Fitbit: The Ultimate Health and Fitness Watch and its Two Variations

Fitbit is a health and fitness watch designed to help track of your fitness achievements and keep you moving. 

There are plenty of luxury fitness trackers to get you working up a sweat and burning calories without committing yourself to an obsessive way of life. Some people need that motivational push to get them moving, whilst others want to see the data of their fitness journey. Let’s take a look at the different products of Fitbit and how each differs from the other.

Is It Worth Investing in a Fitness Tracker?

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Many of us live sedentary lives and we spend most of our time behind a desk, or lying on the sofa relaxing. Fitbit devices exist to encourage a healthier lifestyle by monitoring your sleep schedule, counting calories, and setting goals for the number of steps you walk a day. So, which Fitbit is right for you?

Fitbit Altar HR

Altar HR auto-detects workouts like biking, running and weight-training and logs them to your dashboard.  By constantly measuring your heart rate all day and during workouts, it provides an accurate measure of the calories burned.

Push yourself during workouts by aiming for different heart rate zones. If you’re unsure of how many beats per minute you need to be in the fat burn zone, the screen will automatically tell you.

Wake up feeling refreshed as the tracker automatically records your sleeping patterns. Awake peacefully with a silent alarm which vibrates to gently welcome you to the day.

Fitbit Charge 2

Charge 2 has more features than the Altar HR. For the workaholics and texters, you’ll love the call, text and calendar alerts. This helps to keep your phone out of sight and lets you focus on the goals ahead of you.

Track specific exercises with ultimate accuracy to see your workout stats on the display. Switch from routines such as running, weights or yoga to record your moving activity effortlessly.

Avid runners can make the most of the GPS to see real-time running stats such as pace and distance, as well as see a map of your route afterwards.

Is Fitbit The Future of Health and Fitness?

When Fitbit first landed on the scene, many were convinced it would negatively change our way of approaching fitness, and turn it into an addiction. Rather, the reminders to get up and move every hour are beneficial to our health and encourage us to take a break.

Sometimes a stressful day can get in the way of a workout, but it’s comforting to know you have a fitness tracker that will motivate and encourage you when you need that extra push.

Are you a fan of Fitbit? Tell us about your best features and how it’s changed your life, in the comments below.

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