accommodation, we’ve found some luxury alternatives for you.

1. Mukul

gran pacifica beach and golf resort, gran pacifica resort, gran pacifica beach and golf resort review

Credit: Mukul

Mukul offers a variety of vacation properties which are perfect for families and groups searching for a vacation experience with a handful of options and activities. Each neighbourhood comes equipped with its own unique features to ensure every aspect of your time there is unforgettable. Depending on the number of your party, you can stay in the comfort of a three, four, or five-bedroom home. All include full concierge service, transportation in and around the property, access to all restaurants as well as in-house services and amenities. If you’re searching for some things to do there, spend some time at the Spa Mukus and the Beach Club for some delicious food and drinks.

The Bohio Suites are perfectly placed 300 feet above the Playa Manzanillo for unbelievable views of the surrounding area. Nestled in-between tree houses in a rainforest canopy, these homes offer a private and luxury unique experience. With 50 sq. ft. interior and 615 sq. ft. exterior, there’s plenty of space to relax and unwind. The Bohio Suites feature a more modern living space, such as a walk-in closet, dual head shower and double sinks, as well as a luxurious en-suite bathroom. The outdoor plunge pool measures 39 sq. ft. which is bigger than the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort.

Another aspect we love about Mukul is the outdoor teak deck with a dining area and living space. With floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the golf course, mountains and/or ocean, there’s something beautiful to see no matter where you stay.

This is also a suitable alternative to the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort if you enjoy water activities, as there’s more on offer with this hotel. For example, embark on a stand-up paddleboard. This is form of surfing which re-emerged as a way for surfers to explore longer distances without getting as tired. It’s a great sport for beginners or advanced surfers. You can either rent one of their boards, or take lessons who’ll provide you with all the equipment you need with an expert instructor by your side.

2. Calala Island

gran pacifica beach and golf resort, gran pacifica resort, gran pacifica beach and golf resort review

Credit: Calala Island

We love that Calala Island offers an all-inclusive package, which the Gran Pacific Beach and Golf Resort doesn’t. Whether you’re looking for a casual pool-side dining experience or formal evening food, there’s so much to offer at the Calala Island. The Executive Chef can cater to everyone’s tastes and advise you if you’re looking for new flavours. The Island takes fine dining and delicious food seriously. With an expert Chef who’s worked in some of Europe’s top Michelin restaurants, he pauses the boundaries to deliver sensational creations. If you’re looking for formal evening tasting menus under the moonlight, or a casual burger, Calala Island can live up to your expectations.

With a choice of four suites carefully designed with you in mind, each suite perfectly complements the stunning surroundings. This all comes with complete privacy and each beachfront suite features its own private verandah and secluded beachfront palapa. No matter what time of the day or night, there are beautiful sightings to capture on your phone.

For the adventurist in you, there are so many things to do on Calala Island. An expert team of staff will help create your perfect vacation. Alternatively, if you’re searching for a chill-out, peaceful time, they can also cater for you. As a result, we love the flexibility that this Island offers to make it a great option for a variety of lifestyles and ages.

3. Nekupe

gran pacifica beach and golf resort, gran pacifica resort, gran pacifica beach and golf resort review

Credit: Nekupe

Nekupe is an unbelievable resort which is much more expensive than the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort. However, it does offer more luxury and modern temperament which younger people might appreciate more. The Nekupe Spa is a place to burn off some steam and indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments. You’ll encounter the purest form of relaxation by harmonizing with nature. Enjoy massages, facials and scrubs made from the highest-quality ingredients to fully rejuvenate your body.

Located in Casa Club, their pool is available to all guests and offers beautiful landscape views. Enjoy a poolside lunch or enjoy quality time with your family whilst being shielded from the world. It’s the perfect place to take a sunset dip and relax with a cocktail after a full day of activities.

There’s a huge emphasis on fitness at Nekupe. Specifically, avid tennis players can take advantage of their two tennis courts which are equipped with a professional flooring system. Alternatively, you can take lessons to hone your game, but this is available upon request with an additional charge. Nekupe is a sanctuary which caters to fulfil your every need. Their amenities transport you to a genuine dreamland, where comfort and a high-level service opens your mind and discover a new way of living.

Would You Visit the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the features of the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort. There are plenty of benefits to living there. The music, poetry, religious excitement and dance from Nicaragua are very rich, as is the national cuisine. As a result, this makes a fascinating tourist destination.

After reading about this and the alternative hotels, would you visit one of these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to share this article if you know others who’d enjoy reading this.

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