The Best Highlighter for Your Skin Type and Make-up Goals

Let’s begin this article by talking about how present highlighter was last year.

It’s nearly impossible to walk into any cosmetic store and not see this beauty product on every shelf. But, what exactly is highlighter and why is everyone talking about it? It certainly has its beauty benefits that’s for sure. No matter your age or skin type, this magic beauty product can make you feel like a 10. In this article, we’re presenting the best highlighter products for every skin type, and how to find the best product for you.

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A Bit About the Best Highlighter Products

We’ve heard so much about this makeup product, but what’s its purpose and what does it achieve? Let's explore everything you need to know about the best highlighter products on the market, their purpose, and how to choose the best one for you.

What Does Makeup Highlighter Do?

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As the name suggests, it’s designed with particles and ingredients to highlight certain areas of the face. You can decide where to manipulate the light based on where you apply it. However, most people opt for the collarbone, above the cheek bones and underneath the eyebrows. Its main purpose is to create a lift and push effect. By doing so, it helps to make your face look more contoured, thinner and younger. When it’s applied to the right places, it looks like you have a healthy glow, but aren’t sweating.

Firstly, the most popular place on the face to use it is to the side and beneath the under-eye area. As a result, this helps to make your cheekbones appear higher and creates a lifting effect. However, as there are plenty of different highlighters you can purchase, be sure to avoid the shimmery ones in this area. Too much shimmer can create the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve. As you apply, check your progress in the mirror. You don’t want to apply too much in one go. Another tip is to not apply it to areas where you want to divert any attention. For example, around the eyes where fine lines and wrinkles develop.

Another popular spot for the best highlighter is under the arch on your eyebrows. This helps to make eyes look brighter and bigger. Applying highlighter to the center of your nose bridge helps to make your nose appear slimmer. And for those places you want to make bigger – such as your lips – apply in the center in a confined spot. Add to the bow of your lips to create a natural-looking pout too.

How to Pick the Best Highlighter

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With so many cosmetic brands and choices, how can you pick the best highlighter for you? Firstly, everyone has their own preference and goals. Some people want to achieve a natural look, whilst others are happier accentuating their features. Opt for which works best for you. The most important factor to consider is your skin tone and type. What works for you might not work for someone else, because a product will look different on everyone’s skin. As you want a brightening and illuminating effect, choose a highlighter which is two shades lighter than your foundation. However, don’t mistake highlighter for bronzer by choosing a darker shade because you’re hoping for some colour. This is not its job.

If you have fair skin, the best highlighter for you will have subtle pigments of lilacs and ivory. As a result, this will help to radiate your complexion and add a natural colour. For olive skin tones, you can afford to go a lighter darker, with champagne hues and additional shimmers. Depending on where you want the light to illuminate on your face, you may wish to purchase multiple highlighters of different shades.

If you have medium skin, choose yellow, peach or gold undertones. This will help you to look warmer, rather than too cool. Darker complexions look beautiful with highlighters. Opt for rose gold or bronze tones to avoid your skin looking too ashy. By sticking to warmer hues – as opposed to peace and yellow undertones – you’ll look fresh and have a post-holiday warmth. Finally, play around with different amounts. Your moisturizer and foundation can affect the amount of product you’ll need, as well as the lighting you apply your makeup in.

Tools to Help Evenly Apply Your Highlighter

A product can only be as good as its application. And for that, you’ll need effective make-up tools. Some people prefer to use their fingers because it’s easy, quicker and cheaper. However, with a heavy hand or one wrong move, your highlighter can be everywhere. Before you know it, you’ve messed up your entire look. To avoid any make-up mistakes, here are three awesome tools for a smoother application and stronger finish.

1. Prime Professional Highlighter Brush

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This brush is designed for an easy application. It’s ideal for beginners, or if you’re not looking for too much coverage. No matter your make-up experience, this brush will help it look like a professional applied your look. This make-up is tapered to enable you to get into every angle of your face. As a result, you can use it underneath the eyebrows or on those awkward-to-reach places. We love that you can use it on liquid, cream or powder make-up, and it doesn’t stop at highlighter. Simply clean the product away and use for your concealer and foundation.

Designed to help you achieve a natural glow, this brush doesn’t hold onto the product. Also, with the black bristles, you can see how much make-up you’re applying to your face without any risks. Each time, you’ll achieve an even finish which looks natural and effortless.

2. DUcare Fan Makeup Brushes Face Highlighting Make Up Cosmetic Tool

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If you’re using the best highlighter, then you want the application to be easy. This highlighter brush is soft and silky and works well to disperse the colour across your face. As the handles are lightweight, this prevents over-applying your highlighter, and puts you in control of your make-up. Not only is the application easy, but this tool looks stunning too. The glitter features add a touch of glamour to your daily routine, and they won’t fall off.

Use this brush for all over the face – particularly the cheeks, brow bones and eyebrows. As a result, your face will look brighter and have a natural glow. You can use this brush with powder, cream or liquid highlighters. Thanks to the soft synthetic fibers, this brush won’t soak up any product. Instead, it’ll make the blending process so much easier.

3. Aesthetica Deluxe Fan Makeup Brush/Highlighter Brush

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We love makeup and tools which are cruelty-free and vegan. Therefore, we’re excited to present this highlighter brush to our fellow make-up fanatics. Not many highlighter brushes are weighted, but this brush is to provide you with maximum control. Thanks to the fan-shaped head, this provides a natural coverage. As a result, it’s difficult to add too much product in one go, as the brush enables you to stay in control. However, you can continue to layer make-up for a more obvious appearance. The choice is yours.

The Best Highlighter for a Flawless Finish

If you’re a make-up-lover, then you’re prone to poor cosmetics. However, what makes a good highlighter? And what qualities should you be looking for? Firstly, the best highlighter will be effortless to apply and provide a buildable coverage. This means that you can layer it to create the balance you’re looking for. Also, you want one which adds radiance to the skin, without creating an unnatural look. The best highlighter makes it look as though you have a healthy glow, as opposed to wearing makeup.

There’s nothing more disappointing than buying make-up which doesn’t promise the colour it shows in the palette. Instead, you want a highlighter which is highly pigmented. Then, you’re left with results without having to overcompensate with product to get the look you’re trying to achieve. You also want it to blend like butter so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Although the finish is the most important factor, it doesn’t harm if the application process is enjoyable too.

With these facts in mind, we’ve collated a list of the best highlighter products to spend your money on. Let’s take a look at our findings.

1. Venus Organics Cosmetics

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This is the best highlighter to purchase if you’re searching for organic ingredients. Instead of adding chemicals to your skin, avoid toxins and MSGs, but switching to organic and natural ingredients. This is especially important if you have sensitive or blemish-prone skin. Made with camellia oil and cupuacu butter, this highlighter sinks into your skin effortlessly. However, it won’t clog your pores, and is easily removed. Once applied, it leaves a natural and smooth finish which lasts until you take it off.

Thanks to the natural ingredients, this beauty product has been designed and created with care and love. As a result, you can use it long-term and it won’t damage or irritate your skin. Made with real diamond power, moonstone powder and pearl powder, this leaves a natural glow. Applying it is effortless too, as it’s easy to blend. Therefore, this is also the best highlighter for beginners or if you’re not comfortable applying makeup without advice or supervision.

There are so many reasons to use organic makeup on your skin. Firstly, it prevents premature aging. You might not realise it, but there are chemicals and unnatural substances in makeup which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. If you switch to a makeup brand which is kind to your skin, you’ll notice a more youthful appearance and smoother skin. Also, organic cosmetics don’t have a harsh smell. Instead, it’s gentle on the nose and you’re not inhaling chemicals whilst getting ready in the morning. Finally, apply this highlighter after your foundation and contouring, and then finish with a translucent setting powder.

2. Highlighter Stick Shimmer Powder Cream Shadow

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This is the best highlighter for its variety of shades. Available in silver, gold, coffee and brown, this caters for an array of skin tones and colours. Opt for the gold shade to add a natural, sun-kissed finish to your skin. This helps to warm the complexion and combat any tiredness. Lightly dust over your cheekbones if you have a medium-dark complexion. On the other hand, a silver highlighter is ideal for pale skin as it adds a slight shimmer without overpowering the face. Finally, the coffee and brown shades are ideal for the darker complexions. You can even purchase duplicate colours and mix together for your desired finish.

We love that this highlighter comes in a small and compact size to make it extremely portable. This is great for travelers, or to add to your handbag for a portable fix. It’s also long-lasting and waterproof, so no matter what your day throws at you, you’ll always look your best. Applying this product is effortless and easy too. Designed with a cream formulation, it easily glides over the skin for a smooth and flawless finish. You can even use your finger. There’s no need for years’ experience, as the product does the work for you.

This is probably the best highlighter for adding a shimmer. Different brands have different results, and not all leave the same effect. However, this product is dedicated to adding a glittery feel, rather than a glow. With this makeup, you’re in control. Blend with your finger to equally distribute this product. On the other hand, add more product by applying in layers to your chosen areas. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it.

3. Cocoa Cabana + Hi Tide | 2 in 1 Bronzer + Glo Highlighter Stick

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This is the best highlighter for a combined benefit of a bronzer. As a result, it adds a glow and colour to your face to make it look as though you’ve just had a tan. Another factor to love about this product is that it contains grape seed extracts and vitamin E. Therefore, it only uses natural ingredients which will benefit the skin. Also, with the added ingredient of pomegranate extracts, this helps to nourish the skin and maintain a healthy glow and consistency. All combined together, these extracts lead to anti-aging benefits. What other highlighter can make you look healthier and more youthful at the same time?

Once applied to the skin, this highlighter stick feels weightless and like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. By reflecting light off of your face, this helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is particularly significant because even the best highlighter in the world can sink into wrinkles. However, this transforms UV light to keep you looking at your best, even in harsh lighting. This product isn’t just dedicated to providing a healthy glow, but actually improving your skin’s consistency. At the same time, this provides an instant confidence boost.

You can apply it using your fingertips or a makeup brush – depending on your preference. It even looks great without foundation to keep your look minimal, or if you’re in a rush. By melting into the skin, it doesn’t irritate the skin and easily blends to leave you with younger-looking skin.

4. Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! Soft Focus Cream Highlighter

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If you’re looking for the best highlighter which will leave a ‘wow’ effect, then this is a great option for you. Without it, your skin will look dull and lifeless. But, just with one stroke across your cheekbones, it creates a healthy glow which makes you look ready for anything. Apply it to the cupid’s bow and brow bone for a flawless finish everyone will compliment. Most importantly, this makeup sits perfectly on top of foundation. You can layer this up to create the perfect amount of glisten for you. However, because it’s so pigmented, you’ll find that you don’t need a lot of product for your desired look.

It applies like cream, but then leaves a powder finish. As a result, this ensures it doesn’t rub off throughout the day and is long-lasting until you remove it. Creating a champagne effect, this highlighter looks beautiful in any lighting – both natural and artificial. Many people even choose to wear it without foundation to add a stunning glow when you’re feeling under the weather. This is particularly ideal for the winter, and to make your skin look more awake and vibrant.

Designed for all complexions, you can apply this to all areas of your face and body for a natural finish. You may even wish to apply it to your collarbone to add a sexy glow. It’s definitely the best highlighter to put you in control of your makeup, and enable you to have fun. If you apply too much, you can easily tone it down by blending with your finger. Alternatively, add a sprinkle of powder or foundation to even-out your skin tone. Most importantly, find what works for you and continue to do that.

5. Makeup Geek Highlighter

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This is the best highlighter for leaving you with a luminous finish. Best suited for fair skin types, this highlighter enhances your favourite features whilst not sinking into fine lines or attracting imperfections. As it’s highly pigmented, a little product goes a long way. However, you can adjust the look to suit your liking. Go for a subtle finish or add more layers to make it more extreme. You can’t go wrong with this product either, as you can lightly dust for a natural glow. Don’t stop at your face though, as this highlighter is also suitable for your body – such as your collarbone.

As this highlighter sticks, you don’t need to worry that it’ll transfer to your clothes. Simply apply to your face, and forget about it for the rest of the day. This product is super soft and feels spongy, rather than hard and tough to apply to your face. As such, you can blend and create your own tones as you prefer. You’ll also love that this highlighter doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and it doesn’t create an uneven texture which even the best highlighter can do.

Glow in all the right places and show the world your best side with this natural, easy-to-apply highlighter. As it’s available in six shades, you can still use this on darker tones. On the other hand, you may wish to purchase a shade darker than usual for if you have a tan, or for the summer.

6. Miss Yifi Highlighter

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If you prefer a highlighter which is more playful and vibrant, then this is definitely the best highlighter for you. This product gives you an array of options – all of which suit you. Perhaps you’re not searching for a natural glow, but would prefer a heavier finish. If so, that’s completely fine. Inspired by the colours of the rainbow, each highlighter palette contains five shades. As a result, you achieve a more colourful and bright look. Each time you apply it, you’ll come out with a different result, which is one of our favourite aspects of this product. However, you’re still in control and can add and blend to suit you.

It’s also a two-in-one product. Use this as a highlighter and then as an eyeshadow when you’re done. This handy small palette makes it ideal for traveling or for a portable compact to keep in your handbag. Let’s talk about the beautiful array of colours. Each one is vibrant and pigmented and comes out exactly as it looks in the palette. Simply swipe the palette with a brush once to grasp all the colours of the rainbow. Alternatively, you can use a mini brush to dissect the shades you’d prefer to focus on. Thanks to its vibrant look, this highlighter is perfect for many occasions, or if you just want to have fun.

It’s long-lasting and won’t fade. That means you can shine all night without worrying about applying it again. However, once it’s the end of the day, it’s easy to remove using a makeup remover or cleanser. This highlighter has more of a shimmer than a glow to it, so you’ll definitely get compliments when you wear this.

7. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter

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If you’re looking for a highlighter where you are in control of the product, then this is an ideal option. Highly pigmented, this is the best highlighter for a glistening glow. There are so many options with this product too, so you can add it to your foundation or current skincare routine for a natural look. As a result, this is a great way to achieve a natural finish with little work. You can even use your fingers to easily blend in. What we love about this cosmetic product is that it quickly soaks into the skin and doesn’t leave an uneven texture behind.  

Vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, this is the best highlighter for eco-friendly reasons. Therefore, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing a cosmetic product you can trust in. You’ll love that this doesn’t appear one solid colour. Instead, it provides an array of colours. These are beautifully enhanced when exposed to light. Thanks to its moisturizing benefits, this is the best highlighter for dry skin and can even fit sensitive skin tones.

8. Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Baked Highlighter (Prosecco)

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The best highlighter will leave you with a soft and natural glow. This particular product has an expert formula which evenly and easily blends, and is easy to apply. Also, it leaves a satin finish which shimmers in different lighting. You can easily build it up to achieve a more polished finish. Alternatively, keep it subtle to look like you have a healthy and natural glow. So, you might be wondering what a ‘baked’ highlighter is and what its benefits are. Firstly, this means that they were born as a liquid or cream formula. Then, they were slowly dried in ovens to leave a high-pigmented product. As a result, baked highlighters last for hours and feel soft on your skin. You can also use them wet or dry.

Baked highlighters have a stunning appearance with a marbled effect. They’re also more vibrant and made of higher quality. You can even use them as more than a highlighter – such as an eye shadow. To create a more intense look, wet your makeup brush and apply your highlighter just above your cheekbones. For a more natural look, switch to just a dried look.

Finally, this highlighter is perfect for on the go, and for people who lead a busy lifestyle. It settles extremely well and quickly, and leaves no mess behind. That means you can still get the job done whilst you’re on a bumpy bus. Alternatively, you can mix this highlighter with your favourite lip balm to create a customized lipstick. Play around with it as eyeshadow too for a fully polished and unique look.

9. Six Colours Cosmetics Contour Creams and Highlighter Makeup Palette

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This is the best highlighter kit available to provide an array of colours. Designed to give you a flawless and unique look, this develops a delicate texture which leaves your skin soft and supple. After you apply it, you’ll be completely amazed at how it transforms the shape of your face. Just with a quick application, you can make your face look much more contoured and lifted. The application process isn’t too daunting either. Simply apply the power to your face using a brush or with your hand. It’s all down to your personal preference and how much coverage you’re looking for.

Thanks to its glossy and brightening quality, this is the best highlighter for defining your features. The ingredients used are ideal for a range of skin types – including dry and sensitive. It’s designed with safety in mind and only utilizes the most high-quality ingredients you can find. Combined, these ingredients give you a healthy glow which lasts for hours. Also, there’s so much versatility with this highlighter palette. Choose the shades which best suit your skin tones. Alternatively, you can mix and match to create a unique look altogether. As a result, this palette works for all skin colours.

This highlighter works perfectly for a glamorous night out, but isn’t ideal for hot events – such as a festival. Use it to add some colour and luminosity and elements of glitter too. Simply buff the produce over top of your cheekbones for a radiating glow which lasts all day.

10. All Natural Highlighter Make-up

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Finding an all-natural makeup brand isn’t easy, as so many use chemicals to add extra colour and fragrance to their cosmetics. If you’re looking for the best highlighter which instantly transforms your skin in a matter of seconds, then this is a great option. Are you searching for a natural glow which always makes you look younger? This natural highlighter has all the answers to your make-up nightmares. Apply it in the morning to get yourself ready for the day, and create the illusion of vibrant and bright skin. As it creates a radiant glow, you’ll receive compliments on your skin tone.

Free from harmful preservatives and only using natural ingredients, this is the best highlighter which doesn’t harm your skin. It’s friendly and doesn’t irritate dry or sensitive skin. Therefore, you can apply it on top of foundation without any cakey or ashy effect. It’s even suitable to apply over blemishes and scars as it won’t clog your pores. Simply layer it on for a glow which looks natural and won’t harm your skin. With so much versatility and so many options, you can use this highlighter for a day-time look. Alternatively, apply some more colour for a full coverage, night-time look.

By focusing on mineral technology, this highlighter helps you to experiment with make-up. Find what shades work best for you and where on your face you’d like to accentuate. Also, you can use this highlighter to deter attention from your least-favourite spots. Apply it to the middle of your forehead using a brush. Next, brush on the top of your cheeks and center of your chin for a wonderful glow.

Do You Have a Go-To Highlighter?

We hope you enjoyed reading our selection of the best highlighters. With plenty of options, we’re confident you’ll find something to suit your skin and preferences. If you use a cream-based highlighter, this is great for blending. Alternatively, a powder highlighter offers a light and natural finish.

Do you have a go-to highlighter? If so, share your recommendations or make-up advice in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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