Five Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Stand Out from the Pack

In today’s world, overly decorative Christmas sweaters have never been more popular.

Three or four decades ago, people wore these ugly Christmas sweaters unironically. Either from nostalgia or heavy levels of irony (or both) millennials love the idea of having entire holiday parties where the theme is to wear one of these sweaters. In this case, the uglier the sweater the more it’s adored. Everywhere from offices to dinner parties, people are clad in sweaters that are so hideous they are delightful. While this may pose an existential fashion crisis, ugly Christmas sweaters are a genuine staple of the holiday season.

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Don Tonight

If you have an ugly Christmas sweater party coming up, you're in luck. We've scoured the Internet for the tackiest, ugliest, and most flashy ugly Christmas sweaters available. The results are below.

1: Fair Isle Unisex Meowy Christmas

ugly christmas sweater

If you are really into ugly Christmas sweaters, this unisex selection for Fair Isle is probably too cute for your tastes. If you want to get into the spirit of the party but don’t really want to wear a hideous sweater all night this is a good choice. The bad “Meow-y Christmas” pun is cute but cringe-inducing. The little black cat in a Santa hat is similarly adorable and cheesy simultaneously. Still, if this ends up being your choice of ugly Christmas sweaters, you are going to have people who think your sweater is “legit cute.”

2: Gaudy Garland Cardigan with Ornaments

ugly christmas sweaters

If you want no danger of any of your ugly Christmas sweaters being called cute, this cardigan is for you. Stylistically speaking, this sweater is not your typical ugly Christmas fare. However, what it lacks in patterns it makes up for in sheer gaudiness. This green sweater is adorned with sparkly green garland and plastic ball ornaments. No one outside of a Las Vegas stage show in the 1990s ever wore anything like this unironically. If you are going for the win at your ugly Christmas sweater party, this is the clear choice. Technically a women’s sweater, this one is atrocious enough for anyone to (not really) pull off.

3: Daisyboutique Men’s Holiday Reindeer

ugly christmas sweaters

This red number from Daisyboutique may not look like a big ugly Christmas sweaters winner at first. However, if you really appreciate all that’s there, it’s an excellent choice. First, there is the red puff-ball that serves as the reindeer’s nose. There is nothing tackier than clothing that has puff-balls on it. Yet, what takes it to the next level is the “Dad Joke” quality the sweater has. You see this isn’t your grandfather’s reindeer. He is wearing a puffy jacket, a big chain, and a hat that reads “Yo.” Even though this is clearly a style evocative of the hip-hop legends in the 1990s, this Def Reindeer is taking a selfie. Many ugly Christmas sweaters wallop you with their awfulness right away. This piece of fashion art catches your eye and then slowly gets under your skin over time like a corny splinter.

4: Wu-Tang Clan Christmas Sweater

Just because it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your passionate fandom. It’s tricky to find them, because unlike Santa or snowmen, these logos and characters need to be licensed. If you love sports, your team has plenty of ugly Christmas sweaters to choose from. If you love some other form of pop culture it can get tricky. Still, fans of things like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Drake, and hundreds of other things can usually find something. For fans of the Wu-Tang clan, this sweater prominently featuring the logo is great for the holidays or all year around. Better even, because unlike Santa, Wu-Tang is for the children, both nice and naughty.

5: Royal Adult Hanukkah Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

The great thing about Christmas is that it’s become so secularized, some traditions run over into other faiths’ winter celebrations. That means that along with ugly Christmas sweaters there are also ugly Hanukah sweaters. While your Rabbi may not enjoy the crossover, your friends certainly will. Rock your Hanukah pride right on your chest. While the majority of these sweaters seem to be very pun-heavy, this sweater from Royal Adult is tastefully terrible. Featuring the traditional blue and white colors, the menorah and Star of David designs are tacky but not distasteful. 

People say they wear these ugly Christmas sweaters ironically, but it may actually be much deeper than that.

These sweaters are called ugly Christmas sweaters because on the surface the fashion-conscious among us can’t be caught dead in something so tacky. Yet, by acknowledging that these sweaters are ugly upfront, it frees the wearer from the confidence-shattering effects of wearing something this worthy of ridicule. In doing so, the people who wear these sweaters tend to laugh, let loose, and feel as good they would in haute couture. In fact, they might even feel better because all the pressure to “look great” is off. So, when you wear an article of clothing that is comfortable, makes you feel good, and is appreciated by your fellows, who cares if it’s worn ironically or not? Ugly Christmas sweaters make the holidays fun and are an excuse to wear something ridiculous and still feel great.

What do you think? What are your favorite ugly Christmas sweaters? Tell us your thoughts, memories, and favorite designs in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the article on social media if you enjoyed it. 

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