Corsair Lux to Release Line of Top-Notch Keyboards

Do you ever stop to consider the keyboard you’re writing on? Or has the QWERTY long become an extension of your fingers? Corsair Lux, the legendary mechanical gaming keyboard manufacturer, has released its newest line of Lux Keyboards. For a different feel, try your hands at this multi-colored modern typewriter.

Corsair Lux – The Mechanical Switch Keyboard To Switch To

Corsair Lux

Corsair Lux has been rewriting the history of mechanical switch keyboards ever since the classic IMB Model M introduced the trend on the market. Times were different back then, when those physical switches set underneath the keys ‘clicked’ under your fingers.

When the world switched to membrane keyboards, it gave up the audible, tactile feeling of writing on a keyboard. It was too similar to the old, ‘thunk’ noisy typewriters.

Instead, manufacturers focused their efforts on creating the stealthiest, smoothest, inexpensive, and silent keyboard. Corsair went against the current.

Its latest line of luxury mechanical switches managed to combine two concepts previously considered apart – the typing capability of the mechanical-switch keyboard and the ‘80s disco feel of RGB backlighting.

The union of the two made the Corsair Lux K70 RGB tower above other similar manufacturers.

Moreover, alongside a spare USB port in the front of the keyboard, the Corsair Lux keyboard mixes a lot of other high-end features together. Let’s type some of them out.

The Luxury Touches of Mechanical Switches

Made of anodised brushed aluminium, the Corsair Lux K70 RGB is the direct successor of the K70, with the manufacturer promoting a special large font for the high-end series to allow for the dynamic lighting show.

Corsair Lux Mechanical Switches are RGB Fun

In the past, mechanical switch keyboards did not venture into multi-embedded LED territory. One color per keyboards seemed enough. Corsair Lux proposed to Cherry – the company creating most modern-day mechanical switches – a new design. A trio of lights mounted on the circuit board below to allow for dynamic multi-color schemes.

That RGB trio can then be used to create any of 16.7 million colors for each individual key, allowing for multi-colored animations, backlighting schemes for different games and much more.

The Lux K70 RGB and the Lux K65 RGB use Cherry MX RGB Red, Brown or Blue switches.

Corsair Lux Mechanical Switches are loud and tactile

The Cherry MX Blue switches have another trick as well to woo the users. This design is meant to give you the full audible tactile ‘Click’ at contact point. Each keystroke feels more solid and stout.

You can almost visualize your finger muscles flexing and growing in strength. The tactile feedback might throw you a little off balance at first, but you’ll adapt sooner than later.

And, in case all that finger thumping gets too tiring, there’s also the wrist rest option. The device is attached to the bottom of the keyboard.

Corsair Lux Mechanical Switches are durable

The K70 lux keyboard is meant to last longer than the standard PC pack-in membrane switch. It’s spill-resistant and, well, not plastic.

Corsair Lux Mechanical Switches are not perfect

That single USB port we’ve mentioned earlier is definitely not a feature for users who expect their keyboards to charge their phone and read a memory stick at the same time. Plus, the lack of programmable macro keys might also pose a problem.

The Corsair Lux line of mechanical switches may strike a nice balance between design and features, and the price is there to reflect the effort. The K70 Lux RGB sells at $169.99, while the K65 Lux RGB at $129.99.

If you’re willing to shell out a few hundred dollars to be at the top of your gaming abilities, then the Corsair Lux might be the keyboard for you.

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