HISON Jet Surfboard Review: A Board of Many Features

Are you a passionate surfer? Or perhaps you love water sports but haven’t enough experience to take to surfing by yourself. 

Whatever your reason to delve into the waters, we’ve got a product which will make your surfing experience easier and more fun. Let’s take a look at the HISON Jet Surfboard, including what makes it so unique.

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Things To Consider Before Buying 

Before delving into the HISON Jet Surfboard, there are a few things to consider. Later, we’ll outline that you needn’t be an experienced surfer to purchase one of these. However, if you are new to surfing, its power and performance might be intimidating at first.

It’s packaged with instructions, but there’s no-one to ensure that you’re using it safely like with ordinary surfing. Consequently, we recommend practicing with supervisors and, if possible, professionals on hand. At least aim to begin in shallow water when it’s not busy with swimmers and other surfers.

The control stick keeps you in charge of the Surfboard, though with its crazy speed, you might have a shock at first with exactly how fast it can do. We recommend taking the learning process slow to begin with. As it’s slightly smaller than your average surfboard, it might be worth standing on it at home to become comfortable with the size. It’s best to feel comfortable before entering water with it.

A Review of The HISON Jet Surfboard

If you’re excited by the idea of this Surfboard, we’ve collated its best features and specifications into brief points. It’s worth considering that this Surfboard is designed for adrenaline junkies and not for people who like to play 100 percent safe.

It’s a Workout Made Fun

Unlike boring exercise routines in the gym, the HISON Jet Surfboard makes working out fun. Unlike driving a car, you have to use your core muscles for balance to support yourself on water. To adjust the speed and angle, you must engage your leg and buttock muscles to support yourself and hold your body upright. The motion required helps to keep you toned, whilst not being a gruelling task.

The following day, you’ll notice that your arms and core are a little stiff from using your muscles. As the HISON Jet Surfboard keeps you stable on water for longer than a regular surfboard, you spend longer moving and working your muscles. Consequently, it’s an effective exercise when performed regularly. As you become more familiar with the motion, you’ll take more risks with bigger waves. Consequently, this will increase your calorie burn, all the while enjoying a therapeutic experience with stunning views.

Extra Waterproof Storage 

HISON Jet Surfboard

Credit: Amazon

The HISON Jet Surfboard comes equipped with a front and box tool box, and extra waterproof storage. If you plan on spending a few hours at the beach alone, you might be wondering where you can store a few essentials. Safely stow your keys or phone in the handy compartment. This is a nice touch which ordinary surfboards don’t offer.

It Keeps Noise To a Minimum

You might be concerned over the noise as it’s so powerful. However, the noise levels are kept to a minimum, making it a pleasant experience for you and people chilling on the beach. There is more noise than a regular surfboard, of course, but it’s not as noisy as a speedboat. As such, this still gives you a similar experience to real surfing (as intended).

You’re in Control

HISON Jet Surfboard

Credit: Amazon

If you’re never used a surfboard before, you might be shy of the idea that you’re not in control. However, thanks to the control stick, you can hold onto it for extra balance, and guide it in different directions. This gives you a sense of safety in the water, as well as helping you to glide on the water easier than a regular surfboard. Depending on which model of the HISON Jet Surfboard you opt for, it easily manages shallow waves whilst still allowing you to manoeuvre how you want.

It’s Suitable For The Average Person

We’re pleased to confirm that the HISON Jet Surfboard can comfortably hold one person weighing up to 120kg. The heavier the person, the slower it’ll travel. Whereas, a lighter person will pick up speed quicker and stay at a more consistent pace.

The Surfboard itself weighs 120kg, and at 2.47m in length x 0.7m in width, it’s a lot stronger and more durable than it might look. At a first glance, it looks like a regular surfboard, so you needn’t feel worried that you’ll stand out from the crowd too much. The optional wacky designs help to personalise the Surfboard to your tastes.

It Helps You To Tackle Waves

HISON Jet Surfboard

Credit: Amazon

The most important feature of the HISON Jet Surfboard, is that it enables you to tackle small and big waves. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced surfer, as you needn’t have much water experience to get the real benefit of this product. With four cylinders and a four-stroke engine type, it’s powerful and exudes incredibly performance.

Entering The Water Is Easy

There might be a fear that entering the water with the HISON Jet Surfboard will be difficult, but that isn’t the case. The electric start system ensures you safely reach the water without picking up too much speed immediately. As such, you have faith that the transition will be comfortable and non-intimidating. There’s no vessel to launch to kick-start the Surfboard which means that it’s a quiet start with no exhaust flying in your face.

What Surfers Say About the HISON Jet Surfboard

We’ve scoured the Internet for honest and non-biased reviews on the HISON Jet Surfboard. The most popular comments are that riders can synchronize their machines to how they want to perform. This enables surfers to tailor the ride to their standards and experience. Many customers buy these in pairs with their partner so they can train in harmony. This is a great way to stay safe in the waters with other people without anyone flying ahead.


  • plus
    Synchronization between boards
  • plus
    Allows you to feel like a risk taker with less actual risk
  • plus
    Adjustable speed depending on wave size


  • close
    May take a bit of practice to get accustomed to

Another popular comment is that the Surfboard enables you to feel like you’re taking risks, without engaging with large waves. For example, you can adjust the speed even if huge waves aren’t present to make it feel like you’re riding waves when you aren’t.  As a result, it’s a safer experience in shallow waters. While the product definitely requires some practice, after a few tries, you'll feel comfortable cruising the waves.

Alternative Products To The HISON Jet Surfboard

If you’re looking for a product with a different performance specification, we’ve found three alternatives for you to choose from. Each of these are an excellent choice for beginners to advanced water athletes and offer an exciting water challenge.

1. Motorized Surfboard Jet-Ski

hison jet surfboard, jet surfboard, motorized surfboard

Credit: Amazon

This surfboard comes in its factory box and is easy to assemble. This differs from the HISON Jet Surfboard because it features a higher curve at the front to handle bigger waves. This is also well suited for experienced surfers, or those who like a challenge without using a regular surfboard. As a new product, it’s a lot more powerful than the HISON Jet Surfboard, so certainly isn’t for newcomers.

2. Sell-Best 2017 New Electric Surfboard

hison jet surfboard, jet surfboard, motorized surfboard

Credit: Amazon

At a much lower price, this electric surfboard offers a bargain experience for beginner surfers. Designed to not perform as fast as the HISON Jet Surfboard, it creates a more relaxing ride at less speed. It’s also well suited for someone with a maximum weight of 35KG, which is ideal for children.

3. Aqua Marina Power Electric SUP Motor 

hison jet surfboard, jet surfboard, motorized surfboard

Credit: Amazon

This Aqua Marina Power Electric surfboard picks up your paddling pace to help you battle the wind or currents. With variable speeds which you can remotely control at the touch of a button, it’s a fun experience for any who loves spending time in water. It lasts for two-four hours without charging, at any incredibly cruising time. At 12V, it offers the perfect pace for a cruise in the ocean/sea.

What Do You Think of The HISON Jet Surfboard?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the features of this Surfboard and what makes it so special. It offers a once-in-a-lifestyle experience for anyone who loves to spend time in the water.

What are your opinions on this latest gadget? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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