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The ‘Cuban of Cannabis’ is here: Meet El Blunto

With so many states introducing bills to legalize marijuana recreationally, and so many others already legalizing it for medical usage, it was only a matter of time until someone in the industry created a super-luxury product. Enter El Blunto, what’s being called the “Cuban of cannabis.”

Created by Albert Einstone, El Blunto mimics a mini-cigar in the way that it looks. According to the report, these high-end joints – blunts, or cannagars as they’re officially known – are glass tipped, wrapped in hemp, and hand-rolled. Each is full of 1.75 grams of whole flower, and even comes with a humidor, “for those who like a touch of snob appeal with their smokes.”

el blunto, cannabis, marijuana

Image courtesy of Albert Einstone’s

According to Einstone and his team, comprised of Alan Oliver, Tyrone Gomes, Q Ladraa, and Derek Maddalena, their goal was to create a product that was the “gold standard.” They wanted a product that was “above and beyond” anything else. They said:

“We always wanted to be a step ahead of the competition in terms of products, packaging, quality and consistency. Every time a customer has our product they should have the same experience they had last time – just like with liquor.”

To accomplish this, they wanted to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute their own cannabis – and they did in California. However, it took a while for it to happen, and Los Angeles only approved their company in December of 2018, even though they expected it much earlier in the year.

el blunto, cannabis, marijuana

Image courtesy of Albert Einstone’s

The dispensaries El Blunto is available in regularly sell out, meaning it’s quite a popular product. It’s available in seven different strains, and they’re all lab-tested. Also, they contain zero tobacco, as many cannagars do. They’re made with pure cannabis.

An author who tried an El Blunto said that they don’t have a hole in the center, so when you light it, you won’t burn your tongue or lips. Oh, and that you should use a “mini-torch” to light them because regular lighters don’t get hot enough.

If only the highest quality products are what you’re after, it sounds like El Blunto is something you’ll want to try. But, because they’re only available in California, you’ll have to do it on your next vacation there.



Featured Image Courtesy of Albert Einstone’s



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