Vivanta By Taj Mumbai Review — An Unforgettable Experience

Mumbai is quickly becoming a popular destination for tourists to visit. 

From the unique and vibrant surroundings to the delicious cuisine, Mumbai, India is a must-add to your luxury bucket list. If you’d love to explore this vibrant city and welcoming culture, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should visit Vivanta by Taj Mumbai. We’ve reviewed the hotel to bring you all the details you’ll need to plan your stay here.

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Why Should You Visit Mumbai?

Mumbai is a shopping extravaganza filled with elegant modern shopping malls, or street markets offering a mix of traditional Indian fashion tastes. Filled with history and cultural attractions, Mumbai is one of the world’s more fascinating destinations. Gateway of India is the city’s most iconic landmark, but also make sure you visit the stone sculptures of Hindu gods, and impressive collections of temples and museums.

When the sun goes down, Mumbai comes alive. With a selection of live music venues, stylish cafes, modern lounges and exclusive nightclubs, the city is always ready to party whenever you are. There’s a place to suit everyone’s energy levels and style. No matter what you have on your itinerary, there are ample reasons you’ll want to come to Mumbai. We’ve selected a few below.

History of Mumbai 

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Once referred to as Bombay, Mumbai hosts around 10 million people. It’s a multi-cultural city home to India’s entertainment industry. Over the past few hundred years, the city has developed immensely. The land used to be dangerous thousands of years ago. As the trading organizations developed, people began trading products with the city – specifically rice, cotton and tobacco. By 1626, the city built a ship building yard, warehouse and fort to further expand. In the 1800’s, the city carried out engineering work and swamps were filled in. Within 100 years, the population increased to nearly one million residents. By 1995, the city changed its name to Mumbai.


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Mumbai is famous for its cuisine. The city is heaving with stalls and vendors selling delicacies and delectable flavours everywhere. If you’re looking for fine dining, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Alternatively, the street markets sell popular cuisine options residents eat. With a variation of spicy and delicious meals containing vegetables, fish, coconut, curries and more, there’s a dish to suit everyone’s tastes. If there’s one regional dish you try, ensure it’s the famous Bombay sandwich. Made from boiled potatoes, buttered bread cooked with beetroot, tomatoes, Bhel puri kebab, Kanda poha and red chilli powder, it’s unlikely anything you’ve tried before.

Features and Benefits of Vivanta by Taj Mumbai

Soak up the city’s addictive energy and stay in one of the most amazing hotels in Mumbai. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite features of this five-star luxury hotel. From the rooms and dining to the many amenities, Vivanta by Taj is sure to impress even the most discerning of hotel critics

1. Luxurious Accommodations

It goes without saying that each and every room at Vivanta by Taj Mumbai offers maximum attention to detail and comfort. Even still, there are a few stars that stand out. We’ve chosen to highlight two of the most opulent below.

The Superior Charm Room

The Superior Charm room uses inviting fabrics and layouts to entice guests and help you unwind whether you’re here for business or pleasure. The comfortable duvets are the highlighting feature of this room, as well as the patterned wooden flooring and elegant rugs. You’ll find the perfect balance between comfort and a modern temperament. At 265 square feet, it’s a large room with plenty of room features. These include a study table and chair to help you keep on top of your work whilst you’re away from home. The ‘Treat Yourself’ cabinet offers an array of beverages, snacks, chocolates and energy bars for a delicious treat whenever you need it. Our favourite feature of this room is the partial sea or city view – depending on your preference.

Premium Temptation Suite

Another of one of the best rooms at the Vivanta by Taj Mumbai is the Premium Temptation Suite. Located on floors nine to seventeen, each offers a whopping 560 square feet. Included in this is a chic bedroom, comfortable working zone, luxury granite bathroom and comfortable living space. Throughout each room, the furniture is stylish and characteristic to offer a clean, modern attitude to the hotel. There’s a Japanese feel to each room thanks to the interior designing.

2. Dining Delicacies Available On and Off-Site

Vivanta by Taj Mumbai offers a variety of meals in high-standard restaurants in the hotel. Whether you’re looking for an intimate space or exotic Asian flavours, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes and vibe preferences.  


Trattoria is an all-day and all-night Italian restaurant which is buzzing no matter when you visit. It’s a stylish and casual hangout for locals, making it an excellent option to connect with residents. This hip eatery is inspired by the southern Italy regions with distinct flavours from all around Europe.

Konkan Café

Perhaps you’d like to try the Konkan Café which is located between the Sahyadri Mountains and Arabian Sea. This restaurant is famous for its beautiful setting and modern architecture inside. Serving an array of rice, fish, coconut and full-bodied, rich curries, their menu is diverse and extravagant. We love the mood lighting which changes from day to night to ensure you feel comfortable inside no matter the time you visit.

Sea Lounge

Sea Lounge is an excellent alternative for an off-site restaurant which offers grands views of the Gateway of India. It’s an ideal spot for a quick snack of all varieties – including scones with cream and crispy puffed shells served with mint.

3. Amenities at Vivanta By Taj Mumbai

If you stay here, ensure you make the most of the amenities on offer. The hotel takes supreme care of its guests to ensure that you are well-attended to at all times. For some much needed rest and relaxation, or even a helpful work spot, Vivanta by Taj Mumbai has it covered. Here are a few of our favorite features.

Spa Treatments

The spa showcases three treatment rooms with a unisex gym, relaxation area, shower facilities and separate changing areas for men and women. The hotel provides all of your personal amenities, so there’s no need to take your own slippers, towel and robe. As a result, you can gladly visit the spa more than once during your vacation as a relaxing start or end to your day.

There are a variety of body rituals to make the most of at the Vivanta by Taj Mumbai. Experience the benefits and goodness to enhance your skin’s natural moisture and glow, whilst nourishing nutrients into your body. The Masala treatment uses a scrub created from traditional Indian spices. This is great to relieve sore and tired muscles, whilst improving blood circulation. On the other hand, try the Mocha Patra treatment for 45 minutes. This unique wrap treatment creates sweating to open the pores and detoxify the skin. You’ll feel refreshed and glowing when you leave.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is an excellent way to keep fit on vacation or business, and afterwards you can relax by the heated loungers. Swim a few laps or simply lounge around — the choice is yours.

State-of-the-Art Fitness Centre

The Vivanta by Taj Mumbai features one of the most luxurious fitness centres in Mumbai. Open 24 hours a day, it’s a great resource to stay fit whilst you’re travelling. Whether you want to work up a sweat, take some time out to stretch or cool down with yoga, the Fitness Centre can help you meet your goals.

With access to free weights, you can work to the best of your abilities, whilst challenging yourself. Make the most of their personal training sessions between 6:30 AM and 9 PM if you prefer someone to help you stay motivated. Alternatively, the yoga sessions are excellent for all levels of fitness to shake off your jet lag, improve flexibility and encourage supple joints. Make the most of the techno gym circuit training and cardio machines to work up a sweat and burn extra calories. With stunning views of the hotel’s pool, it’s in an ideal location which isn’t in direct sunlight.

Work at The Business Centre

If you’re visiting the Vivanta by Taj Mumbai on business, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of amenities to help you conduct meetings and have your own office space. Open all night, the business centre accommodates any time zone which is available to match any schedule.  There’s a choice of four meeting rooms to choose from – depending on availability and the number in your party.

The quick connectivity is reliable so you can get on with your work, reliably, without any connection issues. As the business centre is available to hire from 7:15 AM until 9 PM, it’s a highly suitable location for people from all around the world to gather and connecting. With scanning, colour printouts and colour photocopying on option, it accommodates a variety of tasks.

Hire a Venue for Any Occasion

Vivanta by Taj Mumbai is suitable for almost every occasion. If you wish to network in a high-tech conference venue, hire a contemporary space for your work needs, or hire a room this is the perfect hotel. Whether you’re meeting a few people or hundreds, their variety of venues can make it happen. Spend your honeymoon here for a romantic night, followed by cozy mornings. No matter what you’re looking to bring to the event, they can accommodate social occasions too and dazzle your guests.

What Travelers Have to Say About Vivanta by Taj Mumbai

Many of the past customers of Vivanta by Taj Mumbai would highly recommend the hotel to friends. The most positive comments that we’ve seen talked about the friendly staff, comfortable rooms, and amazing food. Interestingly, many talked about the inclusive breakfast buffet for their stay. If you’re looking for a luxury, safe place to stay in South Mumbai, Vivanta by Taj Mumbai is an excellent option.


  • plus Very polite staff
  • plus Delicious, complimentary breakfast
  • plusConsistent housekeeping service


  • close No changing stations for babies
  • Noisy surroundings in the day

When you’re staying in a hotel, it’s crucial that you don’t feel cramped. The closest space in the suites are adequate, along with an enormous bathroom and luxuriously comfortable king size bed. The location is idea to easily connect to the metro construction without any difficulties. As a result, past visitors commented that it wasn’t an intimidating environment for first timers.

Alternative Luxury Hotels In Mumbai

If you’re looking for an alternative hotel to Vivanta by Taj Mumbai, we’ve found three excellent candidates. These have a different vibe, energy and scenery which makes them great alternatives.

1. Trident Hotel in Nariman Point

Trident Hotel in Nariman Point has 555 rooms and suites on offer with stunning views of the ocean and Mumbai city skyline. Unlike Vivanta by Taj Mumbai, the views are more scenic and vibrant. In addition, the modern amenities include high-speed Internet for up to four devices. This is a suitable choice for anyone travelling to Mumbai for business reasons.

If you’re looking for a hotel which is in the centre of the action and a city that never sleeps, Trident Hotel is a suitable choice. Just 28 kilometres from popular clubs, dining spots, museums and fashion districts, there’s plenty to do in the area. To help you unwind for a relaxing night sleep, take an evening walk down the promenade and absorb the refreshing, healthy sea breeze.

Stay in the Deluxe Suite with Ocean Views for an unforgettable experience at the Trident Hotel. You’ll feel like royalty with 24-hour butler service, and a powder room with all the space and furniture you could need. Measuring over 890 square feet, there’s plenty of room for a living area and modern bathroom. Whether you stay for business or pleasure, the hotel can accommodate all of your needs for an amazing stay.

2. The Oberoi, Mumbai

The Oberoi is a five-star deluxe hotel with unbelievable views of the ocean and a crescent of lights with glimmer after dark. The hotel is dedicated to providing the best business or pleasure experience for all guests. Their team of trained staff will help with your needs, which is excellent if you’re new to the area.

This luxury hotel’s main feature is the natural lighting which flows from the lobby to each room and suite. No matter where you’re located in The Oberoi, there are floor-to-ceiling windows everywhere, with white Thassos marble and spacious entrances.

The Presidential Suite includes a master bedroom, bathroom, dining area, two living spaces and a personal butler on hand whenever you need them. With views of the Queen’s necklace and ocean, it’s in a spectacular location for a relaxing vacation. Spread across 2,056 square feet, it’s most spacious than Vivanta by Taj Mumbai.

If you’re a fan of spas and beauty treatments, you’ll love the 24-our spa. With a range of beauty therapies and more exclusive treatments, you can relax any time of the day or night. The fitness centre is equipped with high-tech equipment including cardio and weight machines to keep you fit whilst travelling.

3. Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel is another excellent five-star alternative to Vivanta by Taj Mumbai. In a more tranquil and chic haven of Mumbai, it’s more suited to people who are looking for a relaxing getaway, or prefer a more secluded area. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do in the area, as it’s in the heart of top restaurants and bars to help you create a memorable journey. 

The Four Seasons Executive Suite is a suited choice for business travellers who like to relax after a tiring day. With inspiring views of the verdant Mahalaxmi Racecourse, the Suite also creates perfect photography moments. The green and beige colour scheme panelled on the walls, floors and furnishings creates an exotic feel. Ensure you make use of the guest powder room and spacious marble bathroom during your visit. The atmosphere is warm and quiet and set away from other guests to offer more privacy.

Unlike Vivanta by Taj Mumbai, Four Seasons offers complimentary transfers and welcome amenities for all guests to welcome you to your stay. Their dedicated Concierge team can customize your Mumbai vacation for you. Even if you have no clue how to spend your time away, they’ll help create a Mumbai itinerary depending on your tastes. 

Have You Ever Visited Mumbai?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the hotel’s features and amenities. Nestled in a vibrant part of the city, there are plenty of things to interest you in the day or night – whether that’s inside or outside of the hotel.

Have you ever visited Mumbai? If so, let us know your experience and favourite things to do in the comments.

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