How to Assemble the Luxurious Patio of Your Dreams in Eight Easy Steps

If you want to take your entertainment and hosting game to the next level, you need to make sure that both inside and outside of your home offer luxury and comfort.

One of the best things about owning or renting a home is sitting outside with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine to watch the sun rise or set. Whether you just want to enjoy the open air or if you spend serious time on your porch, you should consider stepping up your outdoor accommodation game. A luxurious patio might seem extravagant or even unnecessary, but once you have one you will love it.

As with most home projects, how involved you want to be in setting it up is your choice. You can work with what you already have or go all-in and construct something new. Whichever you choose, a luxurious patio is something that every homeowner should treat themselves to. It won’t do much for the value of your home nor is it an investment in anything other than your own comfort. Here’s how to get started.

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Credit: Krakow Garden Designs, Pixabay

A Bit About Why a Luxurious Patio Is Right for Your Home

Before we talk about how to build a luxurious patio, we should talk about what it actually entails. We’ll look into how it differs from the trend of “outdoor living rooms,” and how easy or difficult setting one up might be. Finally, we will talk about why you should consider adding a luxurious patio to your home.

Is a Luxurious Patio the Same as an Outdoor Living Room?

luxurious patio, luxury patio, luxury patio ideas, luxurious patio ideas

Credit: Jay, Flickr

In a small sense, a luxurious patio and an outdoor living room are very similar. Both are spaces outside of your home in which you’ve taken great pains to introduce a level of luxury and comfort. However, outdoor living rooms are more like extensions of your home than a patio. When you spend time in one of these, it’s meant to feel like someone took your living room and just transplanted it to the back yard. To that end, this means that everything from the furniture to the design is different than most outdoor seating areas. If you are interested in how you might build one of these, check out our how-to guide. When it comes to a luxurious patio, there is nothing wrong with embracing the idea of it being an outside space that is different than the inside of your home. Instead of making it look less like a glamorous back porch, you lean in to that idea.

What Makes a Luxurious Patio So Special?

luxurious patio, luxury patio, luxury patio ideas, luxurious patio ideas

Credit: ddz Photo, Pixabay

The same thing that makes any place in your home special is what’s at play when it comes to your porches and your yard. These areas are a part of your home as any of the rooms inside. It is a place where any family is guaranteed to spend some kind of time. So, if you have to be out there anyway, why not go all-out? A luxurious patio space will invite both members of the household and people outside of it to gather. It’s a place where you can find solitude and quiet when the din of life inside gets to be too much. Your kids could have their first kiss out there. A friend or loved one may sit there and cry to you about something important to them. It offers privacy but invites community. This will happen almost no matter what you do, so why not make it as comfortable and nice as possible?

How Difficult Is It to Assemble a Luxurious Patio?

luxurious patio, luxury patio, luxury patio ideas, luxurious patio ideas

Credit: Ricardo Diaz, Flickr

The challenge of creating a luxurious patio space for your family may seem formidable. However, it’s nothing that can’t be done on your own and over time. For example, if all you have is four square feet of poured concrete, you’re going to need more space. You could start with just a small table and a few chairs, just so there is a place to go. From there you can expand the space or build a deck, at least so long as you get the proper local permits. If you are willing to invest the time and money into it, you could turn that small space into a luxurious patio in just a couple of weeks. However you choose to do it, it’s something you and your household can do on your own. It’ll make hanging out there all the sweeter.

How to Set Up the Luxurious Patio of Your Dreams

Remember, these steps do not come with a time limit. Read them all now and remember that you can follow them over a period of days, weeks, months, or even years. When it comes to setting up your luxurious patio, it can be as simple as assembling furniture, or it could be a major renovation project. It all depends on what you want. 

Step 1: Determine Whether or Not You Need to Build

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While there are many impediments to building the best luxurious patio you can, there is no more serious that the simple matter of space. If you have a patio that’s only a few square feet, marble tile and furniture made from clouds couldn’t make it luxurious. So, you will need to determine if you have to do any construction in order to create the luxurious patio of your dreams. Whether you want to add a large wooden deck or dig out an area for a tile floor, make sure to check with your local government. Many places require building permits and the like for even simple renovations like this.

If your space is smaller than 12-feet by 15-feet, you are definitely going to need to do some building. Even those dimensions tend towards the small size, and a cramped patio area doesn’t help anyone. It’s difficult to navigate around or relax in, and your luxurious patio will end up neglected. You will want at least three feet of clearance around your patio furniture. You will also want to put any grill you have at least 10 feet away from the house. So, if you don’t have the space to work with, you will need to do some building. Whether it’s just landscaping a larger area for your back patio or actually building a wooden deck, this is a big first step.

Step 2: Measure Twice, Buy Once

luxurious patio, luxury patio, luxury patio ideas, luxurious patio ideas

Credit: Shai Aharony, Flickr

If you are building in the space or just using what is already there, you will want to take detailed measurements before you start buying things. From furniture to building materials, you will need to know precisely how big these things are going to be ahead of time. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of picking up only enough tile for half the job, or you could end up with patio furniture that is too large for the space. Along with making the space uncomfortable and dirty, these would decidedly make your luxurious patio not so luxurious. There is, of course, a simple solution. Measuring two or three times before you head to the store. It may feel redundant at first, but if you start getting different values for what you measure, you’ll understand why it’s necessary. 

When you are doing your measuring, start with the perimeter of your soon-to-be luxurious patio. Mark this area with string or anything that will mark the boundaries. Then, take rough measurements for the interior of the space, rounding up no matter what. If you can, measure a third time after the tile has been laid or the deck built. Things like wood thickness and elevation can add or steal inches from your measurements. Use your smartphone to take pictures and record the dimensions, so you can call on this information at any point in the process. Remember the old military axiom: failing to plan is planning to fail. It may seem tedious, especially if you get the same result every time. Still, humans are fallible creatures so measure your space more than once to make sure everything your luxurious patio needs can fit.

Step 3: To Enclose or Not To Enclose

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What is the difference between a sun porch and a room of your house? The answer is far less than you think. Still, when you imagine your luxurious patio in use, chances are the weather in your mind’s eye is great. Unfortunately, the real world has bad weather, and Mother Nature seems to relish in raining on people’s parades (or picnics, birthday parties, and so on). Thus, you have to decide if you should enclose your luxurious patio with equally luxurious walls or some other kind of barrier. Remember, as noted above, if you plan to do some building, you will need to ensure that you don’t run afoul of local government before you start. Otherwise you could end up with a hefty fine and the hassle of going in front of a judge or magistrate.

There are two things to weigh when deciding whether or not to enclose some or all of your luxurious patio. The first is whether or not there are good shady spots in the space already. The second is what sort of use you hope to get from the patio, and how much inclement weather might affect you. You don’t have to go with straight up walls, either. Wooden or wrought iron frames with awnings or blinds can provide ample protection, and also add some style to the space. Ideally, you will have some sort of barriers that can be removed or drawn back. This way, you can enjoy the spring breeze and a beautiful day, but also can batten down the hatches should a storm appear on the horizon. With the proper planning, bad weather doesn’t haven’t to ruin your good time.

Step 4: Power Up the Patio

luxurious patio, luxury patio, luxury patio ideas, luxurious patio ideas

Credit: Marianne, Pexels

The next thing you need to consider before putting your luxurious patio together is how wired you want it to be. If you have something near the patio like a grill area or a hot tub, this won’t be a huge problem. It wouldn’t take much to run a few more outlets around the existing infrastructure. However, if you don’t have those things, you can decide whether or not you want your luxurious patio to be a tech-free zone. Sure, you could install an outdoor television or keep a charging station out there. However, you could also make that place your respite from the never-ending din of media, stimuli, and connectivity. It’s all up to you, but when you make the decision, you’d better be sure.

If the patio is wired for power, you can always turn off the devices (though, some argue we never will). However, if you make your luxurious patio a tech-free zone, it could be difficult to change your mind. As most patios are adjoined to or close by the house, power isn’t usually a problem. There are outlets outside anyway, and you can use extension cords to power the patio when you need it. (Though, when finished, always unplug the cord from the wall just to be safe.) If that won’t work, you may have to invest in an electrician’s services in order to ensure that your patio is as wired as you want it. You could also use this as an excuse to add more electrical lines and even an internet line for outdoor security systems to watch over the stuff on your luxurious patio.

Step 5: Choose a Style or Theme

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Now that you have all the necessary infrastructure in place, it’s time to get the fun part of designing your own luxurious patio. As noted above, you’re fully aware of how much space you have to work with and can now decide where you want things to go. You can choose your furnishings and try to fit them into the space. Or you can visualize what sort of furniture you want in the space, and then go hunting for unicorns. Which you choose will depend on how you like to design your spaces. If you are fine with picking matching sets from catalogs or like searching for the perfect pieces to make a whole, get to it.

You will want to consider something that complements both the style of your home and the décor inside. If your living room and kitchen are shrines to minimalism, you wouldn’t want to go with loud floral prints for the patio cushions. It will look like bad set dressing on a cheap made-for-television movie and not the luxurious patio of your dreams. When in doubt, you can always go with the classics like black wrought-iron furniture and simple houseplants for accents. Whatever you decide, remember that you want your patio to be an inviting place to spend some time and not look like a museum exhibit. 

Step 6: Consider Comfort

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There is no question that interior design is as much an art form as writing the Great American Novel or painting a high-selling artistic masterpiece. So, while it might make for a great magazine spread, a patio with petrified wood blocks as seats would not be a good place to wile away a summer evening. Maybe you don’t plan to use your luxurious patio as anything but a showpiece for your home. Still, if you have it, why not enjoy it? What will make that easier is if, when you are shaping the design, you consider comfort. Ultimately, these are places to sit down for lunch or a nice after-dinner cigar. So, while the look is very important, it’s perhaps not as important as comfort.

Maybe those floral print patio cushions mentioned above clash with your home’s design. But if they are the most comfortable ones you could find, they might be the right choice. Of course, there are plenty of comfortable options to choose from that will match any style or design you are going for. Yet, when we put together our picture-perfect ideal of a luxurious patio, it can be easy to overlook simple comfort. Wrought-iron furniture is gorgeous, but without the right cushion it’s nowhere you want to sit. Every chance you get, make sure you get hands-on experience with your furniture. If ordering online, make sure you can return them without question. Otherwise, you risk sitting down on a beautiful chaise lounge and finding out, too late, it feels like something out of the Spanish Inquisition.

Step 7: Accent but Don’t Go Overboard

luxurious patio, luxury patio, luxury patio ideas, luxurious patio ideas

You definitely want your luxurious patio to be a comfortable place to spend time, however you also want it to pop. So, along with your patio furniture, how you decorate the space will shape how people feel in it. If you load the place up with high-tech gadgets, decorations, and house plants, your patio will feel like a crowded warehouse. Instead of an enviable space to pass the time, it looks like a cluttered mess. So, don’t be afraid of open spaces like you might in your home. In fact, keeping the space open and breezy reminds us that the whole reason to spend time there is that it’s outside.

This doesn’t mean you can’t decorate or add stylish things you love. Let’s say you and your partner love yachting, so you want to do a sea-faring theme. You could deck the deck out with all sorts of naval kitsch, and it might just look great. But spending time there won’t be as satisfying. Instead of your house, you’ll feel like your sitting outside of some kind of weird carnival water ride. Instead, try a less-is-more approach. Something as simple as accenting the patio with dockline ropes and maybe a subtle anchor pattern on the patio cushions. Another reason to keep the area sparse is because, as the years go on, you can fill that space up with mementos you’ve not discovered yet.

Step 8: Don’t Be Afraid to Change It

luxurious patio, luxury patio, luxury patio ideas, luxurious patio ideas

Say you’ve put all this work into your luxurious patio, but you actually kind of hate it. The seats are too far apart, and conversation feels like shouting at one another. A rogue sunbeam hits you square in the eyes at the time you usually enjoy it. The garbage cans are nearby, and the smell of them nauseates you. Whatever the reason, your experience is not what you hoped it would be, despite all the planning. If this happens, don’t fret. Because unless you are looking to strip it all down to the soil to start over, fixing it is just a matter of adjustment. It’s the difference between writing that huge term paper and editing it. The basic building blocks are there, you just have to tweak the structure and correct the punctuation.

Make sure that anything you buy is returnable, even if only for “store credit.” This way, you aren’t trapped with the furniture or other items you thought would make your luxurious patio the envy of the neighborhood. Maybe a sound-activated multi-color disco light is cool, but that doesn’t mean its right for you. A good patio space is a fluid one anyway. It will change with you and your family as the years go by. Maybe kids come along and the fabric cushions are exchanged for plastic ones. Maybe the kids grow up and go out, so it’s just you, your partner, or some friends catching up. It could be a place where you entertain or a place where you find solitude. Let your space change with you, and it will always feel like home.

A luxurious patio is not a major home renovation or terribly expensive to set-up, but it can add a whole new level of comfort to your home.

For homeowners, especially first-timers, the front or back porches are often the last thing you have to worry about. Yet, they are just as much a part of your home as the laundry room or the kitchen. There is no good reason not to make it as lovely and comfortable a space as you can. Done right, it will be one of the family’s favorite places, where countless memories are made. Your luxurious patio will reflect the home its in. So, for that reason alone, you should strive to make it a comfortable, inviting place. 

What do you think? Do you have a luxurious patio or would you want one? Tell us, along with your thoughts, reactions, and experiences in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the article on social media if you liked it, so your friends can get in on the conversation. 

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