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Ana Khouri: Her Extravagant Pieces For All Occasions

What modern woman doesn’t love jewelry? It applies a sense of status to any wardrobe, whilst taking an overall look from day to night. 

High quality diamonds act as a forever investment, as well as finishing off a look as a fashion accessory. There are so many jewelry designers with amazing collections, but we’re focusing on Brazilian born Ana Khouri. Let’s take a look at our favourite pieces of hers and what to expect from her jewelry line.

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Credit: Flickr, jenny downing

Who Is Ana Khouri?

For those who haven’t heard of her, Ana Khouri is a jewelry designer. Her pieces accentuate natural elegance using the most beautiful materials found on earth. The love and care that goes into each and every product in her collections is unlike any other brand. It’s important to Khouri that the work has eternal quality but imbues an essence unlike other jewelry on the market.

Ana was born in Brazil and studied jewelry design in London, before starting her line in 2002. Her big break was meeting Holli Rogers, the fashion director at Net-a-Porter, in Paris. This leading online retailer picked up her collection and happily showcased her products on their website.

Ana Khouri didn’t always plan to be a jewelry designer though, and this career was somewhat accidental. She created sculptures that hung off naked art models’ bodies for a display art project. Those sculptures served as the seeds of ideas and inspirations for her jewelry line to come.

The high-end Brazilian retailer Daslu supported her early career and pieces which helped to spread word of mouth. Madonna and her daughter Lourdes saw the jewelry on a friend and instantly fell in love. As Madonna began to receive press attention, this new jewelry label caught on in the celebrity culture and soon, more A-list stars were sporting Ana Khouri.

Khouri’s Career

Khouri never formally studied jewelry and it wasn’t a natural instinct to work in this field. When she found a passion for jewelry-making, she moved to New York to study gemology and jewelry design before launching her own successful business. Her background as an artist and creator enabled Khouri to add a modern, unique touch to her pieces. She began by working with traditional materials in her collections, such as yellow gold, pearls and pave diamonds. More recently, she’s added coloured gemstones such as emeralds and garnets to her designs to celebrity today’s woman.

What Makes Her Jewellery Collections So Special?

Her collections are inspired by the notion of wearing fine jewelry and expanding upon traditional shapes. With all of her pieces, you won’t see anything like other designers. Her early versions of ear cuffs didn’t sell for 10 years until she modernized her jewelry pieces. A bracelet doesn’t loosely grip onto the wrist, but you can expect it to intertwine and connect in a way you’ve never seen before. The hand-bracelet and knuckle rings helped to create a movement and give her work a sense of identity.

She credits her father for his engineer background helping her figure out how to make ear and body pieces stylish and functional from day to night. Each piece easily transitions from a morning meeting to a late party, because Khouri stresses that the average woman doesn’t spend hours changing her look up. It’s always been her ethos to make getting ready and feeling special a seamless process. Specifically, something which is precious and gold can work in the morning and night with an excellent amount of flexibility for your remaining outfit.

Khouri has the hallmarks of a couture brand with elements of a 50’s Brazilian style. Each of her designs are individually handcrafted by skilled artisans with traditional techniques. Just by looking at the pieces for a few seconds, you can appreciate the process wasn't quick, but well thought out and cared for. The produced pieces are made of the finest materials and simply one of a kind. They add sparkle to any dress code, with an abundance of rings, earrings and bracelets making up the entire range.  

Where She Found Her Inspiration

Khouri was encourage and filled with ideas after showcasing her work with nude models. After studying in London, she expanded her creativity and broke the industry with an impressive jewelry line with fresh designs.  Other names who’ve influenced the brand’s style includes Norah, Francesca, Lourdes, Ophelia and Gina.

Even still, you don’t need a designer dress for her designs to look great on you. They can easily shine with jeans and a t-shirt, as well as a gala gown. This is thanks to the pieces' simplicity, elegance and style.

ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: Wikimedia

The brand’s signature style is on various earring structures and designs which break the modern boundaries of ear accessories. The works of Alexander Calder and Richard Serra helped mold her signature style for the label. The proportions of the earrings are important to add a touch of sculpture and a feeling of affinity to geometry. The mismatched earrings are a playful touch to empower women.

The brand is charming and goes beyond just looking beautiful. Still, it has an essence of majestic spacial concept and clearly acts as more than just extravagant jewelry. The timeless yellow gold is Khouri’s favourite material to work with and connects the modern take of the design with a classic feel of gold. As a result, the pieces are suitable for women from all backgrounds to feel empowered and beautiful when they wear these. The pieces convey a feminine feel with a sense of intimacy.

Celebrities Who Rock Ana Khouri’s Jewellery

Though her details are simple, they demonstrate complex thought and ingenuity. She’s admired on and off the red carpet for her beautiful collections. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Lily James wore pieces by the designer. Jennifer Lawrence wore the Diamond Stem Hand bracelet, which she sported several times during the Hunger Games world press tour. Not so long ago, Kerri Russell wore a hand piece with matching earrings at the White House from the designer's 2016 collection.

 ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: The Telegraph

Khouri has revolutionized the traditional earring with many celebrities rocking ear cuffs and making it a trend. The ornate ear cuff is clever, fun, and gives off a tougher vibe than a pair of simple studs. Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly were seen rocking seriously eccentric ear jewellery by Khouri. The diamond ear cuff bling is edgy and not going away any time soon.

A Look At The Amazing Creations By Ana Khouri

Out of her vast, amazing collection, we’ve picked our favourite pieces to share with you. There is a selection of rings, earrings, and a bracelet which all work simultaneously for a stunning look. Her exceptional pieces are striking and unique in every sense.

Leah Earrings - $2,160

 ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: Barneys

These Leah earrings are sculpted from polished 18k yellow gold and set with multi-coloured sapphires and white diamonds. The earrings were designed and created to mold to the natural curves of the ears. The gemstones and gold are ethically sourced, which makes us even more excited about these earrings. Their shape and size are unique, whilst still remaining contemporary with the rainbow palette. The sapphires sparkle beautifully in light, without being too large to overpower an outfit. Though 2.5cm in length x 1mm in width, they’re incredibly elegant, making the perfect accessory to a special occasion.

Izabel Diamond Earrings - $18,500

 ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: Barneys

The Izabel diamond earrings are made with 18k yellow gold with shimmering champagne, yellow, white and pink diamonds. They’re open-ended ovals with curved tips for the ultimate wow factor. This unique style is bold and modern, whilst maintaining a sophisticated design.

We love how this matches many other Ana Khouri accessories, although these particular earrings feature Rio Tinto’s diamonds – one of the world’s leading producers. The additional hook fastening sits securely and looks so pretty when combined with a simple, small stud. There might be some small scratches and flecks as they’re hand-crafted.

Norah Diamond Earrings - $1,440

 ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: Barneys

Ana Khouri has won again with these Norah diamond earrings, crafted in the U.S. The earrings come in 18k yellow gold with sparkling white diamonds for a beautiful, light effect. The thin-curved bar is elegantly crafted with absolute precision.

The earrings are stunning, yet unpretentious and great for those who are looking for beautiful earrings which aren’t excessively flamboyant. Set with 0.21 carats of diamonds in 18-karat gold, the earrings reflect any light that heads their way. Their natural curve compliment every lobe. Additionally, they feature a post fastening, and are thus only suitable for pierced ears.

Claire Earrings - $6,000

 ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: Barneys

These Claire earrings at $6,000 are one of our favourites by Ana Khouri. Polished in 18k yellow god with a sparkling round white diamond, they’re striking and modern at the same time. This American-made pair features an oversized drop at 7cm. They also consist of a curved stud anchored by an elongated oval. The gemstones and gold are ethically sourced, which is important to Khouri.

We love how these earrings sculpt the lobe and fall to a jaw-grazing length. We recommend sweeping your hair back to enable them to take certain stage. Artist Louise Bourgeois inspired the contoured design, with excellent attention to detail.

Simplicity Ring – $5,980

 ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: Barneys

Ana Khouri likes to have several of her jewelry made in the US, and this Simplicity ring is one of them. This delicate ring is the perfect balance of simplicity and passion. The gemstones rest in a blackened setting for a striking look. It seems in every light, the Simplicity ring sparkles, thanks to the multi-coloured sapphires and white diamond on the face.

It’s stunning enough to wear on its own – day or night to brighten up your wardrobe. The 3mm band with by 6m face width is bold, whilst its curvaceous design is elegant and feminine. We love it!

Diamond Simplicity Ring - $8,132

 ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: Barneys

The Simplicity ring sits in 18k yellow gold and sparkles in white pave diamonds. The 3mm band width and 6mm face width is elegant and the perfect size when combined with a matching necklace. Ana Khouri developed this ring with the inspiration to create jewelry that aligns with the body’s natural shape. Every part of this stunning ring has been handmade with exquisite craft and care to bring you an experience every time you were it.

The glistening 1.37 carats cluster together for different dynamics and textures which sparkle in every light. It flatters every finger and makes a beautiful, romantic ring for a loved one.

Mirian Cuff - $34,680

 ana khouri, anna kouri, khouri, ana jewelry, lourdes jewelry, ileana makri wikipedia

Credit: Barneys

This Mirian Cuff by Ana Khouri is exclusive to Barneys and well worth its steep price tag. Crafted and finished in 18k yellow gold, the Mirian hinged cuff sparkles with round white diamonds. The size variations make it stunning to observe from all angles.

Its unique shape and style makes this bracelet a stand out piece amongst other accessories. It securely grips onto the wrist and its size is customable to any width for absolute comfort. The design elegantly sparkles on the wrist to create the perfect balance between skin and jewelry. Team it with the diamond Simplicity ring for a luxurious look.

Who Are Your Favourite Jewelry Designers?

We hope you enjoyed the above collections, which are all highly suited for all special occasions. After 15 years in business, she’s expanded her line by launching a bridal collection at Barney's New York. This collection features minimal single stone bands of diamond or emerald stones within $2000-$4000. These engagement rings are unique with a fresh and modern style.

Who are your favourite jewelry designers? Share your go-to brands in the comments to inspire others and let us know which of Ana Khouri's designs suits you best.

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