A Look into Dacor Appliances and How They Bring Magic to Kitchens

Any cook – whether professional or amateur – can tell you that good appliances are the essence of any great kitchen. And whenever we mention good appliances, we must talk about Dacor, a premium appliance brand that continues to surprise costumers. A family-owned appliance company, Dacor specializes in cooking products known for their innovative features. In addition to top-tier wall ovens, the Dacor appliances also include refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers and wine stations.

Dacor’s family tradition puts a lot of emphasis on cooking. Ever since it first opened its doors, the company announced their commitment to designing and manufacturing exceptional appliances for exceptional prices. Striving to redefine the modern kitchen, the Dacor family has come up with an impressive range of industry firsts. Their lines of cooking appliances are full of patented features, and the flair for innovation is visible in everything they create. From the industry’s first outdoor grill with built-in halogen lights, to an amazing top-of-the-line 48″ Epicure range, Dacor’s product line continues to grow. Stick around to read about some of the best appliances for a luxury kitchen.

About Dacor Appliances

A California-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America, Dacor designs, manufactures, and distributes kitchen appliances. Unlike your typical appliance store, Dacor specializes in the ultra-premium product tier, producing wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, warming drawers, ventilation hoods, wine dispensers, and beverage centers. Founded in 1965 by Stanley M. Joseph, the company operated as a family business for three generations. In August 2016, Dacor was sold to Samsung.

California, the City of Industry, is home to the company’s headquarters and 325,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. Dacor distributes its products throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, selling directly to more than 1,300 dealer showrooms. In addition, Dacor also opened a Design and Culinary Center in San Francisco, as well as a factory showroom in Los Angeles.

As far as partnerships go, Dacor began a collaboration with BMW Group Designworks USA in 2010. The result was the introduction of Dacor’s Distinctive 36” Gas Cooktop, in addition to the clever interface for its Discovery iQ Controller. The iQ Controller has significantly improved the company’s top-of-the-line wall ovens. Another star in Dacor’s portfolio came in the shape of an ultra-premium appliance testing conducted by Le Cordon Bleu in June 2014. This global network of culinary educational establishments had its Master Chefs test a variety of high-end cooking appliances and deemed Dacor superior in accordance to many testing parameters.

As a result, Le Cordon Bleu forged a strategic partnership with Dacor. For the past two years, Dacor products featured a Le Cordon Bleu seal of excellence, raising their status in the luxury appliance sector. Dacor ovens and ranges are also featured in Le Cordon Bleu demonstrations, cooking classes, and academy kitchens. Read on to find out about some of the appliances Dacor takes pride in.

Design & Culinary Center

Dacor’s exquisite Design & Culinary Center is located in San Francisco, California and it’s a must-visit for any cooking enthusiasts. What better way to experience Dacor appliances than getting immersed in the details? Seeing their extraordinary line of appliances and experiencing their features first hand can inspire anyone. The Dacor Center is the result of bright designers and amazing cooks coming together and planning to innovate the industry. With a breathtaking range of Dacor products on the floor of the Design & Culinary Center, you’re bound to be inspired to create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.

You need to feel the difference for yourself so you can fully appreciate the Dacor appliances. Pay the Center a visit to discover some new recipes using the Dacor products, such as the best way to melt chocolate with the SimmerSea Burners. Dacor is all about being useful while looking dapper, while each detail and feature has a function. All-comers can sign up for classes to learn how to use the appliances to their fullest potential.

Scroll down to read a short review for some of the best and most innovative Dacor appliances. Then leave us a comment about your opinion of these products. Maybe you’ve already experienced some of them, so we would love to know what you think!

Discovery™ iQ 30″ Double Wall Oven

One of the most technologically advanced appliances in the industry, this oven will surprise you with every feature. The 7” touchscreen, for instance, is essentially a tablet designed by Samsung. Like the other ovens in the line, the pre-programmed oven modes work for almost any dish you can think of. The oven can even “remember” what your favorite modes are! If you’re used to listening to music while you cook, the oven can connect to apps like Pandora. Moreover, it allows you to catch up with your Netflix shows while you wait for dinner to be done.

In addition to its entertaining touchscreen, the Dacor oven can also self-diagnose service issues. If you think there’s something wrong with your oven, the company can remotely diagnose a service issue. Thanks to its incorporated Bluetooth Technology, you can also use your smartphone to start preheating the oven for dinner before you arrive from work.

From a functionality perspective, Dacor has pioneered the idea of true third element convection. The oven also incorporates a steam-cleaning feature; you just pour water into the bottom of the oven, heat the oven with steam, and voilà! Cleaning your oven has never been easier! This double wall oven has hidden broil elements and a hidden bake, as well as a digital temperature probe, and seven different rack positions inside.

Dacor Renaissance Electric Touch Cooktop

Whether you’re trying to make a quick omelet or a seven course meal, this cooktop from the Renaissance line is the one for you. This high-performance electric cooktop features five powerful ribbon elements with a surprisingly rapid three-second response, making cooking simple and accurate. The electric touch top cooktop promises professional results every time, thanks to its high performance, quick heat response and improved heat control.

This Renaissance item balances understated elegance with powerful accuracy, as well as durability. The black ceramic glass top that features the touch controls is not just scratch-resistant, but easy to clean and keep clean. Thanks to the rapid response elements, the cooktop heats up almost immediately and maintains a narrow temperature cycle. The raised ventilation is perfect for minimizing grease and steam in your kitchen.

Dacor Discovery WineStation

Famous for its smartphone-connected ranges and color-match program, Dacor has also made a name for itself in the wine sector. We can only describe the Discovery WineStation as a dream amenity for oenophiles. It aerates, preserves, and serves up to four chilled bottles at a time. At the same time, the Discovery WineStation is the first automated, temperature controlled wine dispensing system designed specifically for home use.

Dacor created the perfect wine station for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. You can choose the right wine and just the right amount – a full glass, half a glass, or just a taste – with a simple touch. The Discovery WineStation is the perfect addition to any home, whether you place it in the kitchen, at the bar, or in the wine cellar. Dacor promises to maintain the freshness of your personal wine selections for up to 60 days without any loss of natural aroma.

Dacor Renaissance 30″/24″ Microwave-In-A-Drawer

Each Dacor microwave comes with unique benefits to make your kitchen experience so much better. All of the Renaissance microwaves provide highly useful features, such as the Keep Warm & Built-in Recipes. But the Microwave In-A-Drawer is particularly unique thanks to its flexibility. The Dacor Microwave-In-A-Drawer will prove its enhanced ergonomics and convenience in the most unconventional locations. Because you lift the items up and out of the drawer, you can install it pretty much anywhere.

Whether in an island or below a single wall oven, you can have full access with ease. Due to the unique design, you can free your counter space for better cooking preparation. Trying to set up a smaller kitchen? The appliance storage is no longer a problem with the Microwave-In-A-Drawer. Meanwhile, making your favorite popcorn takes only the touch of a key. This Dacor appliance is ideal for preparing delicious complete meals, from appetizers to desserts. Tucked away in your cabinet, the microwave is convenient and just what the home chef ordered!

Dacor Discovery 42″ Side-by-Side Refrigerator

If you want an appliance that takes luxury and performance to the next level, the Discovery Side-by-Side Refrigerator is your answer. An EnergyStar qualified unit, the Dacor fridge provides a large interior capacity with plenty of amenities. The Power Cool and Power Freeze settings quickly respond to any environment. To top it all off, the Automatic Door Closure and LED lighting are the elegant touches that make this refrigerator an enticing addition to your kitchen. Thanks to the external ice and water dispenser, you’re provide with quick access that doesn’t disturb internal temperatures. The Wi-Fi connectivity packs your fridge with practical technology, such as remote control, which you can access via the smartphone app.

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