Mastering Luxury Athleisure: A Style All The Celebrities Wear

This new fashion trend hit us hard, and it’s not going away soon. 

We love that you can wear comfortable clothing to almost every occasion whilst remaining stylish. When created successfully, this style looks flawless and is great for an active and social lifestyle. Let’s take a look at ways you can achieve a luxury athleisure wardrobe and what mistakes to avoid.

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A Bit About Luxury Athleisure

By the sounds of it, luxury athleisure seems like an easy look to pull off. What is it though and where can you wear it? We've broken down everything you need to know to make this style look effortless and chic.

athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure


What Is Luxury Athleisure?

Luxury athleisure is a trend where you merge everyday fashion with comfort for a luxurious style. This typically pushes boundaries of what you’d typically see on the runways and a daily style. Picture a gym outfit you would wear to meet an old friend for a coffee. It’s a well-thought out garment which is more than just what you’d wear to the gym.

Many designers and high-end brands caught on to this trend, and we’re now seeing luxury athleisure everywhere. Many brands such as Adidas and Nike are collaborating with celebrities to create influential pieces across their entire spectrum.

What Is This Look Appropriate For?

Athleisure makes everyday attire practical, stylish and comfortable. This look is appropriate for grocery shopping, a coffee with friends, running errands and catching up with loved ones. If you feel you could wear this exact outfit to the gym, you may need to add more accessories and a personal style to take it to another level. The trend of yoga pants worn on a daily basis has become one of the highest in demand styles in the fashion industry.

We don’t recommend wearing luxury athleisure to formal occasions such as work, a meeting, interview, wedding or funeral. Think about now formal/informal the occasion is before you adopt luxury athleisure.

Who Can Rock This Look?

There are numerous celebrities rocking this look. Many athletic brands collaborate with fashion designers and celebrities to create comfortable outfits for off-duty tasks such as heading to the airport.

Victoria Beckham adopts a practical fashion stance whilst showing plenty of leg. She also likes to accessorise with sunglasses and a snapback, whilst ensuring she always wears makeover and her hair is styled.

Bella Hadid is another celebrity who likes to wear thick sweatshirts with tight leggings and sneakers. By wearing well-fitting clothes, it enhances her figure whilst still keeping that element of functionality. Her rough-and-ready hair is on trend and gives the overall ensemble an edgy vibe.

What You’ll Need To Successfully Achieve This Look

In order look the best you possibly can with a luxury athleisure look, you must feel confident with your own body and style. Enhance your favourite features, such as your shoulders, legs, stomach or arms. Never pretend to be someone you’re not in order to look a certain way. Here are a few key components of the looks. Pick and choose what suits you to master the style:

  • A sweatshirt. Depending on your preference, choose a fitted one or go over-sized to play with different shapes.
  • Sports bra. If you're confident enough to rock it by itself, go for it!
  • Leggings, track pants, or a warm-up suit.
  • A fresh pair of sneakers or athletic slides.
  • Accessories. Try sunglasses, a designer handbag, or a hat.
  • A non-athleisure piece to highlight the look. Think a denim jacket or even a leather jacket depending on the weather.
athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure

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Don’t be afraid to layer and play around with textures and stitching you wouldn’t ordinarily wear, as this can make a huge difference. Show a little ankle and wear a trendy pair of sneakers. The most important thing to this look is to wear quality materials and brands because these are more flattering and stylish.

A few of our favoruite luxury athleisure brands include P.E Nation, Charli Cohen, Aim’n and Camilla and Marc. Each of these brands are unique but continue to add ready-to-wear pieces with athletic details to their collections. Each are fashionable and sophisticated, yet embody a relaxed finish for the best comfort you could ask for. If it’s not comfortable, don’t wear it.

How To Master Luxury Athleisure With These Tips

We’ve devised a few detailed tips for those of you who are looking to dress like the A-list stars. There’s more evidence than ever that this style isn’t going anywhere soon, so rather than fight it, adopt these fashion tips to create a new wardrobe for yourself.

1. Accessorize Carefully and More

athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure

Credit: Pixabay, jackmac34

To achieve luxury athleisure, always consider what accessories you’re completing your outfit with. A designer handbag can add an element of luxury to a sporty look, whilst making it more personalised with your favourite brand. Opt for an oversized style to make your frame appear smaller, and make the overall ensemble angelic.

Alternatively, you can add a sports vibe to your style with a snapback. You should choose a colour in theme with the rest of your outfit to not contrast with yourself. Also, a one-tone is less flamboyant and works well if you don’t ordinarily wear hats. Keeping your hair down or in a ponytail through the cap works well and adds a feminine touch.

A pair of aviator sunglasses are our favourite accessory choice for a luxury athleisure theme. Sunglasses give the perfect street style to your athleisure look without overdoing it. Just ensure that you remove them when heading indoors to not look like you’re trying too hard. A few of our favourite brands include: Versace, DKNY, Chanel and Michael Kors. Another of our favourite accessories is jewellery, though don’t overdo the amount you wear to keep your outfit sophisticated, simple and stylish. A pair of hoop earrings and a thin chain work well to keep the look on trend.

2. Choose a Great Brand Like Lou and Grey

luxury athleisure

Credit: Lou and Grey

Lou and Grey is one of our favourite luxury athleisure brands with incredible and unique clothing selections to choose from. The magic of their clothes lines is how comfortable they are thanks to the materials used. Their signature pieces are made from cashmere to give your clothes the design and feel you’ve always hoped for.

 athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure

Credit: Lou and Grey

This fashion-forward workout brand works well for the gym, yoga and even just strolling with friends. As each item is versatile, you can lounge or perform high-intensity activities in their clothes.

Their hoodie top is the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. It’s an easy top to put on quickly and head out for a busy day. The short sleeves are practical for a warm day, whilst the shirttail hem is angelic and stylish and not a characteristic you always see in the luxury athleisure category. The kangaroo pocket is handy for easy access to essentials.

athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure

Credit: Lou and Grey

Their Upstate Sweatpants offer a relaxed fit with a tapered leg to frame and sculpt the body whilst remaining comfortable. This luxury athleisure brand focuses on comfort and style so you can wear their items everywhere and anywhere. The slash pockets are large enough to keep a cool stance because you can easily put your hands and relax them in there.

3. Opt for High Quality Brands Like LNDR

athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure

Credit: LNDR

LNDR is a global brand based in London. Created in 2015, their focus is to create a distinctive mark in the luxury athleisure territory. The designers and creators became inspired by the London lifestyle with people wanting to run errands and complete every type of task – including fitness – into a single outfit.

LNDR’s Double Happiness Jumper in mustard somehow makes knitwear modern and breathable. This soft and comfortable jumper is soft against your skin and keeps you warm during cooler weather.

athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure

Credit: LNDR

The seams and panels follow movement points that bend for the most comfortable clothing you could wish for. You can wear these all day, every day, and look good and feel good. Not all luxury athleisure brands focus on designing clothes which provide comfortable movement so you don’t have to spend a lot of time adjusting and fixing them.

Their Blackout Leggings in blue aren’t full length to provide you with a streamlined fit and seamless finish. The panelling is well thought out to provide maximum compression along the thighs and legs. Consequently, they help you look toned and more confident than before. Produced with Cool Comfort technology, they keep moisture away from the body so you remain cool and dry inside and outside of the gym.

4. Kick Back With a Brand Like Olympia Activewear

athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure

Credit: Pinterest

Olympia Activewear takes basic essentials and turns them into luxury athleisure. The brand is inspired by strong women and clothing from ancient Greece. But most importantly, Olympia Activewear wants to celebrate strong women and offer them friendly pieces which can be worn for fitness or daily tasks.

The Helix Silk Tee in the shade sky contains a stretch feature from the front to the back. The unique back stitching gives a luxury athleisure feel to an ordinarily regular style of tee. Made from 95 percent silk and 5 percent spandex, it feels and looks luxurious. Thanks to the spandex, this tee holds you in firmly. As the length is fairly short, it looks great with a tight pair of leggings.

 athleisure brands, athleisure, luxury athleisure brands, athleisure wear, athlesiure

Credit: Olympia Active

Their Aba Longsuit in jet black scoops underneath the boost and extends to the bottom of the legs. This luxury athleisure version of a jumpsuit is practical, trendy and not like other garments you see on the streets. The micropoly spandex holds you in firmly to not only make you look great, but feel great too. What’s great about this Longsuit is that you don’t need any clothing to complete the outfit, so it’s a great option for a quick style.

5. Utilise Fashion With Function

The best way to create a luxury athleisure style is to mix function with fashion. This means that you integrate your usual style and elements of your ordinary wardrobe into a new world. For example, wear heels or a designer handbag with leggings and a cropped top.

The key to athleisure looking great is to keep it practical and not look like you’re trying too hard. Remain chic and stylish by ensuring you pick the right fit and wear tapered clothing. Materials such as silk and spandex are complementing to all shapes and make you look firm.

In order to style your look correctly, create a well-balanced feel. All of your athleisure garments should be comfortable and look practical, otherwise you risk looking like you’re trying too hard. Invest in high-performance fabric which is comfortable and stylish. Match with jeans, a leather jacket or angelic earrings for a feminine touch.

We’re a big fan of sneakers and snapbacks as they give an edgy vibe. Consider where you’ll wear your activewear too. For example, it’s not a suitable look for a job interview or meeting, so consider how formal or information the occasion you’re attending is. Choose your accessories to accommodate the occasion.

6. Acknowledge the Do’s and Don’ts To Achieve Luxury Athleisure

There’s a huge difference between athleisure and luxury athleisure. Athleisure is what everyone else is wearing, whereas luxury athleisure uses designer brands which are high-quality and have unique elements. We don’t recommend that you change your style and tastes to look a certain way. Stick to garments which contain elements of your personality and tastes, because it’s not about becoming someone else or replicating how everyone else looks.

Avoid using loud colours and prints. The key to luxury athleisure is that it’s effortlessly stylish. Stick to neutral colours with limited patterns and designs on them. We are a huge fan of mixing fabrics and materials though, so don’t be afraid to add fractions of leather and denim. Do think thoroughly about your overall look so that it doesn’t look like you’ve literally just been to the gym. You shouldn’t just wear what you would when exercising, because there needs to be an extra taste of style.

Layering sport pieces works effectively well. For example, team leggings with a sports bra and a leather jacket. Whenever in doubt, stick to sneakers or slides for footwear as they’re practical and can’t really go wrong with them. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin on your midriff too, and opt for high-waisted leggings to enhance your waist.

What Are Your Fashion Tips To Achieve This Look?

We hope you enjoyed reading about achieving this look easily. Ensure you avoid cotton fabric as this doesn’t absorb sweat and also negatively impacts the environment. Wool is a great material for outdoor apparel in the colder months, rather than having to wear multiple layers. This is breathable and holds in any moisture to keep you warm.

What are your fashion tips to achieve this look easily? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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