ITC Maratha Hotel Review: The Epitome of Luxury & Service in Mumbai

If you're planning to visit Mumbai any time soon, you won't have trouble finding luxury accommodations. 

But if you really want to travel in opulence, you owe it to yourself to consider the ITC Maratha. It is one of a variety of ultra high end hotels in the populous city. And like any great hotel, it stands out among the crowd in several key areas. If you're wondering what separates it from the other great hotels in Mumbai, we'll let you know. But first, let's take a look at the history of this imposing structure.

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Credit: ITC Maratha

A Little About the ITC Maratha in Mumbai

The ITC Maratha set out to lead India in providing first rate service and amenities. For many of its loyal guests, the company has succeeded. Let's look at the history of the ITC Maratha and exactly why you need to visit Mumbai.

itc maratha, itc mumbai, itc maratha mumbai, itc maratha hotel

Credit: ITC Maratha

A Brief History of the ITC Maratha Hotel

Let's start by going all the way back to the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. Believe it or not, that is the root of the company behind the luxurious ITC Maratha. Though the company remained involved in the tobacco industry, it went on to diversify. Established in 1910, decades later the company went on to launch ITC Hotels. Now, it is the leading owner of hotels in India. And the ITC Maratha was designed to be the pinnacle in Mumbai. The hotel itself appeals primarily to business travelers. And with plenty of European influence alongside traditional Indian architecture, any visitor will feel at home. 

Why should you visit Mumbai?

No matter why you're in the city, you will probably love your stay at the ITC Maratha. And there are plenty of reasons to visit the historic and vibrant city. Whether you're looking for great food, intriguing culture or fun nightlife, Mumbai has you covered. Like many international travel destinations, there is plenty of Western influence. But there are incredible representations of true Indian style and flair. The home of Bollywood has a lot more going on than you might realize. There is incredible art in areas including the Kala Ghoda Arts District. See the incredible Gateway of India while you're there. And even hear a great mix of Indian and international music at the city's nightclubs.

Features & Benefits of Staying at the ITC Maratha

It's clear that Mumbai travelers can expect a bevy of luxury hotel options. But many feel the ITC Maratha stands out from that opulent crowd. And we've taken a close look at what this five star hotel has to offer. Check it out for yourself and see if this hotel has what you need for a luxury vacation.

1. Accomodations

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Credit: ITC Maratha

It is hardly worth judging any hotel without starting with amenities. You can find plenty of reasons to keep coming back if you're looking for service. The staff is ready to cater to your every need. Plus, your room is sure to be spotless and brilliantly appointed. But we'll take a look at some of the specifics to see if it is your particular cup of tea.


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Credit: ITC Maratha

Even rooms that would be considered standard at the ITC Maratha are ornate works of art. Find an array of interesting design elements throughout. And all of the furnishings are of the highest quality. But you know there must be tiers to the luxury, and there are.

The hotel offers several categories for its rooms. There are suites, as travelers might expect. But the ITC Maratha also has its own unique way of branding other types of rooms. Look for designations like ITC One, The Towers, and the Executive Club. Each brings with it a different level of style and class. We think there is something available within this massive hotel for anyone to enjoy.


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Credit: ITC Maratha

Suites at the ITC are separated into three distinct categories. We will discuss the first two here and save the most opulent for its own section. Both the deluxe and luxury suites are designed for two adult travelers in mind. These suites occupy the top two floors of the 16 story hotel.

The smallest of the two floor plans is still a spacious 925 square feet. And the layout of both designs gives you plenty of space to spread out. Enjoy king sized beds, the most luxurious finishes and upscale hospitality. You can reserve a room in a smaller suite for less than $1,000. But as you move into the more opulent floor plans, prepare to pay plenty for the upgrades.

Presidential Suite

itc maratha, itc mumbai, itc maratha mumbai, itc maratha hotel

Credit: ITC Maratha

If you've got to have the best, you've got to have the Presidential Suite. At the ITC Maratha, this is the name of its most upscale design. With nearly 2,600 square feet, this suite is more than enough for a high end group getaway. Created for four adults, this is the epitome of style and service in Mumbai.

This extravagant suite is designed to honor Chhatrapati Shivaji. He was a powerful Bhosle Dynasty ruler. That dynasty also founded the Maratha Empire, which serves as the inspiration for the ITC Maratha. And the dimensions of this incredible residence is appropriate for such a warrior. The ceilings soar 22 feet above your head. There is absolute luxury everywhere. Each surface is made with the finest craftsmanship. Naturally, an abode like this attracts the rich and powerful of today. And with a price that will set you back tens of thousands, it's easy to keep the riffraff at bay.

If you can make it into this exclusive suite, the amenities are endless. Expect a butler's service whenever you need it. The hotel will provide added security for guests who require it. And you can stay isolated within your apartment without any worries of the outside world.

2. Dining

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Credit: ITC Maratha

Food is probably a big part of any international trip you're planning. And in India, you can plan on some incredible and diverse meals. The good thing about staying at the ITC Maratha is that you don't even need to leave the hotel. You won't even have to leave your bed if that's what you choose.

Room Service

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Credit: ITC Maratha

It might go without saying that a luxury hotel like the ITC Maratha has exquisite food. But we think it's important to note just how great the choices are. And if you don't feel like making a reservation, just have room service send it up to you. 

Even if you're not in the presidential suite, you'll still have access to a floor butler. And daily fruit platters are among the benefits of staying here. But we do recommend venturing down to one of the several terrific restaurants on campus. 

Restaurants in the Hotel

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Credit: ITC Maratha

There are a total of six luxury restaurants on the premises of the ITC Maratha. Of course you will find traditional Indian fare, but there is a lot more. First of all, marvel over the delicacies from European and Asian influenced chefs. And the drinks this incredible location offers are world class.

The most notable feature is probably the Peshwa Pavilion. This restaurant is open 24 hours a day. And the skylight above gives it an amazing ambiance. There are not many eateries as impressive as this one, in Mumbai or elsewhere.

Local Nearby Options

If you can't find what you're looking for inside the hotel, you won't have to venture far. The ITC Maratha is located in a great place for urban explorers. And this city is packed with great dining options.

We think the city offers an eclectic balance of tasty treats. And many of the best are within walking distance of this hotel. Maybe you arrived with tastes of authentic Indian cuisine. In that case, you can find any number of delectable options. But follow your nose in another direction and find anything else. Whether it's Chinese, German or even American staples, Mumbai chefs have you covered.

3. Amenities

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Credit: ITC Maratha

No luxury hotel experience would be complete without first rate amenities. And the ITC Maratha has them in spades. Whether you come for business or pleasure, you're never too far away from the comforts of home.

Pools and Spas

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Credit: ITC Maratha

Kaya Kalp is the on site spa. It is built around rejuvenation. And fans of the treatments say that's exactly what it provides. Experts at the unisex Salon Di Willis similarly strive for absolute excellence. You can get pampered in style no matter where you choose to go.

Then, if you need a bit more relaxation, head down to the ornate and decorative pool. It is located high up on the hotel's 11th floor. Get in for a swim or enjoy the whirlpools. Either way, you'll want to stick around until you feel like getting active. Then, the ITC Maratha still has you covered.


itc maratha, itc mumbai, itc maratha mumbai, itc maratha hotel

Credit: ITC Maratha

Of course the ITC Maratha has a full service health center for its guests. Whether you want to keep active or need to burn off some extra calories, the option is there. Like everything else in the hotel, the gym aims to provide the best.

You can choose from free weights and cardio equipment. And if you need some help, professional fitness trainers are on staff to assist. The gym is open most of the day to let you get in your workout. As long as you don't need it between midnight and 6 a.m., you should be good to go.


itc maratha, itc mumbai, itc maratha mumbai, itc maratha hotel

Credit: ITC Maratha

The culture might be a bit different in Mumbai than what you're used to. But the staff at the ITC Maratha are there to serve you. And that involves concierge services. Whatever you need to enjoy your stay more, just ask. Whether it's a recommendation or a replacement item you left at home, you'll find helpful assistance. 

What Other World Travelers Have to Say About the ITC Maratha

We think the ITC Maratha is a great choice for most folks visiting Mumbai. But don't take our word for it. We've sought out expert opinions and reviews from ordinary travelers to bring you the pros and cons. Here is what we found.


  • plus
  • plus
  • plus


  • close
    Customer service
  • Fit and finish

Many of the cons (and the pros, too) are pretty subjective. While one guest might experience a sub par greeting, others leave glowing reviews. So, like any hotel, it is hard to guarantee anything. But the ITC Maratha has a string of excellent reviews pointing to a commitment to luxury accommodations. 

Alternative Hotels in Mumbai to Consider

With wealthy international travelers arriving daily, it is no surprise Mumbai has tons of luxury hotels. If you're not quite sure about the ITC Maratha, consider some of these great options.

1. Taj Majal Palace and Tower

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Credit: Commons Wikimedia

If you're looking for something with more obvious history, check out the Taj Majal. This is one of Mumbai's oldest structures. And to this day, its staff is dedicated to providing top notch service and amenities.

2. Grand Hyatt Mumbai

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Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Here is another great option for luxury accommodations. You might already know about Hyatt's reputation. And we think the quality of the suites and hospitality of staff live up to its mission. 

​3. Trident Hotel

We'll end with a hotel offering modern amenities and breathtaking views. The Trident is known for its great location and well appointed suites.

The ITC Maratha is a great hotel for almost any Mumbai traveler.

But we would be remiss not to mention the other fine places to stay while you're there. Each offers its own interpretation of luxury Mumbai accommodations. 

We hope you found our review of the ITC Maratha helpful. If so, share it with the world travelers in your life. And leave us a message below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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