Turkish Towels: The Touch of Luxury Your Home Needs

Enjoying a hot, relaxing bath after a hard day is one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. Then there’s the half an hour of staying cozied up in your indulgently soft, luxurious towel. Or at least, that’s how it should be, because choosing the right towel for you can be a complicated puzzle. If you’re wondering if Turkish towels are the best towels for you, we’re here to help you determine exactly that.

We want to help you discern the quality of a good towel to guide you in your search. Today you’ll learn how a quality towel looks and feels, as well as how long they will last, so you can choose the best towel for your post-bath ritual.

Getting wrapped into a towel should be a luxurious experience; like a swaddling blanket that makes the transition easier from the hot bath to the cold world of your house or apartment. At the same time, a towel is something you use daily for your morning rituals. So it’s necessary that you invest in some great towels that make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your skin.

How to Choose the Best Towel

Below you will find some of the most important aspects that will help you select the best towels for your particular needs. No matter what anyone says, not all towels are created equal, so it does matter what you choose to invest in. When you’re searching for the perfect towel, the following factors should be taken into consideration.

Towel Size & Weight

Towels are usually measured in GSM – a unit that refers to “grams per square meter.” This number shows how dense the towel’s fabric is. A lower GSM makes for lighter, thinner and usually less expensive towels. You should stay away from these when it comes to daily use, as they tend to wear down a lot more quickly. Towels with a lower GSM can be used for travel or gym bags when you can make due with something that is of lesser quality.

Superior quality towels have a higher GSM, and you might have encountered them in world-class hotels and luxurious spas. More expensive, these towels often pay their worth over time; they will last you many, many years. You should consider the quality of your daily towels, because they can make your shower ritual a lot more satisfying.


This is one of the most important factors when you select a towel. Great bath towels will be thick, soft and highly absorbent. You need your towel to dry you completely, after all. Absorbency is influenced by the number of loops within the weave of a towel. The higher the number of loops, the higher the absorbency ability. Egyptian cotton towels are the most absorbent, which made them extremely popular in the hotel business. Their threads are long and thick, which makes them dense, durable and absorbent.

Note to remember: Egyptian cotton towels should be dried in a conventional dryer due to their high GSM. But don’t cram them in your dryer because these luxurious towels will take longer to dry.

How Fast It Dries

It goes without saying that thinner towels will dry faster. However, thicker, plusher towels will take a longer time to become completely dry. This factor is especially important if you live in a humid area (air-drying might not be recommended). Turkish cotton is the fastest drying towel. It’s not just highly absorbent and durable, but it’s also quite high in GSM (almost as high as the Egyptian cotton). If you can’t afford to wait for your towels to dry, you might want to opt for Turkish cotton. Turkish cotton towels are also extremely comfortable and soft.

Fiber Length

When on the hunt for towels, look for the towels made from extra-long staple cotton – also known as ELS cotton. Cotton is classified as ELS if it is an inch and ⅜ or longer, according to the Organic Cotton Company. Since ELS cotton yields a much softer fabric, the towels have become rather popular. Egyptian cotton wins at this category too, with the highest quality type of ELS cotton.


Peruvian cotton is the softest of them all, as well as smoothest. The staple Peruvian Pima cotton is very long, which means it won’t shed as much lint as the other types of cotton. People with sensitive skin would greatly benefit from buying this kind of towels. A Peruvian cotton towel will also make for a very good gym towel (it doesn’t take so much space).

Proper Laundry Habits

There are some good practice tips you should follow if you want your towels to have a long cycle.

  1. Do not over-stuff your washing machine. The dirt in the towels will not be washed, and the residue won’t rinse out thoroughly. Similarly, using more detergent won’t necessarily make your towels cleaner.
  2. White towels should always be washed in hot water. For colored towels, use warm water; this prevents the colors from bleeding into the washing machine.
  3. Kill bacteria and remove hard stains with an occasional chlorine wash for your white towels. Do not use bleach on colored towels; evidently, you will be left with stained and spotted towels.
  4. Towels and fabric softener do not make good pals. The fabric softener simply adds a silicon residue to the towels, which causes them to lose absorbency. Unlike what many people think, fabric softener does not enhance the quality of towels.
  5. After you buy the towels, you’ll want to toss them into the washing machine with a cup of white vinegar added to the rinse cycle. The white vinegar will help them to become more absorbent by removing any excess detergent.

The ancient Turkish culture might have perfected the art of the bath. The popular hammam (akin to a sauna) was an important personal ritual for cleanliness. Many traditional Turkish bath have seeped into our own bathing routines, such as the style of towels we use. Turkish towels – also known as pestemals, foutas, or hammam towels – are moisture-wicking, exceptionally soft, and quick to dry. Thanks to their chic designs, you can also use them as beach throw blankets, towels, or even sarongs. If you’ve been missing out, check out our 5 top Turkish bath towel picks.

1. Nine Space Lapiz Fouta Towel

This towel was hand woven by Turkish artisans and it has a traditional, gorgeous style that will instantly elevate the luxury of your bathroom. The simple pattern has been designed on the 100-percent Turkish cotton material, which only becomes lovelier and softer to the touch over time. This fouta towel has become quite popular in Europe thanks to its versatility, lightweight, and extreme absorbency.

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2. Scents & Feel Black Honeycomb Solid Fouta Towel

Honeycomb-weaved towels make for the most luxurious items in your bathroom. They feel luxurious against the skin and are great for daily use. The knotted fringe represents a culturally-inspired design detail that works everywhere, from poolside to tub-side. It’s made of 100% cotton and it measures 20X28 inch. Go for machine wash warm and tumble dry low for maximum results.

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3. Coyuchi Mediterranean Towels

Available in several soothing hues, these Turkish bath towels made by Coyuchi have received the highest reviews. They’re super-absorbent and woven for the best moisture-wicking potential. With proper care, these pampering picks will be soft and comfy for years to come. Textural and lightweight, the weave in these towels absorbs well, dries fast and feels great on the skin. The Coyuchi Mediterranean towels are made of soft organic cotton and edged in hand-knotted fringe.

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4. Turkish T Sea Cloud Bath Towel

Plush and pristine, the towels from Turkish T Sea Cloud collection are the ultimate dream of any bath lover. The underside is lined with cotton terry cloth, which makes the towels lengthy enough for an amazing full-body swaddling. You can also use them as beach towels to lavish on in the hot summer sun. Their size makes them great for travel, while also remaining highly absorbent. The T Sea Cloud collection is quick drying and multipurpose.

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5. Kassatex Fouta Bath Towel

Do you like the softly exfoliating texture of a classy bath towel? The fouta towel has been updated to meet your needs in a stylish way. This pick comes with a classic flat-weave face, terry cloth on the underside, and a thoroughly enjoyable soft feeling on both sides. The Kassatex fouta cotton towels have been inspired by classic hamam style, which means they are flat woven on one side with cotton Terry for added absorbency.

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Have you already had the pleasure of experiencing a traditional Turkish towel? If not, this is your chance. No better day than today to start pampering your body with the ultimate post-shower ritual.

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