9 Luxurious A Line Dresses Perfect for Both Day & Night

Each and every one of us likes to look their best no matter the occasion. From a casual day at the office, to an elegant party at a fancy restaurant, looking good can make you feel good as well. But what happens when those two events follow each other without you having time to go home and change into something more appropriate?

The answer is you wear something that works both during the day and during the night. For instance, A line dresses are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could have in your wardrobe. They flatter your silhouette and can make you the best dressed person in the room no matter the occasion. Today, we’re going to talk about 9 luxurious A line dresses that you can purchase and wear regardless of the event you’re attending.

9 Amazing A Line Dresses to Shop for Right Now

1. H&M Sleeveless Dress

Prints are very much in right now, and it’s no surprise that H&M would be among the first stores to pick up on that. This dress will definitely make you stand out, both due to its print and to its lovely colors. The yellow is what makes this dress appropriate for an evening event, while the white and dark blue tone down its enthusiasm just enough for it to be considered office wear as well. We especially love the way the skirt folds from the waist down. If you’re interested in buying this dress, you can find it on the H&M website for $25.

woman in a midi dress smiling happily

2. Navy Blue and Silver Short A Line Holiday Dress

This is a slightly more daring option in terms of A line dresses, mostly due to its silver print on a navy blue background. Still, it’s not too daring to avoid wearing it during the day, be it at the office or going shopping and running errands. Depending on what kind of shoes you decide to pair it with, this dress can go from day dress to night dress in no time. In fact, the sparkly insertions guarantee that you’ll be the center of attention whether you’re shopping with your friends or sipping a glass of champagne and celebrating someone’s birthday. You can order this dress for only $59 on Simply Dresses.

3. Lace V-Neck Short Dress

When it comes to white dresses, you can seldom go wrong. Especially in the summer, strolling outside in a white dress is not only going to highlight your tanned skin, but also make you feel extremely comfortable and refreshed. White A line dresses can easily turn into night dresses if paired with the right accessories and shoes. Plus, the fact that this dress is made of lace brings it that extra touch of elegance that you need whenever you’re attending a fabulous party. If you look at the dress’ back, you’ll notice an extremely interesting and daring cutout that will complement your silhouette even further. Purchase this dress from Simply Dresses for $49.

4. A-Line V-Neck Short Double Strap Dress

Of course, we also had to include the classic little black dress in today’s top luxurious A line dresses that you can wear both during the day and during the night. Every woman should have at least one little black dress in her wardrobe, and this could be the perfect one for you. Not only is it quite cheap ($59), but it’s also extremely versatile. It’s not that elegant that you won’t be able to wear it during the day, but not that casual that you’ll feel like you don’t belong at a fancy event either. A really nice detail that we particularly enjoy is the fact that it has double straps, which gives it a little bit of a modern spin. Plus, the shape of the skirt causes it to move whenever you do, which is a great added benefit if you decide to go dancing in it.

5. Light Pink Frilled Dress

We couldn’t have found a more delicious looking dress than this one from Glamorous. The frills around your waist that go down the entire length of the skirt, coupled with the frills on the sleeves that start right under your neck give this dress a lot of movement. The material is perfect for summer, but equally as great for spring or even autumn, depending on what you’re going to pair it with. The color – which is clearly the highlight of this dress – provides an amazing transition from a day dress to a night one.

woman wearing a light pink frilly dress

Another attractive quality that makes this dress one of the most eye-catching A line dresses in this top is the fact that it has a bare back that shows quite a bit of skin. If you find it too daring for the office, you can always wear a blazer on top of it and then take it off when you go partying. If you just can’t wait to get your hands on this dress, you can order it on Top Shop.

6. Navy Contrast Trim Velvet Skater Dress

Another must-have in a woman’s wardrobe is the velvet dress. Velvet provides you with an elegance that is hard to find in any other type of dress. No matter the color of velvet you choose, you can be sure that your dress is going to make an impression on people and also make you feel extremely confident and elegant. In terms of A line dresses which are made of velvet, we thought we would suggest this one from SheIn. It is navy and it has three subtle burgundy strips at the neck and at the end of each of the sleeves. The burgundy complements the navy color perfectly and makes the dress pop in all the right places. The shape and color of the dress make it perfect for day wear, while the material screams night wear, thus making it a suitable piece of clothing for both occasions. You can buy this dress 37% off if you order it as soon as possible.

7. Green Ruffle Trim Bell Sleeve Velvet Midi Dress

Speaking of velvet, we couldn’t help but also include a midi A line dress in today’s top. The thing that most draws us to this dress is the enchanting dark green color. Even though this is mostly an evening dress, if you pair it with some chunky boots and a black leather jacket, it can become the ultimate day dress as well. The green velvet is truly exceptional, catching the light as you move, which makes the dress seem lighter in some areas and darker in others. Plus, the details on the chest and those on the sleeves provide this dress with a vintage look that reminds us of days past. In terms of A line dresses, this is truly a figure-flattering one, gorgeously embracing the waist as it flows under the knees, not revealing too much, but just enough. You can order this amazing dress on SheIn.

woman wearing a dark green velvet dress

8. Black Sheer Sleeve Embroidered Mesh Dress

Don’t you just love it when classic black dresses come with colorful embroidery that make them stand out? If the answer is yes, then this might be one of your favorite A line dresses discussed so far. What we love most about this dress are its long sheer sleeves that are embroidered on the bottom half. The embroidery matches the one on the skirt, with mostly muted pastel colors which are perfect for fall. In fact, the entire dress is perfect for fall, since its fabric is warm enough to protect you from cold breezes, yet not as thick as to make you feel uncomfortably hot. The combination of black and muted fall colors is what makes the dress perfect for both day and night wear. It reaches that perfect balance between casual and elegant, and it does so effortlessly. If you want to order it now, you can do that on SheIn.

9. Glitter Tie Back Cold Shoulder Dress

What else says glamour better than glitter? Our final option which completes the list of A line dresses that you can wear all day and all night is a glittery one, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you think that a glittery dress is not adequate for day wear, then allow us to put you at ease. The type of glitter this dress uses, paired with its length and shape, guarantee that you can wear this dress during the day as well as the night.

young woman wearing a short glittery dress

The dress is called cold shoulder because it has two cuts where the shoulders should be, revealing the skin and creating a modern look that is simply irresistible. It ties in the back with a black bow, which provides an extra touch of elegance and balances the eye-catching fabric of the dress. It can be paired with some boots during the day and some black pumps in the evening, and it will definitely become one of your favorite dresses in no time. Don’t hesitate to order it on Top Shop.

Summing It All Up

We hope today’s 9 luxurious A line dresses for day and night wear have managed to capture your attention and determine you to enrich your wardrobe with a versatile piece of clothing that you can confidently wear whenever you want.

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