3 Luxury Bedding Sets for Sleeping Like Royalty

A good night’s sleep is always the best way to start the day. Believe or not, bedding plays a role in the quality of your nighttime. Luxury bedding sets are one of the best items for indulging your occasional need to splurge on home decorating. Still, a few extra dollars will buy you more than momentary pleasure.


Consider the next three luxury bedding sets an investment and an heirloom.
Luxury bedding

Top 3 Luxury Bedding Sets in 2016

1. Frette Sheets

Google ‘Luxury Sheets’ and Frette will proudly stand at the top of the search. That could be because they had time to build their reputation. Frette Sheet has been a major player in the bedding industry for over 150 years.

They were established in 1860 in Grenoble France. Five years later, they moved to further down south to Italy, where you’ll find them headquartered today.

In no time, Frette were spreading their sheets all over the world. They traveled on the Titanic, the Orient Express, and decorated royal houses across Europe.

Nowadays, if you’re booking a night at the fanciest five-star hotel in the city, you’ll most likely sleep on a Frette sheet. In addition to the hospitality industry, the brand is a familiar name in retail stores across the United States.

A set of king sized Frette Bicolore Sheet will take you to $1,295.

2. Libeco Home

Libeco Home is a Belgian company that specializes in fine linen sheets. For over 150 years, these luxury bedding sets manufacturers have kept the pace in shifting trends with up-to-date collections.

Linen has been cropping up everywhere, from home decorations to apparel, from boutique brands to chain stores. Made from flax fibers, this material absorbs and breathes. It means you’ll get cool long siestas in the hot summer and warm naps in the winter.

It’s hypo-allergenic, in case you have sensitive skin. In terms of both ecology and sustainable development, linen is a true champion.

Still, that doesn’t mean that any linen bedding makes for fine luxury bedding sets. This is where Libeco comes into the picture. They add a distinctive soft touch to their bedding, together with stylish and minimalistic designs that can’t fail to complement any type of home décor.

Places that have inspired in graphic design lend their names to the newest collections, such as ‘The Vineyard Stripe’, ‘Shelter Island’, ‘California’ or ‘Nottinghill’.

Some collections are available in both linen and cotton combined, which makes for excellent absorbance of moisture. A duvet cover, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases will come at an approximate cost of $1,200, depending on your pick.

3. Deborah Sharpe Linens

Deborah Sharpe calls her luxury sheets home therapy. ‘Sleeping in the finest linens is one of life’s greatest pleasures’, she says.

For more than a decade, she has been providing just that, pure pleasure, to some of her loyal customers. Her small shop located on Beverly Boulevard in the heart of LA is a miniature expo of a large array of luxury bedding sets- from the softest cashmere throws to elegant linen sheet sets, from hand-embroidered pillows to lush pajamas.

The inspiration for the design may come from the Californian surroundings – the ocean, the sandy beach, the Pacific vegetation, but the execution takes place in the finest Italian mills.

This business has bloomed thanks to a couple of great assets- personalized, custom services and an interior design to suit the exterior surroundings.

This is our top three selection of luxury bedding sets. They might be the most expensive sheets you’ll ever spread on your bed, but you’re sure to get your sleep’s worth for the price.

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