MEGACRA Cedar Cigar Humidor Review: A Perfect Gift For the Long Haul

The MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor lets you securely keep your cigars in good condition for a long time.

Often, cigars are difficult to maintain without the right humidor. You could keep it in your regular cigar box. But, if it’s been some time since you cleaned it or took adequate care, then it might be worn out. If you are new to the concept of owning a cigar humidor, then it’s time to buy one for yourself for safekeeping. Or, you can also gift a priceless humidor to your friends. Either way, the MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor is highly rated and one of the best ones to try.

However, if you are unsure if it's made to last, or if it is worth keeping your expensive cigars in, then we give you the lowdown. Read on to know why you should have a MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, how it differs from other products, as well as its features and benefits. We'll also show you other cigar humidors you might want to consider before buying.

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

A Little About the MEGACRA Cedar Cigar Humidor

The MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor has the customer preference in mind. It’s not often you get a premium luxury cigar humidor that’s compact and easy to carry along. With this in mind, we explore the background of MEGACRA and what makes its products worth a try.

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

Background About MEGACRA

MEGACRA is a 16-year-old company that specializes in the development and production of products. Last year the parent company, Youpoo was named Alibaba National Top 100 Foreign Trade Enterprise. Another feather in its cap is the four stars credited for its merchant level transaction. And, if that wasn't enough, they have been a gold supplier for five consecutive years.

MEGACRA deals in many products. These include cigar humidors, sound bars, audio speakers, a watch box, and a waterproof bag. They continue to make a name for themselves with innovative products that are accessible on global platforms like Amazon and Alibaba.

MEGACRA is known for its excellent quality and reasonable price. It all begins from choosing the raw materials to the end delivery. Consistent quality has been the hallmark and it has delivered on high standard with more than 120 detailed inspections. Continuing to keep up with customer expectation is something it strives to do in all its products.

Why should you consider the MEGACRA Cedar Cigar Humidor?

Keeping track of customer requirements is one such way in which Megacra keeps up with the trends. It focuses on the current and modern elements to work on building products that have a demand in the market. Thereby, if you are searching for new items, check with MEGACRA before you try other brands.

Who does the MEGACRA Cedar Cigar Humidor work best for?

MEGACRA products are made with some of the best raw materials and are designed with the most excellent quality. As such, they are highly functional. And, it's for this reason that it has a high rating for its products. If you are in the market for high-end products that deliver on their promise, then check out Megacra products. You won't be disappointed if you need a solution for storing your cigars.

Features & Benefits of the MEGACRA Cedar Cigar Humidor 

The MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor's premium case, excellent size, and beautiful wood interiors complement the luxurious look. Thus, you'll enjoy moments of pride when you carry it along and flaunt it. Additionally, it makes the perfect gift for the cigar lover in your life. The MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review gives you details on how this product offers the perfect look, feel. and classic storage unit for your expensive cigars.

1. Premium Case

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

The MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor is made of premium quality PU leather. As a result, you'll love carrying it along with style and luxury everywhere you travel. The premium case assures you of a long-lasting use of the MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor. That also means you spend less time worrying about the quality, and more time thinking about the excellent condition your cigar will be in.

2. Hygrometer and Humidifier

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

The magnetic hygrometer and magnetic rectangle humidifier help manage the humidity inside the humidor. All you need to do is use distilled water or a humidifying solution in your humidifier. The ideal process involves partially filling the bowl with water, then place the humidifier upside-down, halfway through the bowl. After that, leave the water for three minutes and once dry, wipe off the excess water. It ensures the cigar is maintained in good condition in the humidor.

3. High-Quality Metal Hinge

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

The high-end quality metal hinges ensure a quiet movement when opening and closing the humidor.  Also, the stable and stainless steel hinge allows you to open it up to 90 degrees.

4. Lightweight

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

It’s lightweight at 2.35 pounds and can hold 10-20 cigars. That means you can neatly keep it in your bag, carry it while traveling, and also systematically adjust it in a small place. 

What ​Users Have to Say About ​the MEGACRA Cedar Cigar Humidor

Many people are looking for the perfect cigar humidor to keep their cigars in good condition without reducing the flavor. The MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor features some different pros that rank it a cut above the rest. Some of them are below.


  • plus
    Small and convenient to use
  • plus
    Leather surface
  • plus
    Cedar wood lined for long life


  • close
    It does not have a removable cedar divider
  • No tray design to go along with the humidor

The high ratings on this product prove the customer satisfaction and affinity to keep coming back for more. While there is not a divider or tray included, the classy look and portability make the MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor functional and practical.

Alternatives to the MEGACRA Cedar Cigar Humidor to Consider

If you would like to check some other cigar humidors with different styles or size, then we have three options you could choose from.

1. Volenx Travel Cigar Case

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

The Volenx Travel Cigar Case holds up to 4 cigars at 6.8 inches and 56 ring gauge. Unlike the Megacra cedar cigar humidor that does not have a tray, the Volenx Travel Cigar case has a removable tray. The case is made of great leather with 100% cedar wood lining. The mocha brown color is attractive and offers a beautiful image. As such, it is easy to preserve your cigars.

You also get a stainless steel cigar cutter that fits the cigar size. Because it is small in format, it is easy to carry along on trips, vacations, at the golf course, or for leisure time. If you are looking for a perfect gift case to present someone, then the Volenx Travel Cigar Case doesn't disappoint. At 1.4 pounds, it is lightweight and comparatively lighter than the MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor.

2. Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

This beautiful and elegant cigar humidor is a treat to the eyes and also for your cigars. It can hold between 100 and 150 cigars. And, it comes with one glass hygrometer with a brass frame, and SureSeal technology that allows for a proper lid seal on closure. The hidden quadrant hinges make for a strong movement. 

The premium king dried Spanish cedar lining lets you use the lift out tray and two dividers at the bottom. To add to the beauty of the cigar humidor, the high gloss maple wood finish has tobacco leaf inlay. When you purchase one, you also get the engraveable brass nameplate. Do note, that considering it carries 100-150 cigars, it is comparatively heavy at 6 pounds.

3. Beautiful Dublin Desktop Glasstop Cigar Humidor

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

This beautiful Dublin desktop glass top cigar humidor holds up to 100 cigars. The glass top makes it look stylish and classy.  With the lock and key, you get the polished hardware and also a traditional foam humidifier. Even the extensive dimensions of 13x9x6 lend a neat finish and spacious room for the cigars.

Besides, it also comes with one removable tray with holes in it and premium Spanish cedar. The pleasant cedar smell is inviting. And, you'll also get a humidity gauge. At 8 pounds, it is relatively heavy.

The MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor features a polished, beautiful design that defines elegance.

We hope you enjoyed the review of the MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor. While there are many in the market, we hope it meets your requirements and is a perfect fit for your expensive cigars.

Do you own a MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor? If so, share your experience with us in the comments! If you are yet to own cigar humidors, then don’t wait further and get one today.

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