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Most Expensive Foosball Table Ever

Most expensive products no matter the category leave the public breathless and speechless. The same thing is with the ordinary thing like a foosball table. But I can assure you this table, the most expensive foosball table, is everything but ordinary. The design, the materials and the work invested in it shows that this is one of the most luxurious products made for everyday use.

The story behind the most expensive foosball table

The table called the “11 – the beautiful game” wasn’t actually made for production; it was made for the Milan Design Week in April 2008. People on the event were so impressed with the foosball table that the designers decided to produce it, but only by order. And now, almost a decade later, they still hold “The most expensive foosball table” title in their pocket.

When you look at this amazing foosball table, you won’t see a basic foosball table design. Two teams made this table, GRO design and Tim modelmakers, gathered their forces and did a foosball table as a tribute to the European football (soccer). They have found an inspiration in modern stadiums across Europe for the design of a foosball table cabinet. The name is also connected to the European football. The number 11 is actually the number of football players in one team.

Making the most expensive foosball table

Like I have already mentioned, the table can be ordered and you have to wait for the table to be custom built for you. Every part you can see on the table is made by hand and that is a process which lasts more than 12 weeks. The people involved in the making of this table are all at the top of their professions and all together they work to make this masterpiece.

The cabinet which resembles European stadium is first on the TO DO list and after it, rods and players. Players are handcrafter and connected to the rods. When the process is over rods with players are covered with chrome finish for that elegant look which will leave you breathless. But, that is not all. Chrome-finish players are then going to another craftsman who is in charge of giving each player special number. Numbers are red and embedded on the back of each player. The design of the players is rather unique. They don’t have legs, body, hands or heads, they are extremely simple and the only decoration on them is their number. With the sleek black design from the outside and pure white design from the inside, it is a table worth remembering.

The price of the most expensive foosball table

You can assume that the most expensive foosball table isn’t for ordinary people. The price of this Black and White model is approximately 85.000€ which is roughly translated to USD, about $101.500. Luxury comes with a price and for this luxurious piece of furniture which is also an amazing foosball table you will pay a little more than $101.000.



Mark is a former professional foosball player who loves to share his knowledge about foosball and everything you need to know about foosball. He has a blog called the Foosball Zone where you can read his posts about foosball.

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