You Don’t Have To Be A Lingerie Model To Pull Off This Luxury Garment (VienneMilano Review)

I received my first pair of VienneMilano luxury thigh-high hosieries and finally had the perfect occasion to wear them. 

(My good friend had just landed a job in DC and it was her last night in town. We decided to dress up, have some drinks, and make it one for the books.)

Until recently, I used to think this type of garment was only for lingerie models.

Here’s what happened when I wore them. (PS: If you don’t care, scroll down to the bottom for my review of this particular product)

hoisery outfit dress

– I Felt Sexier Than Ever (And I Wasn’t The Only One Who Thought So)

Originally when receiving these, I had no idea I could wear these anywhere other than the bedroom. The ALESSIA Striped Thigh Highs are sleek, sexy, and bold.

Therefore, wearing them out in public was very out of the ‘norm’ for me. I am usually a tight jeans, a cute pair of booties, and fashionable top kinda girl.

But when I put them on with my dress, DANG DID I FEEL GOOD.

Sexy, hot, beautiful, all of that – I felt it all.

I hadn’t felt sexy like that in a long, long time. Most importantly, I felt confident in my body.

(And, it must’ve showed. From the pictures we posted on social media, my ex saw pictures of me and needless to say he was jealous. AND I got some numbers that night, too.)

I imagined this must be how Beyonce feels on a daily basis. It was empowering. And the new found confidence definitely went to my head a little bit.

– I Overcame Insecurities Of Being Judged

I’m an athletic, sporty girl from a very small town. I’m short and according to the BMI index am in the normal-to-overweight range. So, wearing a pair of sexy stockings like this out in public was surely out of my element, let alone the small-minded people around me.

Here I was thinking that I would be judged for my outfit. I was worried it would be ‘slutty’ or people would think a certain way about me for wearing these in public.

But, I felt SO good about myself, and happy about where I was in life that I did not care if people thought negatively of me. (And in fact, it was the exact opposite.)

– I Stopped Worrying About The Size Tag

It was nice because even though I was ordering online, the sizing guide was easy to follow. I’m typically a Medium, but the site did not have a Medium option. It was either Small or Large. I picked Large and they fit like a charm.

Normally ordering a Large would have me feeling insecure. But I knew I was taking care of myself and wow did I love this style on me. (Now I just want more styles!) There was no guessing about which size would be right for me or worry about returning them.

– I Impressed My Friends With My Fashion Sense

The group of girls I went out with are all gorgeous. I knew I had to wear something up to their fashion standards. Simply wearing a basic / ‘normal’ outfit was out of the question. But wearing something you’ve never worn out in public before can be intimidating.

As soon as I walked in, I got so many compliments on my outfit. Not only this, but my friends all asked me where I got my thigh highs. They thought it was such a bold and sexy power move.

Also, none of them could believe how well they stayed up. They each mentioned they have pairs that never stay up. They asked me where I got them and all of a sudden I realized I wasn’t as unfashionable as I originally thought.

(And after doing my research, I’m not the only one who thinks thigh highs are acceptable in public. High fashion is HUGE on wearing hosieries as a normal addition to an outfit. Same with many celebrities. It’s even common in the corporate world.)

– I Found A New Go-To Outfit

That outfit (and night) was definitely one for the books. Wearing hosieries as part of my out-in-public outfit is now one of my go-to looks. I still haven’t figured out how else I am going to wear them, but with the comfort (yes, COMFORT!) and ease of these hosieries, I knew that was going to be the first of many times I wear them. I will shamelessly be an outfit repeater. (Now I just need to figure out how to wash them!)

I’m not a model. But I do know how to pick outfits that are flattering on my body. And if I am able to pull off luxury thigh high leggings, I think *almost* anyone can.

Overall, I Had An Amazing Evening

I had an unforgettable night. Now, I’m obviously not saying this is all because of the hosieries. That would be ridiculous. But, I do think there is something to be said for feeling sexy in your own skin. Not for others, but for yourself.

Whether it’s at your job, your relationship, or whatever else, you need to find what makes you happy. Without the discomfort of worrying what others think of you. Even if that’s a simple as wearing a pair of thigh-highs out in public. And I will admit I was extremely satisfied with this particular brand (which I will review below).

viennemilano hosiery review

More On My Experience With This Particular Brand (A Review Of VienneMilano Hosieries)

If you are in the market for a pair of hosieries, I definitely vouch for the VienneMilano brand. This will not be my last pair. Here’s a little more about my experience with them.

1. The Packaging

When it comes to ordering items online, especially clothing, I make sure I find the best quality items (from a reputable place) at a reasonable price. (I’m always skeptical of buying online)

order hosieries onlineMy hosieries came in the mail in a cute little purple box. Right from Italy to my doorstep! I did not expect it to come in such pretty and classic packaging.

They even came with a handwritten note. I’m not sure if they do this for all their packaging, but I appreciated it. The inside also came with a cute little heart and quote.

2. The Product Quality

Part of what I liked about the VienneMilano brand is that they ‘stuck’ by their promise. When doing my research and reading reviews, these ones said they would stay up all night.

I was skeptical about this statement, but they held up their end of the bargain.

And in fact, they did. I danced, I walked up and down stairs, I sat on chairs and couches (and toilets). They did not fall off. But came off fine when it was time to change into pjs. I do wonder how many wears I will get out of them though. (With the adhesive that allows them to stay up)

The only thing I am worried about is when I initially put them on there was a little tear (nothing major) from hiking them up when I first put them on. It’s right at the top where the material and adhesive connect and can’t be seen without being pointed out. Also, as stated early, they fit great. Not bulging at the top where they stick or anything like that.

3. The Affordability

I’m not one to wear some gaudy, cheap, trashy product just to save a few bucks. I was nervous about the package coming all the way from Italy for such an affordable cost. It didn’t make sense to me. I thought there had to be a catch. But, with all the hype and legitimacy surrounding the brand (site, reviews, product options), I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

Everywhere I read stated the high quality of this product, but I wasn’t sure when I saw the price. I thought they may be low-quality just because of the price range. But I’m thankful to say I was wrong. (PS: This will be one of the only times I admit I am wrong)

Want your own? You can learn more about VienneMilano and their products here.

Also, thanks to VienneMilano for sending these to me to review.

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