Kindle Oasis eReader Review: A Powerful Performer From a Proven Brand

You have plenty of options if you're in the market for a new ereader.

But some names in the industry simply carry more weight. It could be because of a reputation for quality construction or innovative technology. And the positive reviews show you that a wide array of users love the products. You might recognize Amazon's Kindle Oasis ereader as one of those storied brands.

We think it stands out for its clever features, sleek design and competitive price. There are many reasons to recommend this product. But only you can decide if it's right for you. Keep reading for a rundown of all the benefits you can expect from making the purchase. And if you're still not sold on the Kindle Oasis ereader, read a bit further. We'll also include a range of incredible products we believe will give this one a run for its money.

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A Little About the Kindle Oasis EReader

There are many things consumers look for in a new ereader. And this one tackles many of those concerns -- and some you might not have considered. It's lightweight but sturdy with a brilliant display that rivals any of its competitors. But you'll have to decide for yourself whether this device will meet your needs. Follow our guide below to get a clear look at the Amazon Kindle Oasis ereader.

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Background About Amazon

If you've shopped online at all in the past decade, you certainly know all about Amazon. But beyond being the world's biggest internet retailer, the company has plenty of clever consumer products. It's likely that you have heard of or interacted with the Amazon Alexa enabled devices. And the Kindle quickly became a leading name in ereaders and tablets. The Amazon Kindle Oasis ereader builds on that reputation and provides a great representation of the company's capabilities. 

Who is the Kindle Oasis eReader Great for?

It might go without saying that the Amazon Kindle Oasis ereader is perfect for avid readers. But it does have everything a typical ebook aficionado would desire. And a built in integration for Audible audiobooks brings in a different specialty. If you like to listen to your books, you owe it to yourself to check out this product. This feature is incredibly useful and allows for some clever uses you will certainly appreciate. It's also a great experience for people who just love the latest upscale technology. This is a metal device that just feels much better in your hand than the typical ereader. 

What are the Best Uses for the Kindle Oasis eReader?

We find this product particularly well suited for reading on the go. It's lightweight, sturdy, slim and compact. Everything works together to make it convenient to toss in a bag or pack along with your stuff. But it's also a great product to keep handy around the house. It's waterproof, so enjoy it during a bath or as you sit poolside. And a high quality cover can give it an appropriate look to display alongside your library. 

Features & Benefits of the Kindle Oasis EReader

Generally speaking, almost everyone can find something to appreciate about this product. But let's get down to brass tacks. And after we're done with these specifics, you'll have a better idea of whether it's right for you.

1. Waterproof and Durable Design

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This version of the popular Amazon Kindle was introduced in 2017. Though it wasn't significantly changed much since, that's because updates weren't really necessary. Its design got a lot of things right the first go round. For starters, it's a waterproof case so you can easily read by the pool or in a tub. That means there's a slight trade-off in the hardware, though. No traditional headphone jack in this one, so you'll need Bluetooth capabilities. 

If you have the right headphones, however, you get a great experience. You can listen to audiobooks easily through the Audible system. And it works flawlessly, so enjoy listening to your books in addition to reading them.

But if and when you are reading, the screen display is among the best we've reviewed. We'll get to the details in a bit, but as far as the design goes, everything works for the reader's benefit. Solid construction and a screen that serves as the perfect home for the high resolution are easy to appreciate. It's all housed in a metal frame that is somewhat heavy for an ereader of its size. But it feels sturdy and maintains and easy to grip ergonomic design.

2. Stunning Visual Display

We've already covered the beautiful and comfortable to hold design of the device. But it's also incredibly easy on your eyes. We think it's incredible that such as sleek device has such a large seven inch screen. There's a beautiful high resolution display that makes anything you're reading appear crisp and vibrant. 

The Carta e-ink gives this device stunning range. And you can see a lot more on this than the prior six inch version of the Kindle Oasis ereader. Plus, if you're into graphic novels and other visually demanding mediums, this is up to the task. That's especially noticeable when you're reading a newspaper on the device or shopping for new books. 

Then there's the lighting, which comes from the rear and the form of LED displays. It is a sight to behold and provides some of the brightest, clearest views found in any ereader. Move from a bright spot to a shady area? Your device will notice and make the adjustments needed to give you the perfect experience. Of course you can also choose to adjust the brightness manually to your own specifications. However you choose to read on your device is up to you and will be stunningly clear. It also takes into account the angle at which you read. The high tech screen will look great in whatever position you choose to hold it.

3. Thin, Lightweight and Beautiful

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If you've used the prior model of the Amazon Kindle Oasis ereader, you'll notice some similarities. But this one is bigger and feels great in your hand. One side is thicker, both to house the battery and to provide balanced handling. It's also very striking on first glance. Pick your favorite color, including champagne gold or the standard graphite. 

There is also the option of a luxurious cover to keep your high tech reader safe and clean. For starters, add a fabric cover that is also safe to get wet. Or if you want the elegant feeling of leather, opt for the more expensive covers. You can get this opulent option in colors including saddle tan, Merlot and midnight. Some reviewers said the cover tends to get in the way a bit when you're holding it to read. But if you want the extra protection and a pop of luxury, it's a popular accessory.

No matter what you choose, your Amazon Kindle Oasis ereader will be waterproof. Obviously you won't want to dive deep with any electronic device. But this one will certainly stand up to an accidental splash in the hot tub or out at the pool. All in all, this thing feels great to hold and is a joy to read. 

4. Innovative High Tech Integrations

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All the screens and user interface options in this device make a lot of sense. It's intuitive and easy to use right out of the box. And one of our favorite features is the ability to flow seamlessly from ebooks to audiobooks. 

You can even switch back and forth between the audio and visual display of the same title. If you're in your living room and want to take a walk, you won't lose your spot. Just switch from the ebook to the audiobook version and pick up where you left off. If that sounds interesting, buy the regular ebook first. Amazon typically offers the audio version as an extra for a reduced price. 

And for those readers into listening to a lot of books, the Amazon Kindle Oasis ereader has you covered. Upgrade to an expanded 32 gigabyte storage. The base version has a large eight gigabytes of internal memory. And you might think that's plenty. But remember that audio files are going to take up more room, so you might want to opt for more. 

What Ebook Readers Have to Say About the Kindle Oasis EReader

Let's take a final overview of this product by considering what actual consumers are saying. We took inventory of the good and not so good things people had to say. Here are several of the pros and cons we most commonly encountered.


  • plus
    State of the art software
  • plus
    Slim, beautiful design
  • plus
    Audible audiobook integration


  • close
    No headphone jack
  • Higher price than other Kindles

We think you'll agree there's a lot here. But if you're still not sold, don't stress. Below, find three other ereaders that offer slightly different benefits and features. And we think at least one of these products will pique your interest. 

Alternative EReaders to Consider

There are lots of ereaders on the market. And different consumers demand different functions. In order to find just the right device, we've compiled some brief reviews of the three options below. We think each one is worth some consideration alongside the Amazon Kindle Oasis ereader. 

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Credit: Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has been a major player in the ebook market. Though it might not have the share of Amazon, the Nook GlowLight 3 is able to take on competitors. It has many of the features we like in the Kindle Oasis ereader. Unlike that device, however, this one is not waterproof. 

That does allow it to have some easy ports for charging and headphones, though. And it's got a comfortable design that grips well and is quite lightweight. You might miss the extra size with this small screen. But that also allows it to be very portable and compact. You can read easily on its display and provides really high quality lighting throughout. 

kindle oasis, kindle oasis ereader, kindle oasis review, kindle oasis ereader review

Credit: Sony

Here's a market leader from the proven developers at Sony. The Digital Paper interface is much more innovative than a simple ereader. For starters, you can choose between a 10 inch and whopping 13 inch display. 

And you'll be able to interact with the display much in the same way as you do with actual paper. The security features ensure whatever you store on your device will remain safe. There are lots of clever functions you might not expect out of an ereader. But the price is a lot higher than those standard entry level devices, too. 

3. Kobo Aura

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Credit: Kobo

Kobo is a big name in the ereader market around the world. Most of its business originates from outside of North America, though. So that means it might not have the name recognition of some of our other picks.

But it can give you a great experience both interacting with the device and reading on its screen. It starts at a competitive price and gives you access to some innovative details. It builds on a line of quality products and puts the best of those ideas to work here.

Looking for a new ereader can be a bit overwhelming. 

But if you want a little bit of everything, all of it done well, then the Kindle Oasis ereader might be perfect. We hope our guide has served as a proper introduction to this powerful device. 

If so, share this article with the avid readers in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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