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Cool GPS Hacks to Put Your Mind at Ease and Improve Your Safety

Have you ever really considered what you’d do if you ever get lost?

The chances are you haven’t, and if you were in that situation, wouldn’t you like to always be prepared? Now, that certainly doesn’t mean living in fear or panic. However, we want to share some useful products and cool GPS hacks to put your mind at ease. In this article, we’re exploring how GPS works and some tips and tricks to consider should you ever find yourself in times of need.

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How Does GPS Work?

Before we look into cool GPS hacks, let’s first talk about how GPS works and its benefits. If you look back in history, you’ll find that people used to learn to read stars as a way to get back home safely and know their exact location. But, thanks to technological advances, we don’t need to rely on guesswork to get us back home.

With so many GPS products available on the market, a product or app can prevent us from getting lost in the first place. If someone knows of your location, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again. This is great to share your whereabouts with loved ones. However, it’s also essential if you go missing or are in need or help or support.

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The United States’ military developed 24 satellites which orbit the Earth. But, they then made these satellites available to everyone to assess their location. Each of these satellites orbit the earth at least twice a day. If you look at the sky, you can sometimes see these circling.

So, how does a GPS work? These satellites then have a job to work out the distance from one satellite to another. With this information, they then interpret the exact location by using a mathematical formula. Thanks to multiple satellites, it’s impossible to accurately track down your location. However, if there were only one or two, it’d become tremendously difficult to know where you are and form directions. In order to provide the necessary information you need, a GPS signal should know the location of at least three satellites surrounding you. Also, it should know the difference between these satellites and you. There’s much more science and mathematical processes to it, but that’s essentially how GPS works.

Cool GPS Hacks You Can Try Today

Technology is amazing, and there are so many incredible things it has taught us about the world. Understanding your GPS is incredibly important for your safety, and even way of life. Here are some cool GPS hacks to bear in mind.

1. Tell the Time

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This is one of our favourite cool GPS hacks. Have you ever wondered how your Sat Nav knows the time? Or how it can automatically synchronize to time zones and time changes? Time is the very heart of all GPS gadgets. Distances from a satellite to your GPS signal are all measured in time according to the signal strength received.

Typically, if there’s an error in your location, this is often down to time. More importantly, a miscommunication of it. When you use a GPS satellite product to track your distance and location, it uses its own time measurement to do so. It’s extremely complicated and incredible information, but this is down to a set of atomic clocks.

As you track a GPS signal, its receiver can interpret the difference between its clock and the satellite clock. For example, this is how a GPS gadget can determine and monitor different time differences.

2. Send a Distress Signal from Your Phone Using Your GPS

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Cool GPS hacks should be there for you in times or need and for your safety. There’s a variety of apps you can download to your phone which send out a distressed signal. This is ideal if you’re in danger and require assistance without having to make a phone call. Here are four of the best apps worth downloading to inform loved ones you need help.

Silent Beacon

This is an excellent app which we recommend for its safety features. Simply connect any device you own with a Bluetooth setting. In the unlikely event of an emergency, Silent Beacon can call loves ones to notify them that you’re in need of help. Many people choose to use this app for its beneficial features. This includes professionals, organizations and workers on the go. Thanks to the two-way-communication, you can speak to the app without needing to touch your phone. As a result, this is ideal if you can’t reach your phone, or are in a situation which restricts you. This device simply connects to your device and charges on the go.

You don’t need to worry about this device getting damaged by weather, as it’s water-resistant. Therefore, you can put it at the back of your mind and get on with your day. When you first download the safety app, add and save any numbers in the event of an emergency. During an unlikely event, you can call for help without anyone around you knowing you’re doing so. When you use the alert mode, you’re able to send your GPS location in real-time. Therefore, loved ones will know where you are at any time of the day or night.

It’s a simple and effective app which could one day save your life. Therefore, we highly recommend regularly logging into your settings to ensure everyone’s details are up to date. Finally, we love the ‘Nudge’ feature. This is great if you feel like danger could approach, or you feel incredibly uncomfortable. Instead of triggering a sudden notification, this will send a vibration to your recipient.


If you find that you’re often walking home alone, or want to improve your safety for the future, BSafe is an excellent app to download. Firstly, by featuring a live GPS tracking system which regularly updates, you can invite loved ones to track your journey. It’ll also notify you if a loved one is tracking your location. As a result, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’re not completely alone. Also, by having your GPS logged into the phone, it can notify loved ones of your whereabouts in the event that you need assistance.

However, what’s most important is how this app responds in an event you’re put in danger. You can quickly and easy trigger an alarm from your phone to call for attention and scare off an attacker. Easy to do, this safety feature is ideal for parents who worry about their child’s whereabouts. Also, by calling for help and attention during a dangerous situation, it enables you to carry on living your life without worrying. By helping you to feel safe and always knowing that someone could easily track you down, this allows you to enjoy your night. Don’t live in fear, but know that cool GPS hacks are there to save and protect you whenever you need the additional assistance.

It’s also worth adding that this app can live stream what’s happening right in front of you. When the person activates as SOS message, people you love will see your location. They’ll also be able to hear and see everything in real-life via the streaming service.


Cool GPS hacks shouldn’t just be about having fun, but also how they GPS can significantly transform your life. If you often go out by yourself, this app is great to give others and yourself peace of mind. Via the GPS settings, it can track your location without a purchase. Unlike the above apps, this doesn’t require a device or even a download. Via texting service, you can check in with it by sending a text message. This is a great way to update the app if you’re meeting up with a stranger or are often out of the house.

With a personal approach, Kitestring makes it feel like you’re texting a loved one. At any point if it believes you’re in danger, the app will send a notification to people you’ve registered with the app. However, unlike other GPS apps, this will check up on you if you haven’t updated it.


Finally, this app also uses and tracks your GPS to help you feel secure and safe at any time you’re out. It’s so simple to use and install that anyone can use it. Simply connect the small device to your smartphone using the Bluetooth setting. Then, you can install five contacts to your alert contacts. These should be people you can trust who will always be there for you when you need them. Also, consider how responsive these people are via texts and phone calls. Lastly, you will then need to program your location into the app so that it can track your GPS at all times. You can switch your location setting off at any time, if necessary.

By keeping up to date with your GPS, Revoler works in three ways. Firstly, it sends a message to your chosen contact when you’ve reached your location. Also, you can send an image of your location if you wish, although you can adjust this in the settings if necessary. If you’re firstly uncomfortable or frightened in your location, choose the second alert. This will update your GPS location to monitor where you are. It’ll then activate a phone call to help get you out of awkward situations. This is ideal if you’re at a date with a stranger which you don’t have a good feeling about. Finally, the red alert option will trigger an emergency alert. This will send your GPS location to your chosen contacts for them to get help.

3. Important Factors for Walkers to Know

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If you’re often out traveling by yourself, it’s important that you’re properly prepared with your location and GPS tracker. Firstly, we recommend taking a compass with you as you walk in your chosen area. Use your GPS to confirm where you are, but not as a role navigation device to help you get around. Your map or/and compass should be what you use for this. In order to check that your GPS tracker/device is properly set up, check that it’s set to the correct coordinates before you leave for your travels.

If you are using a map, it’s important that you know how to understand the grid reference on your GPS tracker against a map. This article on map references helps you to gain a proper and thorough understanding of this topic. Also, when you need to use your GPS tracker, improve its quality by using in an area with clear sky. Avoid trees and point it upwards for the most accurate readings. Furthermore, you may wish to turn your tracker on and off every now and then to ensure that the GPS coordinates are valid and correct. You never know when you’ll need to know your location in an emergency.

The Best GPS Trackers for Your Safety

Do you enjoy traveling or venturing by yourself? If so, there are numerous GPS trackers available which can improve your safety and ensure others can find you if necessary. We’ve searched the Internet for the best, most reliable selections for optimum peace of mind. Here are the most trusting products we came across.

1. GPS Tracker

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We’re excited to present this GPS tracker to you because it has so many wonderful features to it. Did you know that even if you turn your location settings off on your phone, authorities can still track you down? However, this takes a tremendous amount of research and extensive amount of time. Instead, we recommend a GPS tracker should as this one to keep you safe when you’re in a foreign location. There are so many situations you can use this. Also, as it’s small, you can easily store it in your handbag or pocket so people can track you down in an emergency.

With real time location, this GPS tracker utilizes the latest technology so you can also track down misplaced items. Perhaps you’re prone to losing your laptop or phone. If so, this is an excellent go-to device which can help you locate your source without any stress. Built to last, this tracker is ideal for outdoors, and is weather resistant. As a result, you can regularly take it away from home without worrying about it getting ruined. Also, campers, hikers and runners like to take this device around with them so loved ones can locate them if necessary.

Finally, our favourite feature of this tracker is that you can activate an SOS emergency. When you press this button, it activates an alarm to call for help. As a result, many parents like children to carry this device with them when walking back from school alone. It’ll help to reduce stress and make you feel calmer knowing that your loved ones are always protected.

2. Key Finder Upgrade by Calerix

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Are you tired of losing your belongings? If so, this GPS tracker is specially designed to help you locate your phone or favourite device. Do you find that you’re running around the house last minute trying to find where you last saw your keys? Take some stress out of your hands and enable a device to put in the hard work for you. This key finder is hugely effective at saving time and helping you to find possessions in the car or at home. Compact and well-designed, this easily attaches to anything. For example, place it on your keys, phone, passport, purse or other items you tend to lose.

With excellent features and intelligent technology, this GPS tracker connects to your chosen device and phone. Simply press the Anti-Lost mode and this tracker beeps if the distance is more than 30m. As you get nearer to your device, it’ll alert to notify you. This small but handy device is ideal to give you peace of mind if you’re constantly rushing. Alternatively, perhaps you know someone who’s always running late because they couldn’t find their items? If so, why not gift them this GPS tracker to take some pressure off of their life?

Efficient and reliable, this GPS tracker is manufactured to last a long time, and it’ll never let you down. With an excellent performance, it has a stronger signal than ever before and has a longer battery life than previous models. On average, the battery will last for around 12 months.

3. GPS Tracker 3G

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There are so many cool GPS hacks, but the most important ones for us are those which focus on your safety. For such a reasonable price, this GPS tracker is suitable for travelers or people who are often visiting different places. As a result, it gives loved one peace of mind and a sense of security to know that you could always be located in an emergency. Small and compact, this GPS tracker is easy and convenient to take around with you. It’s also ideal if you’re prone to getting lost and need to locate where you are. As it comes in a compact design, you can comfortably store this in your pocket or bag whilst you’re on the go. Also, it comes with an optional magnet cover to ensure that you never misplace it and have it to hand.

Easy to set up and with numerous features, this GPS tracker is activated in just one click. You can easily locate where you are which is ideal if you have your phone with you and the battery runs out. Think about what you’d do if you were alone in a foreign place and you had no sense of where you were. You’d instantly panic and fear would kick it. But, if you knew about cool GPS hacks and had this device, you’d feel so much more relaxed knowing you’re safe.

Finally, it doesn’t take a long time for this tracker to load your location and time. Whenever you need to track your location, this device shoes your whereabouts and time instantly.

4. GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0

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This GPS tracker is exceptionally intelligent and more advanced than the above options. A great choice for tech heads, it’s ideal for travelers or to use for children. Easily connect it to your phone so you can link it to the app. Easy to do, this will be set up in no time.

From the app, you can adjust the settings and customize the tracker to suit you. This includes setting up alerts and even receiving location notifications and reports. Most importantly, the best feature of this GPS tracker is that anyone who owns it will feel more relaxed and comfortable about their upcoming journey. This tracker can send you a notification for an array of circumstances. This includes: low battery, the SOS button being pressed, sudden movements and more.

Also, this tracker requires little supervision and maintenance. One full charge is enough for it to last up to two weeks. This is excellent as you then don’t need to constantly charge it up ready for your next adventure. Also, with such an excellent battery consumption, this means you don’t have to worry about its life as you go about your routine.

5. Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker with Live Audio Monitoring

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Finally, this is another amazing GPS tracker to help reduce your anxiety and improve your safety. For such a reasonable price, this particular device has numerous features to it. As an example, you can activate audio monitoring so that people you love can listen in. This provides a live audio no matter where you are and offers a one-way audio so that loved ones speaker can’t be heard.

Therefore, this helps to improve your safety. You can easily adjust the settings to enable listening into the tracker as and when you want it. However, this device is completely silent so that no-one will even know someone is listening. With a monthly service, you can add more options and features to this audio setting.

Also, this GPS tracker lasts for around three weeks without charging. It also comes with an attached magnetic case to prevent any scratching and keep the tracker in tip-top condition. As a result, it’s durable and designed to last longer than competitor devices. Finally, we also appreciate that you can customize the features on this GPS tracker as and when you want. Adjust the settings so it alerts you of movement within a certain time. Or perhaps you’d like to change how it sends you a notification. Choose options to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Do You Know Any Cool GPS Hacks?

We hope you enjoyed reading these cool GPS hacks, and recommend GPS trackers. With technology constantly evolving, the world is becoming a safer place. There are also many devices which look out for you and help to put your mind at rest during uncomfortable situations.

We’d love to hear if you know any cool GPS hacks. If so, share your thoughts, or even recommended products, in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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