10 Quick and Interesting Facts About Jaguar Cars and the Company

This luxury vehicle brand holds royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

Founded in 1922 by two motorcycle enthusiasts, no-one predicted Jaguar's huge success. This brand embodies a dramatic design which makes you stop and stare. Their performance can’t be measured, only felt. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Jaguar cars.

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Fascinating Facts about Jaguar Cars 

For over 80 years, Jaguar cars are breathtaking, beautiful and elegant. These striking cars are constantly evolving and making award-winning movements. The first of the Jaguar cars was the 1935 SS Jaguar 2.5l Saloon. This car became one of the most beautiful and distinctive cars after the war. Thanks to its sleek, low-slung design, it summed up grace and elegance. Here are some other fascinating facts about Jaguar cars.

  1. The company that became Jaguar started operations in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company, making motorcycle sidecars before getting into automobile manufacturing.
  2. Jaguar was owned by Ford Motor Company of Detroit from 1990 to 2008.
  3. Jaguar has won the 24 Hours of Lemans, the world’s oldest sports car endurance race, seven times. The first time in 1951 and the last time in 1990.
  4. On Monday, November 14, 2016, Jaguar cars rolled out its first all-electric model. Welcome the I-PACE.
  5. Steve McQueen earned two driving bans behind the wheel of his Jaguar cars, one of only 16 built. The car is now in Jay Leno’s automobile collection.
  6. During the Second World War, the British industry worked exclusively for the army. The company’s management made a wise choice to change its name to Jaguar Cars Limited.
  7. Starting from the 1950’s, Jaguar increased its involvement in motorsports. The British car manufacturer set a goal to win the famous race of endurance and efficiency, 24 Hours of Le Mans. They reached this goal in 1951 thanks to the Jaguar XK-120C. Then, the C-type became one of the most successful racing cars. In 1955, the British company had a huge success with the Jaguar D-Type.
  8. In 1960, Jaguar began offering its products to American consumers. The XK150 and XK150 Roadster were the first two cars introduced to the American market.
  9. Jaguar cars became involved in Formula 1 races from 2000, for four years.
  10. Ford acquired Jaguar in the year 1990 before the ownership shifted again in 2008 to the Indian brand Tata Motors.

Which Are Your Favourite Jaguar Cars?

In 1948, the XK120 car stole the show. With a vertically ribbed oval grille, it became a Jaguar signature over the next two decades. Dramatic with flowing lines reflected throughout the body, it became a huge success. A few years later, Jaguar cars invented the C-type. This undoubtedly became one of the most beautiful cars during that time.

What are your favourite Jaguar cars? Share your favourites, or some interesting facts about this company in the comments. If you enjoyed reading this article, make sure you share it to spread the word.

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