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Bathroom Chandeliers – The Perfect Accessory To Enhance Your Washroom

Do you have a taste for the finer things in life? ​​​​

If so, I bet you didn’t know that bathroom chandeliers in your washroom are a great way for you to show off that luxurious flair you possess. This is because chandeliers are symbols of luxury, class, wealth, and elegance -- meaning they are perfectly fit for YOU! 

Truth is, most people do view their bathroom as their own personal sanctuary. A perfect spot you can escape to when you need to get away from the outside world and take a little time for you. So, when designing this sacred space it’s crucial you pick the right decor that expresses you and your individual style.

Take a look at these bathroom chandeliers to get an idea of how to add one to your own washroom and make it the ultimate, dream getaway!

1. Rustic Love Affair 

This bathroom is perfect for those of you who love a rustic touch. The bronze candle and crystal chandelier match all of the hardware in the room, allowing  simple, yet sophisticated unity in this space. Along with a wood ceiling and wooden double vanity, this bathroom utilizes natural materials in more ways than one. The light fixture proves that bathroom chandeliers make the perfect accessory to tie together the washroom.

2. Another Stone Massage, Please

If you love going to the spa, take a page out of this designer's book for you bathroom -- I know I will! This space is ALL zen with its glass and white stone shower, beautiful porcelain tub, and complete surrounding wood tile. The small square windows bring in the perfect amount of light and the glass chandelier adds a fancy twist to the relaxing feel. Once again, bathroom chandeliers serve as the icing on the cake to this beautifully mastered sanctuary!

3. Reflecting Beauty

The beveled mirror tile around this tub looks stunning against the marbled floor and walls. With grey veining that provides an elegant yet organic look, this marble covers almost every surface in the room. Traditional fixtures top off this chic look with two lights on the mirror above the vanity and a classic crystal chandelier hanging above -- each of them showcasing white shades to match.

4. Identical Twins

You don’t always need large bathroom chandeliers that are placed in the center of the room or over a bathtub. As you can see in this photo, they added these small twin chandeliers above a beautifully re-purposed vanity. With two on each side above the hammered pattern sinks, they add an elevated touch and perfect light to this vintage farmhouse bathroom.

5. Black Beads

Be aberrant with a unique, black bead chandelier in your washroom! Although this space is already screaming with awesome drama, the chandelier brings it in for a home run. It plays immaculately with the black subway tile on the bottom half of the wall as well as with the claw-foot tub. To give a little color to this dark based room, blue flower/bird wallpaper is added in addition to a bright green plant to provide contrast. This example illustrates the ability of how bathroom chandeliers can streamline a space.

6. Wham, Glam, Thank You, Ma'am!

This master bathroom is what little girls' dreams are made of! The light fixture is a traditional, gold chandelier that features a circle patterned cage. It’s placement is no accident, hanging in the middle of the room above the claw-foot tub and fireplace. With his and her vanities and two entries to a prodigious shower, everything is symmetrical and draws your eyes to the center of the room -- making this magnificent chandelier the focal point of the entire space.

If you're obsessed with luxury and view your bathroom as a safe haven, one of these bathroom chandeliers is the perfect touch for your porcelain sanctuary.

Did you enjoy the list? Would you use these bathroom chandeliers or others in your washroom to “lux up” the space? Tell us your answer and what you think in the comments below!

If you did like the post and found it entertaining, share with your friends and family so they can make their sanctuary elegant and luxurious too!

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