Car Security Tips to Keep You & Your Ride Protected Wherever You Travel

If you're hitting the road for a long trip or just around the corner, safety is always a priority.

Fortunately, it's easier than ever to stay safe on the roads. High tech advancements protect from collisions while you're moving. And they keep your stuff safe inside when you park and walk away. But you should never take safety for granted. And a few car security tips allow you to take an active role and stay in the driver's seat. We've got the best expert recommendations we could find in our list below. Stay safe wherever you travel and start using these tips for some added peace of mind.

car security tips, car safety tips

Simple Car Security Tips to Remember On the Road and At Home

The unfortunate truth is that no neighborhood is immune to property crimes. And vehicles are often the easiest target. Whether an opportunistic crook just breaks in or a thief drives off with your wheels, you're in trouble. And it's true that no one is immune from such crimes. But that doesn't mean you can't stack the odds in your favor.

By following a few easy car security tips, you can make sure your car will be the last to be targeted. Start with the obvious measures and take a few extra steps to dissuade would-be criminals. Combining a few or all of these tips is sure to give any prowler a second thought before targeting your car. And you can even take steps now to protect against a worst case scenario and help you get a stolen car back.

1. Lock Up

car security tips, car safety tips

We'll start with one tip we hope you're already abiding by. But it deserves some special attention here at the top. Never walk away from your car without leaving it securely locked. You might think it's just a quick trip to a store or you've parked in a safe neighborhood. But many would be criminals are simply looking for an opportunity. An unlocked car can be an irresistible lure for bad actors.

So make sure that if someone comes by in hopes of an easy score, they'll walk past your car. Of course, there are other steps you can take to be more proactive. But you've got to start with the basics. And ensuring you hear your car lock up tight after you park should be among the first car security tips. After that, you can add in additional helpful habits to make things even safer for you and your car.

2. Park Smart

car security tips, car safety tips

Choosing where you park can potentially be as important as how you park. This is true both at your home and when you're out running errands. Plus, it can be especially vital as you travel to new areas. A few car security tips related to this concept include selecting places that would turn away crooks.

At your home, that could include a secured garage or a gated parking structure. No access to such a protected area? No problem. There are steps to make any parking spot more secure. First, look into the latest security cameras. They never miss a beat and are easier than ever to install. Plus, if it's clear you've got a camera, you might dissuade some would be thieves or burglars. No matter where you park, try to pick a place with plenty of lighting. 

3. Look Unappealing

car security tips, car safety tips

Whether your car is locked and parked in a well lit spot or not, some things just naturally invite thieves. Leaving cash or obvious valuables in sight can be too much for some criminals to resist. So make sure you take anything inviting with you or hide it away in a good spot. For those crimes of opportunity, the lack of an incentive might be enough to deter a break in. 

Of course, a determined thief will likely rummage around if he or she does get inside. So keeping a security camera hooked up can be an important measure in helping identify a criminal. But hopefully it won't get to that point. And leaving the clear indication that there's nothing good inside could be a great way to lower the odds.

4. Make It As Difficult As Possible

car security tips, car safety tips

The first few car security tips are pretty common. But there are more specific and less obvious steps you can take. Make use of surveillance cameras when you're out and about. For better or worse, they're everywhere. You might as well use them to your benefit when you're away from your car.

And then there is additional equipment that can make it harder for car thieves and burglars. You can affix immobilizing devices to your steering wheel. There are locks to disable tire and wheel theft. Plus, there's the good old fashioned alarm. Combining a piercing sound and a motion activated camera produces a well rounded car security system. 

5. Keep Track Of Your Keys

car security tips, car safety tips

Maybe it goes without saying, but keys are the easiest way for a criminal to drive off in your car. It's also one of the most common methods of car theft. So that means plenty of drivers aren't keeping proper care of their keys. Don't leave a spare lying around in a sport that might be easy to find. Don't simply trust people with a key in a situation that seems at all suspicious.

These are common sense car security tips. But since it happens so often, it's clear some drivers need to hear it again. Even if your car comes with additional safeguards in conjunction with your key, it's still an important piece. So don't give a possible thief any additional tools to use against you. Make sure you know -- and trust -- where you keys are at all times.

6. Prepare For The Worst

car security tips, car safety tips

Even if you do everything right, a cunning criminal could still get the best of you. That's why all good car security tips must include a contingency plan. For starters, you can place your vehicle identification number on multiple surfaces. An easy way to do this is by etching the glass. That way you can subtly, but unmistakably, put your VIN (or even your registration number) on multiple panes. A wide range of specialists can take care of this for a pretty small price. And you'll have the peace of mind to know that it'll be difficult for a thief to strip your car. You can get identifying numbers etched into your windows, headlights, mirrors or windshields.

You can also install a tracking device in your car. This way, even if someone does drive off in your vehicle, you'll be able to track it wherever it goes. Some security devices have such a system included. And you might be able to remotely disable your car after a theft. Technology has made some car security tips easier to pull off. But you've got to take the first step of using it to your advantage.

It doesn't take long to work some car security tips into your driving routine.

And you'll be immeasurably happy that you did when someone tries to burglarize or steal your car. We hope you'll agree these steps are simple enough to be effective in almost any situation.

If so, share this article with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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