Car Buying Apps For a Safe and Secure Purchase

Buying a new car can sometimes be stressful and unreliable. 

How do you find the car of your dreams for a reasonable price with a secure dealer? Whilst you’re scratching your head to try and find the answers, we’ve searched the Internet for the best car buying apps for your preferences. For each of these, we’ve provided reasons and information about their user experience.

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Tips For Safely Buying a Used Car Online

When buying a used car online, there are a few things to consider to ensure you aren't scammed. Unfortunately, there are plenty of frauds who will take your money without providing you with the car. This is why it’s important to use a reputable and reliable app you can trust, because if you’re spending thousands of dollars, you should be 100 percent comfortable it’s legitimate.

If you’re considering purchasing from a dealer rather than a private seller, ensure you do a background check of the company. Look at online reviews, ask car communities for advice about their service, and check out their website. If anything seems skeptical, don’t risk dealing with them. Many fraudulent sellers won’t have a phone number and will insist that communication is made online. Whilst often this is a legitimate case, if they avoid to giving you a phone number after you ask, keep your eyes open.

 car buying apps, cars for sale apps, used cars for sale apps, best car buying app, used car app, car shopping app, truecar app, car app

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When you’ve found a car you’re interested in purchasing, always see it before handing over any money. A test drive is an important part of the buying process. This ensures that you’re positive with the sale before it goes through. You should also have an idea of the average price for the car you’re interested in. If it seems like it’s too good to be true, let that sound alarm bells. If it seems under-priced, ask the seller questions about its history and be up front about the low price.

You’re responsible for completing checks before you hand over money. Ensure you receive all documents, keys and any other essentials, at the time of payment. If you leave a deposit to secure the car, make sure you have a receipt for proof of purchase too.

Safe and Reliable Car Buying Apps

Using an app is much easier than an Internet tab – especially when you’re relaxing at home using your phone. These apps reduce your scrolling time and help you to find a suitable vehicle for an excellent price. Each of these car buying apps are aimed at different users, depending on what your objectives are.

1. Auto Trader

If you’re hunting for a new, certified, or second-hand car, then Auto Trader is one of the best car buying apps available to Android and iOS users. It enables you to utilize all of the search options similarly to their website version, but at the ease of your phone.

Over 1,000,000 people downloaded the app to find their dream car at a reasonable price. If you spot a vehicle a dealer is selling, you can e-mail or call them directly via the information about their operating hours and destination. For private sellers, you to send them an e-mail directly from the Auto Trader app without opening a new tab.

This powerful, personalised app simplifies the process of locating the right dealer with the easy-to-use filters. The app enables car buyers to map local dealers via keyword searches depending on car information, no matter how specific. If you don’t have a particular model in mind, it’s one of the best car buying apps to help you find the right car for your needs.

2. TrueCar

Another of our favourite car buying apps is TrueCar. The app connects users to over 13,000 certified dealers across the United States with over one million in-stock vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, you’re bound to find the ideal model for you in a nearby location.

TrueCar heavily focuses on comparing prices of similar vehicles. They ensure you get the best accuracy for what you’re looking for. They understand that online shopping for cars can get messy and be tricky, which is why they’re so informative and direct with any information and specifics.

Once you download the app, you’ll see what others paid for every single car to ensure you’re paying the going rate and not any more. If you want an upfront price and savings certificate, simply unlock the dealer’s upfront price with a simple scan of the window sticker. TrueCar aims to reduce the stress and anxiety involved in the car-buying process to help both parties have a pleasant and smooth transaction.

3. CarMax

CarMax is America’s number one downloaded car buying app which helps you to browse used cars, trucks or SUVs from their choice of 50,000+ automobiles. Their focus is on used vehicles, so if you’re looking for a new car, you may wish to download another app mentioned in this blog.

Many past users love the smooth and quick buying process. You can easily search for the car you’re looking for and filter according to your specifications to minimize your results. The detailed descriptions enable you to see the history of the car and you can apply for additional information through the app.

Whilst searching for a vehicle, you search for the model of the vehicle and preview a picture of the car. This is handy to quickly scroll through without clicking on numerous links to slow down the process. Once you spot a vehicle you’re interested in inquiring about, you get a pre-qualification from the dealer which enables you to try the car before transferring any money.

4. Edmunds

Edmunds is another of our favourite car buying apps and is well-balanced between the buyer and seller’s needs. Suitable for Apple and Android users, it’s a trusted car research and buying advisor. So if you’re looking for a vehicle but unsure or open of what model you purchase, their excellent filters and assistance will help you make the right decision.

The main objective of this app is to reduce how long it takes to buy a vehicle. Their car calculators help you find the perfect price without dealing with any untrusty dealer. Once you find a suitable vehicle, you can make payment through the app to help you lock in the upfront price.

No matter where you are, it’s one of the most effective car buying apps for everyone. With Edmunds, you can shop for used and new cars for sale, including SUVs and trucks. Text a car dealer directly through the app to instantly get exclusive discount offers. Alternatively, you can calculate monthly payments before proceeding to ensure you have sufficient funds.

5. Instamotor

Instamotor is an excellent app if you’re thinking of selling your vehicle, as well as buying a new car. As a result, the selling and buying process is simple and quick. As you navigate through the app and come across a vehicle which intrigues you, they don’t charge any fees or take commission on any sales. Many cars listed on Instamotor sell within minutes, so we recommend checking daily to snatch your car quickly.

Buying a car through Instamotor is safe and easy. Before any car lists online, they’re screened for fraud to help buyers avoid scams. Experian AutoCheck powers the free vehicle history report, which gives you a sense of security.

It’s one of the rare car buying apps which enables buyers and sellers to negotiate on prices, and when you do make a purchase, there’s no service fee. Scroll through thousands of used cars and refine your search by car, type, model, make, mileage, year, price range and more.

6. Wyper

Wyper is Tinder's version of car shopping as it functions in a similar way to the dating app. Swipe left or right depending on your preference and opinions. Aaron Rosenthal, the app creator, announced that the beta test received more than 100,000 swipes.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the sellers and owner doesn’t take the car-buying experience seriously though, as they do. As you swipe, the powerful analytics use an algorithm to improve the searches which appear next. This is based upon the criteria you import into the app at the beginning of the search, including price range, model, body type, colour and more.

Whether it’s convertibles or a particular make you aren’t settled on, the app will collate this information and guide you on finding the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle. Wyper is one of the newest car buying apps to hit the market, but a modern form of online car shopping we’re a huge fan of.

7. Autolist

Autolist enables you to browse millions of cars and trucks for iOS and Android users. At the time of the research, Autolist was the highest-rated automotive search on the iOS app store. Their large selection of cars is easily accessible via the app. It automatically compares similar vehicles and notifies you if the price changes for the cars you’ve inquired about.

The app has a clear focus to ensure buyers find the car of their dreams for a reasonable price, so supercars and luxury cars come in limited numbers. As you find a vehicle which catches your eye, the app enables you to leave your contact information via a menu so buyers can get in touch with you.

This is also a great way to keep all communication uniformed in one place to ensure no information gets lost. Autolist constantly adds new vehicles, so if you check daily, you’ll see fresh listings within a close distance to your location.

8. Car Buying Guide

Car Buying Guide is an excellent add-on to your chosen car buying app. This features advice, information and tips to promise the best and safest deal for your car purchase. They even throw in vehicle price negotiation tips and information on how to get the best trade-in, if applicable.

For those who are purchasing on a monthly payment scheme, Car Buying Guide advises ways to get the best interest rate. In addition, this app provides survey information for 1.4 million car drivers to assist you on picking the right vehicle for your lifestyle too. They also provide useful websites and resources to prevent a fraudulent buy and help keep you safe online.

Have You Bought a Car Via an App?

We hope the above car buying apps help to make your purchase smoother and quicker. Buying a car shouldn’t be painful or stressful, but an exciting opportunity. With the increase of the mobile app market, it’s useful to have your information stored in one safe location. Many of these startups and experienced companies have helped millions of car buyers without taking a fee from them.

We’re interested to hear if you’ve used a car app to purchase a vehicle? If so, let us know your experience and which app you used in the comments.

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