10 Luxury Home Décor Trends You Need to Know Now

Home décor trends may not be as seasonally driven as clothing collections, but certain styles come and go. Predominant touches that were once considered stylish – think taxidermy and chevron wallpaper – are now outdated. Because we want your 2017 to be the year when you turn your living space into that home sweet home, we have decided to present you with a list of all the 2017 home décor trends you need to know now.

While it seems like we were just celebrating the New Year, designers and trend forecasters are already lining up to predict “what’s in” – and there are some serious changes in the predictions for interior trends. Leading design experts have shared their insight and these are the styles and touches you won’t want to miss.

1. Terracotta

Kiss cool and white tones goodbye, because in 2017, warm materials – such as terracotta tiles – are predicted to replace them. But unlike in in the 80s, the new trend does not use terracotta for border tiles. Instead, they will be used as feature walls in bathrooms with a natural matte finish which is also suitable for cladding fireplaces.

According to Lauren Macer of Sisalla Interior Design, “By avoiding terracotta tiles that are too rustic and keeping with a matte finish, this trend could add character and warmth to interiors again.”

2. Art Within Reach

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. More and more people are interesting in hanging original artist-made works of art on their walls. Thanks to the increasing available resources, art is more affordable today than it was twenty or thirty years ago. Sites like Etsy have made the handcrafted movement quite popular, encouraging artists to sell their creations around the world.

3. Cork

Cork is probably one of the most surprising trends expected to make a comeback in 2017. However, when you think about it, it deserves a second – and better – chance. Not only is cork a stylish material that adds texture and warmth to any space, but it’s also ideal for noise cancelling in open plan homes. Whether you will use it as a coffee table base (combined with stone tops), or a solid cork stool, cork can do anything. According to trend experts, cork could even be used to clad entire walls in the home office. What better way to pin all your notes?

4. Gem Tones & Warm Metals

Pastel shades of pink and blue should enjoy whatever is left of their time in the spotlight, because jewel tones will soon take their place. Karen Asprea, director of Whitehall Interiors, said that, “Gem tones will be big this year,” inspired by metals, stars, clouds, space, and the cosmos. A space is instantly brighter with pops of rich gem tones, giving it a luxurious and thoughtful vibe. Warm metals will be huge in 2017, so forget about brushed aluminum and stainless steel.

“Metallics, metals, raw-cut quartz, Lucite and opal will add a dash of sparkle and interest,” says the Nathan + Jac team. “X-ray materials, transparent fabrics, floaty silks and sheers will create a lightness and soft romantic element to this trend, which embodies optimism for where we have come from and where we are headed.”

5. Escapism

Our increasingly technological lives have created in us the need to distance ourselves from time to time, which is why homes with nooks and places to retrieve will become more and more popular. We spend an ever-increasing amount of time in front of computers or smartphone screens, so we want to create spaces in our lives that are devoid of digital distraction.

You may not want to instantly to list your 65-inch flat screen on Gumtree, but you probably will seek to create small oases of calm and tranquility in your home. Whether it’s the bedroom or a cut-off hallway, we all need a place where we can scroll our Instagram feeds in peace. According to the team at Nathan + Jac, relaxed materials and furniture will then follow suit, from deep sofas and Icelandic sheepskins, to oversized love seats, day beds, and floor cushions.

6. Wellness Touches

If we are to believe, holistic interior designer Clodagh then “wellness is a state of mind.” However, she also thinks we can promote this state of mind through our home décor and close surroundings. And if we already agree that luxury and wellness go hand in hand, then 2017 will be the year to show it – more so than ever. An emphasis on natural light combined with feng shui will be at the core of design. More unique wellness amenities will appear on the market, including state-of-the-art fitness centers and infrared saunas.

7. Greenery

Home décor took a page out of Pantone’s book, seeing that the popular brand announced ‘Greenery’ as 2017’s Color of the Year. Trends tend to center around the same ideas even across industries, so it’s only natural that greenery will be a major aspect of home décor. In addition to being a color that connects out to the outdoors and gives us the promise of spring, green also represents our desire to take a break from our hyper-connected lives. In 2017, we will “connect more with nature,” adds HGTV digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch.

5. Luxurious Finishes

Experts almost unanimously agree that rose gold and copper will see their end in 2017. Copper is a beautiful material, which can make a comeback in another style. However, the Nathan + Jac team believes a more industrial aesthetic is anticipated for the new year. In terms of luxurious finishes, polished nickel will be in and polished chrome – out. It feels more luxurious and it is definitely warmer. Also, if you’re redecorating your home, we recommend you choose levers instead of traditional round doorknobs.

6. Tech-Infused Home Décor

Tech doesn’t have to be ugly; just look at eero. One of the best home Wi-Fi devices on the market, eero performs excellent in terms of connection, while also being well-designed. It will seamlessly blend in with your interior décor, whether you place it on a bookshelf or other visible place. More so than ever, 2017 will also be the year our homes become smarter and more connected. As more devices and appliances come with a Wi-Fi function, we will soon be able to monitor our homes from just about anywhere. If you’re looking to start your smart home, we suggest the Nest Thermostat, Protect and Cam Indoor. Each of them is state-of-the-art tech while also being aesthetically pleasing.

7. Well-Defined Living Plan

Open spaces have been ‘in’ for several years now, but we might see less open-plan homes in the near future. According to experts, defined living spaces are making a comeback, as homeowners seek layouts that are more private. With open plan living, several areas were incorporated together – such as the living room, kitchen, dining room and study area. However, problems arose regarding acoustics and cooking smells wafting through the space. Therefore, the extremely open layout trend of recent years will be replaced by partially separate kitchens. No longer will the kitchen be the main focal point of the home, but a well-designed area that still allows guests to mingle.

8. The Lived-In Look

We have all been fascinated by the austere minimalism that seemed to dominate the luxurious sector of interior design, but that style is about to die down. The pendulum is swinging in the other direction, encouraging people to layer textures, make their beds a little sloppier, and add more pillows everywhere. The so-called ‘lived-in look’ makes our rooms look like someone’s home, and experts believe we will see more of this trend in 2017.

9. Stylish Accessories

In real homes – not those featured in home décor magazines – storage space is often limited. Why not make the most of it by purchasing chic everyday items that look good on display? At the same time, trendsetters recommend upgrading kitchen appliances. More brands are experimenting and being creative with their sizing options and finish selections. Whirlpool, for instance, offers matte white and matte black appliances now. We see no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade your kitchen in style while still being practical about it.

10. Geometrics & Texture

We saw a glimpse of this trend in 2016 as well, what with all the hexagonal tables, triangular shelves, and round mirrors flooding our stores. But the good news is these pieces we love are coming become more daring, as artists play with curves and angles. At the same time, designers contrast this trend by incorporating interesting textures into décor. Not only are they appealing to the eye, but also pleasant to the touch. Texture and warmth will play impressive roles in the overall 2017 designs.

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