Disney X Rocklove Villains Jewelry Makes Being Bad Look Good

Disney has always been a presence to be reckoned with in pop culture, but today their dominance is undeniable.

They have some of the biggest movie franchises in the world, television stations, and are gobbling up their latest competitor, 21st Century Fox. However, as what “Disney” is changes shape, lets not forget that they got their start by creating classic animated fairy tales for kids of all generations. In fact, the Disney Princesses are still one of the most popular properties under their umbrella. However, there are some other, classic characters who don’t always get their due. Luckily, they are the subject of a new partnership with Disney and Rocklove Jewelry. The villains. 

Wait, So Disney Makes Jewelry Now?

Disney makes everything, at least in one way or another. However this particular line is a collaboration between Disney and a small jewelry company named Rocklove. Founded in 2007 by designer Allison Cimino, Rocklove creates jewelry for nerds. A huge fan of sci-fan and fantasy, Cimino took what she learned crafting pieces for rock-and-roll crowds to make jewelry for fandoms.


Credit: Chris Harrison, Flickr

Most of Rocklove’s pieces are handmade at their office in New York City. However, for lines like Disney X Rocklove and other high-volume lines, the pieces are sculpted by hand and sent overseas for mass-production. Fans of Star Trek, Twin Peaks, and video games like Mass Effect and Destiny can find something they love in the Rocklove catalog. But for this line, the aesthetic comes from three classic Disney villains.

Poor Unfortunate Souls…Who Miss Out On Ursula’s Line


Credit: Disney X Rocklove

Ursula from the classic film The Little Mermaid is one of the best villains the Disney pantheon. Her sinister grin and glorious singing voice are indeed great attributes, but let’s be honest. There is only one thing we think of when we think of Ursula: the tentacles. In the Disney X Rocklove line inspired by Ursula, the tentacles are front-and-center, forming much of the architecture of the pieces. They are paired with a golden version of the shell in which she trapped young Ariel’s voice. For jewelry based on a children’s cartoon, they are remarkably creepy-looking, in the best way.

Off With Their Heads...Is Bad to Put On a Necklace


Credit: Disney X Rocklove

Another classic Disney villain is the Queen of Hearts from their adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland. The delightful and, at times, scary cartoon spawned a number of classic Disney characters, but the frenetic madness of the Queen of Hearts took her menace to a new level entirely. Her constant order, “Off with their heads!” was truly terrifying to a little kid. But, her obsession is that all the white roses in the kingdom must be painted red. So, her jewelry line features very few hearts, but plenty of red roses, with just a little white peeking through. The signature necklace features the roses and a key quote from her majesty. When Alice tells her she is just trying to find her way home, the queen is affronted. “Your way?” she asks, then shouts, “all ways are my ways!”

Magic Mirror on the Wall, Queen Grimhilde’s Pieces are the Fairest of Them All!


Credit: Disney X Rocklove

Queen Grimhilde, Snow White’s evil, magical stepmother, is the third villain included in this first run from Disney X Rocklove. The designs for this line feature more variety than Ursula or the Queen of Hearts. There is a ring with the poisoned apple set in silver. A sister ring in gold featuring the apple but with the creepy magic skull that appears the moment Grimhilde casts her evil spell. There is also a necklace featuring the skull and apple. A set of earrings, a ring, and necklace feature not the poisoned apple, but the evil queen’s symbol. The heart with a knife through the top of it is a scary image, but one that looks beautiful on these pieces.

What Villains are Next?


Credit: Disney, Facebook

It’s unclear if this is a limited run from Disney and Rocklove, or if this is just the first line in a series. There are countless Disney villains to draw from, like Madame Medusa from The Rescuers, Mother Gothel from Tangled, or Cruella de Vil from One-Hundred-and-One Dalmatians. But, perhaps the villain best-suited for her own line of jewelry is Maleficient. She was the villain in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and then appeared in her own movie played by none other than Angelina Jolie. Her iconic black horns, magical staff, and even the crow who hangs out with all would make fine pieces.

What do you think? Which set is your favorite? Which Disney villain would want to see given the jewelry treatment next? Share your thoughts, reactions, and choices in the comments below. Remember to share the article on social media, so your friends can get in on the discussion. 

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