16 Reasons for Learning a New Language Right Now (and Why You Shouldn’t Delay)

Learning a new language is not as hard as it seems. There are several compelling reasons for learning a new language.

Remember the time when you tried learning to make that perfect beverage with the right ingredients, excellent aroma, and even better taste? Surely, you must not have gotten it right the first time? You likely faced bit of struggle in the first few attempts before striking the right chord. Well, learning a new language is a bit like that. You might not get it right the first time. You might even want to give up after the first attempt. But, if you know the many reasons for learning a new language, you will not want to give up.

While we know it’s easier said than done, many people have mastered several languages and continue to increase their share with each passing day. As you think about whether learning a new language is worth the time, we give you compelling reasons for not delaying the idea any further. Read on to know why we encourage you to learn a new language.

reasons for learning a new language

Reasons to Learn a New Language Today

If you have been sitting on the idea of learning a new language for awhile but cannot decide, we give you 16 compelling reasons to get started today.

1. Unlimited Potential to Grow

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

While the reasons for learning a new language are many, the one that tops the list is the unlimited potential to grow. And, by growing, we mean not only with knowledge, but also by expanding your boundaries. You'll increase your scope, thereby allowing you to know more people and network.

For example, if you learn a new language, you can scale new levels and either be an expert, coach others, or also look beyond your daily job. Not only will this let you search for opportunities beyond your existing skill sets, it allows you to be known as a language expert, a trainer, and probably someone others look up to.

In turn, this also means you are now ready to possibly look for part-time opportunities to train newbies or kids before you take the major plunge as a language trainer or coach.

2. Easily Fit in Any Culture

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

We know it’s hard to settle in a new place. And, if your native language is not spoken in this area, it gets even tougher. So, if you wish to gel with other people, learning a new language can be one of the ways to get to know others better.

And, that’s not all. With this as one of the reasons for learning a new language, you also prepare yourself to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the new place, the culture, and also what makes them click.

Thereby, the new location will not be so new after all. Not only will you enjoy settling there, you will quickly understand the nuances of the culture. Thus you will have the best of your own beliefs and also those that you learn in the new place.

3. Become One Among Strangers

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Because you have learnt all that you can about the culture while learning a new language, you become one of the new place's people. While changing yourself is not something most people aspire to, you are generally prepared to have a meaningful conversation. It also means you are no longer a stranger. Rather, you're someone whom the locals can trust and converse without hesitation.

Another advantage of learning a new language is that when you are a foreigner, you are not readily accepted. Many people are unsure whether to trust your intention. But, by learning the local language before going to a new place, you make yourself comfortable with the people. Also, this gives you an edge over other visitors. And, in turn, you are better equipped to manage yourself whether you visit a new place as an individual or as a group.

4. It’s Easy to Converse

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Often, landing in a new place for a holiday has its funny moments or quirky people. While some people are genuinely friendly and go all the way to help you, others might not. You might show up at the wrong place, or accidentally speak something that is offensive or unacceptable in that place.

In such cases, instead of relying on Google or a dictionary, knowing the local language is a welcome relief to save you from embarrassing situations.

Besides, most people are impressed when the other person converses in their language. It not only creates a familiar feeling but immediately makes you likable and trustworthy. Therefore, among the many tourists or people visiting the place, you can certainly score some brownie points with your host to get better treatment.

5. Boost Memory Power

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Did you know that learning a new language can boost your memory power? Additionally, it also helps you improve your thinking skills, train your mind to be focused, and only think about relevant things. When you have many reasons for learning a new language, the most beneficial is boosting your memory power. Not only does it align your mind to achieve your goals, but also removes distractions.

By learning a new language, you train your mind to adapt to new situations, pick up nuances quickly, and also be prepared to accept new things coming along your way. Since each use learning in different ways like auditory, visual, listening, or kinesthetic, learning a new language sharpens your learning skills. You are thereby given the must needed edge over others.

6. Don’t Get Duped

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Often, if you are visiting a new place or settling in a new location and a new job, there are high chances of getting duped. And, no it’s not only about the money. Most people manage to get information on your location, your job, and your family without you realizing it. If you want to avoid such a situation, then the best way is to get a little smarter.

Knowing even the basics of a language can save you a lot of trouble. Not only will you be on your guard, but you'll also be aware of what’s in store for you. So, you don’t have to depend on others to guide you. Instead, pick up the most basic words spoken and take it from there. Besides, once you are in a place for a couple of days, you’ll be well on your way to picking up the most popular terms and also avoiding any words you must.

7. Don’t Get Lost 

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

What’s unsettling about a new place is that you can feel lonely and lost at times. And, to add to it, the feeling of loneliness grows when you have no idea what to say when you need something. It only worsens when you say something and the other person does not understand. But with a little preparation, you can avoid such a situation.

Many online videos and self-help books help you get started in a couple of hours. All you need is to understand the reasons for learning a new language. In a few hours or days, you are on your way to navigating the roads, greet someone, and also requesting help. That’s most of what you need in the first couple of days in a new place with a new language.

8. A Gift to Hand Down to Kids

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

As kids, we all love receiving presents. Gifting a new language to your kids is no different. With globalization making kids smarter than before, they are quick to learn many words at a young age. Start with one word and help them learn the nuances of the language as they grow.

The reasons for learning a new language for kids are that it makes them confident and fearless. Because they do not have any inhibitions or fear of public opinion at a young age, they are open to communicating and learning quickly. Additionally, kids are more receptive than adults as their learning curve is faster and better at a young age. Groom them with 2-3 new languages in the first few growing years and see them bloom anywhere in the world. They’ll make you proud!

9. Better Job Opportunities

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

And, it’s not just for the kids. You can also make good use of knowing more than one or two languages. Upgrading your language skills opens up opportunities. Of course, there is never any shortage of resources for learning a new language. However, it’s wise to pick one language at a time. Choose the most popular languages that are universally acceptable and high demand languages when searching for a job.

Even though the reasons for learning a new language might be varied, what is essential is narrowing down why it’s necessary for you. If it is an absolute must to know a new language at work, then that’s where the focus has to be. Also if a particular language is in high demand in your industry, then that is what will benefit you in learning the language.

10. Master of Languages

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Once you are an expert in a few languages, there are many ways to use your expertise. You can communicate effectively with others and understand them. You'll be able to put your knowledge to good use. Of course, that’s not to say you cannot earn money as well. Being a well-known master of a few languages means you are an expert.

Because you have worked to create a positive perception about your language skills, it an excellent time to also teach or coach others and pass on the knowledge at home or in the office. Most language teachers begin as a student before they showcase their expertise and teach others.

11. Higher Comfort Level

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Learning a new skill can be hard at first, so you will want to take baby steps. Sure, once you have a certain level of high-skill, you will be comfortable to switch between languages and fluently speak. However, take your time in this process.

Often strangers are willing to speak to someone who can understand their language and effortlessly talk like them. It’s no surprise that people with fluency make a good impression in a crowd.

One of the reasons for learning a new language is to improve communication. Because most jobs also perceive the candidates based on their fluency and ability to converse well, learning a new language prepares for such a situation.

12. Better Acceptance

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

If you are a shy person, then it’s hard to break the ice in a group. Exploring new places or holiday spots can be a challenge since you have to interact with new people. Besides, introverts find it difficult to strike an instant rapport and struggle with conversations whether in a small or large group.

That’s one of the reasons for learning a new language, as it encourages people who are shy to improve their conversation skills. It gives you the confidence, builds your self-esteem, and allows you to strike a delicate balance between familiar people and strangers effortlessly.

13. Transition in Times of Abrupt Displacement

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Opportunities, whether within the country or in foreign places, often come as a surprise package. You may not be ready for it, but the displacement might be a pleasant one. And it might also be a stepping stone to a better life. In such a state, it’s obvious that knowing a new language works exceedingly well at the right time.

You might not be ready for the significant change. But because you are already familiar with the language spoken in that country, you are in the right mindset to shift and also manage well in spite of short notice for a smooth transition. While not all changes are easy, you can most certainly start your turn on the right foot.

14. Enter Into Education or Information Products

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

If teaching has been your passion, then learning a new language is the right step in that direction. Because you have a natural flair for teaching, learning a new language will be less of a challenge. Going forward, you might most certainly be a perfect fit to open your educational classes on language learning.

One of the reasons for learning a new language is the opportunity to explore it further. While some learners actively pursue this stream, others also come out with their online courses. This is most certainly a path to use your knowledge in the best possible way.

15.  You Won’t Panic

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Starting something new can be frightening. It’s not just kids, but as adults too we can come under pressure when faced with problems. For example, if you are lost in a foreign country without much help, it can be difficult. Or, if you are stranded without proper documents, conversing can be a significant hurdle to get you out.

One of the best reasons for learning a new language is the willingness to take yourself out of any situation. This works in your favor and you don’t panic. Such crises can often get the best of you. Knowing a language acts as a useful tool to help others or your co-passengers in challenging times too.

16. Because it’s Fun

reasons to learn a language, reasons for learning a new language

Did we miss out on the fun factor? One of the many reasons for learning a new language is the ability to enjoy learning. If you learn well alone, then online classes or video can be a good source of knowledge.

However, if you thrive in a group, the group studies or signing up for a language learning class can work wonders for you. Besides, most classes nowadays are interactive and close to real-life situations making it even more exciting.

Set yourself up to learn a new language without further delay.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list of some of the reasons for learning a new language. While these are not entirely comprehensive, we hope they gave you a glimpse into the opportunities you can avail by learning a new language.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and share the language you wish to learn in our comments section. For those who are looking for reasons for learning a new language and are yet to take action, share this list with them!

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