James Dewulf Pool Tables: The Brand’s Story and Where to Buy Them

James De Wulf is the creative brain behind one of the most famous design studios in Los Angeles. It has become known for its avant-garde and modern furniture that uses concrete to imagine and craft amazing tables.

By using the most advanced concrete technology and combining it with simple forms, James De Wulf modern furniture designs has earned a solid reputation at the top of the industry. One of the best examples of concrete creations is the bestselling James De Wulf Ping Pong Table, the epitome of melding functionality with contemporary craft.

Thanks to the brand’s creativity, today we can choose from a collection of concrete creations that are equally suited for residential and commercial spaces. But before we get to shopping, let’s have a look inside the history of James Dewulf’s company.

James Dewulf Brand History

Back in 2004, James de Wulf established De Wulf Concrete as a boutique design firm, oblivious to the success it will soon garner. The design studio specialized in creating avant-garde concrete-couture that had several usages. Not long after the launch, the company was catering to a variety of interior decorators, architects, commercial retail outlets, and residential clients.

Over the past decade, De wulf has enjoyed enormous recognition for his original and unique work with concrete design. The brand had rapidly become famous for the ability to seamlessly fuse advanced concrete technology with aesthetic and modern concrete forms. In other words, De wulf focuses on what is widely constitutes functional art.

After his original work started to catch on, De Wulf’s cutting edge designs started to evolve into a full scale production line. Today, various retail outlets sell the company’s furnishing pieces. His creative efforts have resulted in a superb range of outdoor pieces, cutting edge sinks, tables, and gorgeous countertops.

Press Recognition

As described on the company’s official website, it wasn’t long before the creative force behind these innovative products grabbed the attention of the international design industry. James was soon the subject of international network features by BBC and HGTV, which talked about the way his creations consistently pushed the limits of the craft – aesthetically and functionally.

According to the LA Confidential magazine, for example, “De wulf is a renegade in the world of kitchen design, and his raw scrappiness comes through in his bold countertops and sinks.”

After James’ garden pieces were featured in the LA House Beautiful Magazine, his projects started to find their way into diverse homes. Urban nightclubs were more than happy to buy them, as well as boutique hotels and architect-driven spaces. Above all, James Dewulf and his creative team managed to channel their passion and commitment for art in a way that makes us want to buy a concrete furnishing piece for ourselves.

“James De Wulf is raising the bar on concrete design both visually and ecologically with his handmade furnishings,” wrote Distinction magazine.

Are you looking to buy one of James Dewulf’s pieces? Scroll through our list below to find a luxurious piece of furnishing that meets your needs.

DeWulf Scaffolding Coffee Table

It is time to introduce in your home décor the unmatchable elegance of a classic furniture piece like this DeWulf coffee table. It provides for a classy way to enjoy pleasant conversations over a cup of coffee with your spouse or a friend. The durable base made of thick rectangular legs has been constructed with reclaimed scaffolding wood. The huge concrete slab on top acts as a unique table top oozing of a rustic appeal.

This signature furniture piece fits perfectly in any kind of setting, from a residential environment to a simple factory context. The coffee table’s look is further enhanced by a lovely hand-finished texture.

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DeWulf Pool Table

So you thought your concrete ping pong table was awesome. This pool table by De Wulf represents the latest concrete creation from the artist, built within regulation yet in a minimalist style. It measures 101″ x 57″ x 32″ and the concrete build makes it suitable for use indoors or out. However, consider yourself warned: The outdoor version might cost you a little extra dough as it features outdoor felt, rubber pockets, and four graphite cues.

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DeWulf LeBlanc Teak Coffee Table

This is an innovative way of bringing chic elegance to your home décor. The James DeWulf LeBlanc teak coffee table is not only stylish, but it comes with a smooth wooden top that is beautifully hand finished. The result is a soft, buttery feel, in addition to a unique pattern that fits perfectly in various home décor styles.

Reclaimed scaffolding wood is used for crafting the table’s base. This ensures a durable construction with a modern design – the perfect furnishing item for any modern home. This teak table will add sophistication and elegance to your home, as well as function to your indoor or outdoor gathering spaces.

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DeWulf Steel Grating Coffee Table

This gorgeous piece of furniture by DeWulf effortlessly suits residential, office or factory settings thanks to its minimalist and utilitarian design. The James DeWulf steel grating coffee table is made of two rectangular concrete panels positioned on both ends and a reclaimed steel shelf. The latter features a channeled design and acts a lower shelf in between the two concrete pillars.

A shiny glass top at the top completes the overall design of the coffee table. Add to that a smooth finish on the concrete surface, and this coffee table is faithful to the standards set by the other products in its range. As most DeWulf products, however, that price range tends to be pretty expensive.

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DeWulf California Console Table

It just doesn’t get any better than this. This DeWulf console table features a very clean design while still carving a distinct niche for itself. Regardless of where you choose to place it, this statement piece will surely draw the attention. Made from chosen materials, this table is very strong and durable.

It is also perfect for residing in your living room, entertainment room, or dining hall. The table comes with a sleek, rectangular tabletop of 1″ in thickness. The hand-finished top is not just smooth to touch, but it is also full of beautiful textures. The DeWulf console table stands firm on black powder-coated solid-steel legs.

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DeWulf Indoor Pool Table

It is easy than ever to relieve your stress after a hard week. Have a fun day with the DeWulf indoor pool table which promises to be the perfect stress buster. You can place it anywhere in your home, from your living room to your hall area. Displaying a hand-finished concrete surface, this pool table is smooth and buttery all over, including the edges and legs.

It is also available in a range of color options. The box legs of this pool table give it a unique look that is sure to make it stand out from the regular pool tables. Thanks to the premium quality materials it is made of, this pool table is sturdy and durable.

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DeWulf Concrete Ping Pong & Dining Table

The De Wulf ping pong table is superb and modern – designed for outdoor use, but perfectly useful indoors as well. An example of esthetic minimalism, this concrete ping pong table can withstand almost any weather conditions, making it the focal point for any outdoor entertainment area. Should you wish to, the table can also suit your residential and hospitality needs.

The De Wulf ping pong table features a rock-solid table top and steel frame that result in a profile that is not just technologically durable. The table is also visually refined and versatile enough to turn in a striking contemporary dining table in the blink of an eye.

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DeWulf Split Locking Round Dining Table

Not all furniture pieces possess the ability to seamlessly blend functional elegance with aesthetic appeal. However, the DeWulf round dining table succeeds in doing just that. It sports a strong pedestal stand with a round table top, while also exhibiting a smooth cut-out section on the top. The result is a unique look that makes this dining table the central piece in any setting.

The leg of this table features a gravity joint, while the carbon fiber reinforced concrete lends it an innovative look. Made in the U.S., this dining table has also been hand-finished for a classy look.

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DeWulf Outdoor Pool Table

This particular DeWulf outdoor pool table has a proud form and it is highly functional. You will find it of great use should you want to spend some relaxing moments with your near and dear ones. The table is constructed from the finest grade materials, enabling it to weather through varied outdoor conditions.

The pool table can bear a lot of stress without giving in; at the same time, the hand-finished concrete surface offer a smooth feel. Thanks to the box shaped sturdy legs, a new dimension was added to the furniture. The DeWulf pool table for the outdoors comes in a variety of colors.

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