Find the Best Auto Podcasts No Matter What Gets Your Motor Running

More people than ever are taking their favorite shows with them wherever they go.

And if you're an automotive enthusiast, you might want to find the best auto podcasts available. If that sounds like a good time, you're in luck. We've taken a look at some of the most popular titles available to download to your device. They each take a different approach, but they all tackle the same subject with gusto. From tips and tricks to deep analysis, these programs make complex issues understandable and even fun.

There's a wealth of entertainment and information swirling around your favorite audio platforms. You probably already know that it's easy to find news, entertainment and music shows. But if you're wondering what type of auto podcasts are out there, you might be surprised. Keep reading for a description of several titles we think really stand out from the pack.

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The Best Auto Podcasts for Gearheads of All Types

Whether you want humor, information or a healthy dose of both, the programs below have you covered. Each employs experts in the industry who are able to make their points clearly.

Some of the hosts get into the technical issues. These are great for those listeners who like to tinker on their own cars. If you're restoring a classic or just keeping your own beater on the road, you'll find great tips. But maybe you just want some consumer advice. Choosing a vehicle that will give you years of reliable service is important. And you can count on the experts behind our favorite auto podcasts to lead you in the right direction.

If you are interested in deep explorations of complex mechanical issues, there are some great options for you. But if you're more of a hobbyist who just wants to hear about cool cars, you'll also find plenty to love below.

1. Car Talk

auto podcasts, car podcasts, automobile podcasts, vehicle podcasts

Credit: iHeart

Generations of car enthusiasts have made appointments to catch every episode of this popular NPR show. While new episodes are no longer being produced, Car Talk lives on as one of the great auto podcasts. The hosts, brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, truly made this incredible show unique. Their mix of self deprecating humor and deep knowledge about all things automotive is unparalleled. 

Known as Click and Clack, they boasted a thick Massachusetts accent and plenty of snark. Though they often teased the callers who phoned in with any number of car problems, it was all in good fun. And by the end of the call, chances are the caller had some information they could use. 

The hosts also ribbed each other, including their driving abilities and choice in cars. But they both knew their stuff and had a long history as mechanics who had tackled almost any issue imaginable. These days, the podcast is available as a "Best of" variety of the show. And even though you might hear them diagnose problems on much older cars, you'll have a good time. 

2. Car Stuff

auto podcasts, car podcasts, automobile podcasts, vehicle podcasts

Credit: iHeart

If you're hooked on the informative productions of How Stuff Works, you'll love this show. The hosts might not keep you in stitches like "Car Talk," but they don't take themselves too seriously either. We think this is one of the best auto podcasts if you want to dive deep into related issues.

Scott Benjamin is a senior editor for How Stuff Works and his also a huge automotive buff. From motorcycles to jets, he knows his stuff. But luckily for car enthusiasts, he's focused on cars as co-host of "Car Stuff." He'll let you know about his ongoing car restorations and other things going on in his personal life.

His podcasting partner Ben Bowlin also opens up for audiences. For example, either car expert is just as likely to discuss their love of pizza during any episode. But both men are dedicated to enlightening listeners about car related themes. And that works out to the benefit of those who tune in to hear them talk about autos.

3. CARtastrophe 365

auto podcasts, car podcasts, automobile podcasts, vehicle podcasts

Credit: iHeart

This might not be the most recognizable name in our list of the best auto podcasts. But we think hosts Joe and Todd offer a unique voice to the landscape. They have both had plenty of experience in the industry. Specifically, each are experts in their own right within the realm of Japanese auto makers.

Have a problem with your Honda? Joe is your guy. Wondering about your Subaru? Just check with Todd. But they also have had plenty of experience as aftermarket tuners who know their way around almost any brand. But with a name like CARtastrophe 365, you might guess that it's not all smooth sailing.

They'll discuss some of the biggest wrecks imaginable -- whether figurative or literal. You can get actionable information, even if the hosts are just advising you which cars to avoid. Unfortunately, they aren't producing any more new episodes. But you can always catch repeats online or on your device. That might not matter if you haven't heard of this show before, though. In that case, the episodes will be new to you, just like some of the used cars they discuss.then just like some of the used cars they discuss, the episodes are new to you.

4. Talking Cars

auto podcasts, car podcasts, automobile podcasts, vehicle podcasts

Credit: iHeart

Few names in publishing carry as much clout as Consumer Reports. So it might not be a surprise that its experts know a thing or two about cars. And when you get them together, they put on one of our favorite auto podcasts. 

And there's another great feature of this program will appeal to folks who want to see what's going on. There's a video option so you can really get an idea of the cars your hosts are describing. They'll be discussing some of the coolest cars on the road, so you might want to give the video auto podcasts a look.

Learn about the latest models on the road and some of the most interesting vehicles around. Want to hear about the industry trends? These hosts will guide you through the terrain. Wondering which car, SUV or van you should buy for your family? You can count on the experts to guide you in the right direction. Great reviews, informative insights and plenty of entertaining dialogue keeps listeners glued to each episode.

5. Under the Hood

auto podcasts, car podcasts, automobile podcasts, vehicle podcasts

Credit: iHeart

Here's another show with a long history of providing great information to car enthusiasts. For nearly 30 years, listeners have tuned into "Under the Hood" to hear a range of advice. Whether you're looking for repair guidance or maintenance tips, you'll find it here. 

Of course, you don't have to pick up this show as a podcast. It's also available on hundreds of terrestrial radio stations. But if you want to take the experts with you wherever you go, the podcast version is available almost everywhere. And it really lives up to any expectations you might have of your favorite auto podcasts.

In fact, it consistently ranks among the most listened to programs in the segment. And we think there's good reason for that. You might hear the hosts referred to as the motor medics. And even if they aren't medical doctors, you'll probably understand the reference right away. They seem to know everything about what makes cars operate effectively and efficiently. Best of all, they'll explain it in a way that even casual consumers will be able to follow. It's all packaged in an energetic podcast that's sure to earn a spot in your regular rotation.

6. The Car and Driver Podcast

auto podcasts, car podcasts, automobile podcasts, vehicle podcasts

Credit: iHeart

If you've been covering automotive issues, you're probably familiar with the Car and Driver name. It's one of the most recognized and trusted names in the industry. And luckily for podcast fans, the editors of that great magazine are here to host. 

You'll get incredible insight into the stories they are covering and any other pertinent information. Count on really informational segments told in the same conversational tone you love the magazine for. The first episode was recorded in conjunction with the New York International Auto Show. Since then, it's gone on to become a staple in the rotation of many faithful listeners. 

Find it wherever you get all of your favorite auto podcasts. Or check it out on the official Car and Driver podcast website. In addition to magazine editors, you'll get expert opinions from writers and other guests. Listen to them interact with callers and give some really great pointers for car owners of all types. 

Choosing from the best auto podcasts might seem like a challenge.

After all, it seems that almost everybody with an internet connection is making their own show these days. But like almost anything, the best examples have a way of rising to the top. And we hope we've been able to shed some light on a few podcasts we think are worth your time.

If so, share this list with the car lovers in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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