3 Luxury Travel Companies to Make Your Dreams Come True

DIY online booking and the millennials with their intrinsic independent style have not yet put the traditional luxury travel companies out of business. One unbeatable thing these specialized tour operators offer is the soup-to-nuts experience abroad. The responsibility weighs heavy. After all, they are in charge of a person’s free time, which nowadays is a highly treasured commodity. It makes sense then that these upscale companies list great guides, awesome itineraries, and the best value on the market.

A wealth of information runs loose on the Internet, but we’ve hunted the one-of-a-kind luxury travel experiences that only captains of the industry can deliver.

Luxury Travel Companies for the Bespoke Holiday

Traveller Made – Made in Europe for the World

World Amateur Tour on Traveller Made

A bespoke travel company based in Europe (hence the double-l spelling), Traveller Mode has distinguished itself as a travel agent with a knack for ticking off the high demands of a targeted sophisticated clientele worth at least $30 million.

Its network is comprised of 167 travel designers from almost 50 countries. The experience that caught our eyes is the World Amateur Tour. The concept caters to golfers who wouldn’t spend their holidays anywhere else but on the trail of the likes of Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, or Ernie Els.

Epic Tomato – The Expedition-Led Adventure Cousin of Black Tomato

Namibian desert as part of the Epic Tomato luxury travel companies

Travelers easily share traits of different tourist categories. For example, you could be a long-running globe-trotter. Or an Elizabeth Gilbert in search of lovable food and eatable love. Or the Bear Grills kind of explorer looking for a high dose of adrenaline.

Let us assume you’re into the latter. Otherwise, we wouldn’t dare refer you to the far-flung itineraries of Epic Tomato. When this hard-core tour operator promises ‘tourism off the beaten track’, the words sound less empty than usual. That’s because Epic Tomato, child of the Black Tomato mother base, has already built a fearful reputation as the expeditionary force of the luxury traveling world.

The company’s intrepid offers spread from camping in the icy valleys of little explored Yukon territory to ‘World First’ solo trekking through the Namibia desert all the way to Skeleton Coast. With such an ominous title, you know the danger is genuine. You might think the unknown has been hushed out of this world forever. However, the Epic Tomato travel experience will prove you there are still some remaining wild final frontiers. For how long, nobody knows.

Artisans of Leisure – Catering to the Laid-back Traveler

Family looking for luxury travel companies

Obviously, exploring an uncharted territory isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Actually, traveling for pleasure used to be a kind of leisure tourism at heart in the old days. Out of the many luxury travel companies that still value comfort and pampering above all, Artisans of Leisure reigns ever since Ashley Isaacs Ganz founded it in 2003.

An upscale family travel planner, it received a badge of honor from National Geographic Adventure magazine as ‘one of the best travel outfitters in the world’. Their itineraries are also highly customizable. For example, you and your family could travel in style to geographically remote destinations without having to lift one finger. Even your luggage will be taken care of on the way.

Beyond price, luxury travel companies are defined both by the uniqueness of the itineraries on offer and the overall seamless travel experience.

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