Top 5 Hermes Bags

If you are a true fan of the notoriously gorgeous Hermes bags, then we know you can’t wait to start shopping from their collection. As maybe you already know, a new Hermes collection accentuates classic pieces such as the famous Birkin bag. It also plays with colors and details to offer something new each season, while preserving the classic elegance that have made their bags so adored by women all around the world. Now, it is time to see top 5 bags you should have your eye on.

Top 5 Hermes Bagshermes bags birkin

The Birkin Bag

As we have already mentioned, the Birkin bag is a must-have for anyone who loves Hermes bags and iconic bags in general. It was born in 1984, and it has become a staple of the brand ever since. We suggest you try the Birkin 50. This one is extremely spacious and it still carries all of the gorgeous interiors and the gold plated lock and key. You can find the Birkin 50 with the price of €9850. Wait no longer, order your Birkin now.

hermes bags mini kellyThe Mini Kelly

The mini Kelly bag is the perfect bag for people who do not need a lot of space and want a staple piece in their wardrobe to brighten any outfit. This one is a smaller version of the already popular Kelly bag. The bag comes in several color options. However, we recommend the pink Rose Jaipur. This one definitely stands out and can be worn by day and by evening as well.

The Baton De Craie Baghermes bags baton de craie

Another staple in the Hermes bags collection is definitely the Baton De Craie Bag. It is quite spacious and it is made from hunter cowhide. It also has a palladium-plated clasp in the shape of a piece of chalk. Plus, it is lightweight and you can choose between the black option for an evening look, and the colorful ones, for your day-to-day activities.

hermes bags constanceThe Constance Bag

Hermes came up with a spin on the classic well-known Constance bag. They added a black and orange option in their 2016 fall collection. The design of the bag is the same classic one we all know. It has sleek lines, an adjustable strap, and the “H” clasp. But as Hermes bags are full of surprises, the new Constance bag is made out of black leather, thin orange lines that form a pattern on the front of the bag, and a dark clasp. If this sounds like something you want to have in your collection, make sure to put it on your bags canvas leather bucket bag

The Canvas Leather Bucket Bag

A great addition to the selection of Hermes bags in a bucket style, this one is suitable for daily wear. Also, it reminds us of the Constance bag we mentioned above. This one is also made of black leather and it sports orange stripes. But it is much more spacious than the Constance. Plus, the top of the bag also includes a lighter fabric that nicely balances the bag’s design and turns it into the perfect day bag.


After going through this selection of 5 Hermes bags, we know we can’t wait to go shopping. How about you?

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