Top 7 Best Luxury Watches for Women 2018

Luxury watches are more than a way to tell time. They have become a fashion statement, a tool for showing off beauty and femininity. From minimalist to ornate, small to large, watches are an element of style. Today we are going to have a look at the best luxury watches for women that are available in 2017. But before, let’s have a look at what makes a watch a luxurious product.

What Makes a Watch a Luxurious Product?

Of course, one of the top requirements for a watch that costs thousands of dollars is accuracy. Naturally, the best luxury watches for women and men are made by the best watchmakers in the entire world. As such, you can rest assured that they are as accurate as they can be. But what else matters when choosing a high-end watch?

  • Brand

The brand is also another thing to consider when buying a watch. Some people are loyal to only one brand, while others judge only by each product. However, in the luxury industry, the brand is of utmost importance and it can even reflect the buyer’s personality or beliefs.

  • Quality

Regardless of the price, every buyer wants to enjoy the best quality they can achieve. The materials, the maintenance, and the man work are all important factors for providing the best option on the market.

  • Features

The features are an important part of choosing the best luxury watches for women. Some watches have special features for scuba diving, flying or various other activities. Depending on your preferences, you can have timers included, electronic improvements and other artifices.

  • Style

This is a subjective criterium, but important nonetheless. Depending on your character and preferences, there are watches that look more refined, others who look rougher, more luxurious, feminine or masculine etc. Thankfully, there is a wide array of options on the market, which means you have where to choose from.

  • Price

Finally, the price is also considered when buying a product of any kind. In this case, it reflects all the other factors mentioned above, from brand to quality and style. For this category of watches, the price is high either way, but the difference is made by the details.

Best Luxury Watches for Women to Choose From

Now we are going to have a look at the offer that currently exists on the market and see what are the best options for the women in search of the perfect luxury watch. Remember that the order is not necessarily significant since they are all great products from respectable brands in this field.

1. Dolce & Gabbana Sofia Pink Gold

Even though the Italian fashion house focuses more on clothing lines for women, they have expanded recently. As such, they are now producing accessories as well, and this includes watches too. The Sofia Pink Gold model brings their classic style and blends it with an exquisite quality. The watch is made by Binda, a famous watchmaker settled in Switzerland. Regarding style, the product is modern and elegant, sporting a minimalist beauty and geometric shapes.

The strap is made of 100% pure silk satin in a pink shade. The gold clasp is made of 18 karats pink gold, just like the rest of the watch. The dial is made of pink enamel, while the hands are gold-plated, in a way similar to the logo. It relies on a Swiss electronic quartz system of high-caliber, of course. It has a delicate and feminine look. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the price is quite low. You can find it” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>online on their official website.

2. Rolex Lady-Datejust 36 Gold Dial 18K Yellow Gold

Obviously, we can’t make a list with the best luxury watches for women in 2017 without including at least one Rolex product. Lady Datejust is an excellent series of watches designed for women. Considering the brand and the quality of the product, it offers quite a reasonable price. There are various models available from Rolex, which means that you can find one suitable for your style and preferences.

Two of the best recommendations from this series are the 18K Everose Gold Automatic and the Pink Jubilee Diamond Dial Steel. The pink jubilee face is appreciated by many buyers, sporting a two-tone band and an everose gold bezel. Besides these models, the most impressive one is the Gold Dial 18K Yellow Gold President. With its slim looks, a case and bracelet made of 18K yellow gold, it has some interesting features as well. For example, it lasts in water up to 100 meters. You can find the watch” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>available online.

3. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Small Model

If you’re familiar with the Haute Horlogerie in Switzerland, then you must be familiar with the name of Vacheron Constantin. They have been creating some of the most complicated products in the 18th century and their sophisticated style is still visible on the current market. In this context, in the Overseas series, you can find a special type of sporty elegance.

The Small Model addresses women and it’s Geneva certified. The watch comes with three bracelets and straps you can change according to your mood or outfit: a hand-stitched alligator strap in a black color option, a blue rubber one and a satin paired with brushed stainless steel variant. The face is brown and lacquered, and on its edges, there are 84 diamonds that total over a karat. Currently, the watch is not” rel=”nofollow”>” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>available online, but you can wait for it to be back in stock.

4. Piaget Polo Fortyfive Lady Watch

Yet again, we see a Swiss product on our list of the best luxury watches for women this year. Piaget is famous for offering the slimmest watches you can find on the market. Moreover, they up their game with precision movements and some uncommon semi-precious stones. They style they choose is an avant-garde one, and they stuck to it ever since it was launched, over 35 years ago.

The Fortyfive model is a quartz one. The size and the large numerals found on it bring a unique sense and a sports allure. There are various versions you can choose from. For example, one of them has an 18-karat rose gold case paired with a diamond pavé bezel, white rubber band, white face, diamond index marker and date display. Another model shows a rose gold and diamond pavé face, complete with an alligator leather strap. Currently, the watch isn’t” rel=”nofollow”>" rel=”nofollow”>” rel=”nofollow”>” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>in stock online, but it should be back soon.

5. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Lady Duetto Pink Gold

Indeed, pink gold seems to be the great revelation in this year’s top of the best luxury watches for women. Jaeger-LeCoultre makes no exception to this rule, especially with their long history of watchmaking. The Reverso collection was introduced around 85 years ago to represent a luxury reversible sports watch. The feature addressed polo players, which is why the case was reversible for protection. Even if you’re not a polo player, you can surely appreciate the style and the quality of the product.

The Squadra Lady Duetta model presents a silvered square face. It also comes with large and polished numerals plated with gold, as well as a black rear dial. The oscillating rotor is highly visible. The case is water-resistant, which is great, and it’s made of pink gold with 73 pavé diamonds. The watch offers a black strap made of alligator leather. The price for it rises and you can check the” rel=”nofollow”>” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>online availability on Amazon.

6. Patek Philippe Ladies’ Calatrava

Another one of the greatest entries on our list of the best luxury watches for women is this model made by Patek Philippe. No matter the context, this is a great watch to wear, offering you style and personality. The Ladies’ Calatrava series is meant to be a sophisticated product that has been conveying a minimalist elegance ever since the 1930s.

The Calatrava brings a white gold case complete with 48 small diamonds on the bezel. You can notice 6 more baguette diamonds on the prong buckle set. The dial has a night blue shade, while the satin strap is a midnight blue. This line offers six more models, so you have where to choose from. Find the Patek Philippe Calatrava product” rel=”nofollow”>” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>online on Amazon.

7. Bvlgari Serpenti Incantati

Bvlgari is a company famous for the perfect quality of their watches and jewelry. The serpent is already a symbol of their overall work, and the Serpenti series has been around since the 1930s. Their most recent release is a watch that features for the first time a serpent that winds around the dial. For this reason, it’s a very original product with an exclusive look.

The case comes in pink or white gold and it presents 116 pavé diamonds set on the serpent. On the satin strap, you will also find other 20 diamonds. You have plenty of options to choose from. Find more about it” rel=”nofollow”>” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>online.


We started off with the intention of making a top of the best luxury watches for women this year, but we must admit it’s been a very hard task. All the products we included are exquisite works of art that you can wear on your wrist. Besides offering a high quality and a timeless style, they are great for conveying a feminine and royal look.

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