Solarin: The 10K Military Grade Smartphone, Most Secure in the World?

In this day and age, how much would you be willing to spend on what has been called the most secure smartphone in the world? Probably a lot, since security is one of the most important features we’re looking for in a smartphone. Startup Sirin Labs wants to help you keep your things safe with the new Solarin military grade smartphone. But this smartphone is not only extremely secure, it is also luxurious. Let’s find out more about how it looks and what it has to offer, shall we?

Military Grade Smartphone Security

The feature that makes the new Solarin smartphone cost £9,500 is the military grade security. This promises to keep out all cyber attacks by using some of the most advanced technology currently available in terms of privacy and security. We are talking about the chip-to-chip 256-bit AES encryption, which normally, only the military uses. The makers of the Solarin have enclosed the military grade encryption in a “Security Switch” feature. You can activate this feature whenever you want to make a secure phone call or send an encrypted text message.

Who Will Use the New Military Grade Smartphone?

The Solarin is primarily targeted to wealthy businesspersons who want the data stored on their phones to be completely secured and protected from outside attacks. However, if you are a businessperson, you also want your phone to look good and to function nicely. And this is where Solarin’s design and features come into play.

Luxurious Design

The Solarin military grade smartphone looks like a really elegant and luxurious smartphone. Therefore, it comes in a metal matrix composite chassis, made up of titanium panels. Moreover, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protects both the display and the camera lens. If you want to buy the Solarin, you can choose from four luxurious finishes: Fire Black Carbon Leather with Titanium, Fire Black Carbon Leather with Diamond-like Carbon, Fire Black Carbon Leather with Yellow Gold,  and Crystal White Carbon Leather with Diamond-like Carbon.

Other Features

But what else should you know about the Solarin military grade smartphone? Well, military grade protection and luxurious design aside, the smartphone is quite common in the high-end range of smartphones. It runs on Android, it has a 5.5-inch 2K display, a Snapdragon 810 processor, and a 23.8MP camera. You get 4GB of RAM and 128GB of non-expandable storage, and a large 4,000mAh battery with fast-charging capability. It offers access to MU-MIMO and WiGig Wi-Fi, if you are a fan of fast smartphones.

But if this doesn’t sound as impressive as you would have expected, it is because the makers of Solarin decided to focus more on the security feature than on other (less-important) ones. But it all depends on what you’re looking for in a smartphone.

Should you buy the new Solarin military grade smartphone for the baffling amount of £9,500? If what you want is for your smartphone to be as safe as possible and you don’t care so much about other features, then yes, this device might be right for you. And you wouldn’t have to worry about it looking bulky either, as its makers have designed it as a luxury military grade smartphone.

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