Reduce Technology Use & Understand the Benefits of Going Screen-Free

Most of us spend our entire day around technology.

From the second we awake to the moment before we go to bed, we’re scrolling through the Internet and watching TV. Smartphones, tablets, TVs, and everything else have become a huge part of our lives. Being without our devices would feel unfulfilling and leave us lost. But here are some ways to reduce technology use for a healthier and positive life.

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Why You Should Reduce Technology Use and How To Do It:

Did you know that poor sleep has been linked to symptoms of depression? Studies have implied that blue light from a screen is harmful to sleep. Looking at a screen before bed keeps the brain active and adds strain to the eyes. By putting your phone somewhere you can’t easily reach, you’ll be more likely to get some decent rest.

Excessively checking social media and e-mails can lead to anxiety and unhappiness. Add a routine to your day where you check your incoming messages. Constantly scrolling through leaves you with little time to process the real world. These sporadic minutes soon add up to hours off your life. Turn off your notifications during specified times to prevent you from constantly checking messages.

reduce technology use, Reduce using technology, technology, tv, phone, screen, benefits of being without a screen, benefits without a screen,

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When was the last time you turned off your phone (apart from when it runs out of battery)? When you head out, leave your phone at home. Or, when meeting with a friend, turn off your phone and leave it in your bag. This eliminates the distractions and keeps your focus on the present moment to enable you to make more life memories. We’ve become ignorant to others as we constantly have our phones at our fingertips rather than really listening to people.

Find more hobbies and activities which will reduce technology use. Join a gym, meet up with a friend regularly, or begin reading. All of these examples don’t require technology to complete the task. This gives your eyes a rest from the screen, as well as time for you to live in the present moment. Ensure that you create a schedule and stick to it in order to reduce technology use.

Make dinner time a no-technology zone. This includes all members of the family. Turn the TV off and leave the phones upstairs. Make a bigger deal of family time and spend more time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals. Really talk to one another. Find out interesting facts and improve your communication skills.

Will You Reduce Technology Use?

A recent study found that we spend an average of 23 days a year and nearly four years of our life staring at a phone screen. This is a combination of checking social media, gaming and browsing the Web. That’s a lot of time taken from our precious lives!

Will you reduce technology use and be more conscious about how you spend your time? Share your thoughts on this issue in the comments to encourage others to become more present.

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