Channel Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw with SJP Shoes

‘They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go. But friendships never go out of style!’  Neither do SJP shoes.

Carrie Bradshaw’s quirky quotes ring true in Sarah Jessica Parker’s chic and ladylike shoe collections. From daring bridal heels to discreet velvety boots, the line runs long and comfortably positioned on ‘high heels’ as one of the most popular choices for women footwear.

It took actress, fashion icon and designer Sarah Jessica Parker a few failed attempts at finding her fashion footing, but her break came in 2012. At the time, her show line was hot news at the high-end spectrum of the fashion world.

You only need to get acquainted with the elegant design, and you will start observing such whimsical details such as the grosgrain ribbon up the back that screams SJP shoes. Let’s follow the actress-turned-designer’s foray into the world of click-clack heels with our next top three SJP models.

SJP Shoes to Bring Your Day Dreams Closer to the Skies

The Women’s Bobbies Dress SJP Sandal

‘As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.’ – Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

If all else fails, just wear 3.5-inch high heels. This is sound advice coming from a committed fashionista like Carrie Bradshaw. The D’Orsay shoes may have been worn by the dandies of Lord Byron’s 19th century time, but our suede sandals carry a very nice ring on the pavements of Fifth Avenue.

It comes to SJP’s 2014 collection to push the brand name down the runway. Bobbies Dress Sandal is tuned to the most versatile of silhouettes. They complement anything from a pair of scruffy Sunday jeans to a red carpet dress. Of course, they cannot miss on the signature of all SJP shoes – a contrast-colored grosgrain ribbon at heel counter.

The price tag is also sensible, considering the brand’s aim at upscale fashion. $365 on Amazon.

Women’s Balcony SJP Ankle Bootie

Comfortability may be the first word to come to mind when describing SJP shoes or edgy ankle boots. The thicker 3.75-inch heel offers stability even on the most slippery cobblestones. So let the autumn rain fall over you!

Moreover, want to wear a feeling of the opera last night with you to work? The marquis diamond chains hanging across the heel fit the superior crushed velvet material nicely. The embellishments could fall into the kitsch category with any other shoe, but somehow the bootie carries them with grace and dignity. The look is luxurious, the step a breeze on the hard pavement.

These shoes are about $545

Women’s Trance Candy Pink Satin D’Orsay

‘Men I may not know, but shoes? Shoes I know.’

When you slip on the Cinderella-like ribbon d’Orsay, you will not doubt the statement above for a second. The crystal encrusted ankle strap buckle is adjustable and accommodates even the most stubborn foot. The footbed and sole are leather made in Italy.

Steal this Look for $395

Sarah Jessica Parker roots her inspiration in the empowering 70s and her present dream retailer in Nordstrom. SJP shoes, handbag, and clothing have found a well-deserved niche in the congested world of stars-turned-designers.

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