La Prairie Luxury Cosmetics: Caviar and Gold for High-End Care

Watch the 50-year-olds shining bright smiles and perfectly stretched cheekbones on the red carpet, and you might think they own the secret to the elixir of youth. Why is it Madonna always manages to glow wrinkle-free in front of the cameras? Clearly, an A Team of nutritionists and skin experts stay close at her heels, ushering old age away with the best moisturizers, serums, sun masks, and skin treatments man, or brand, ever invented. La Prairie is such a brand.

In terms of advanced dermatology, La Prairie scores high numbers. Its cornerstone ingredients include caviar, gold, ginseng root, glycoproteins, and horsetail. Some of these products carry that distinctive air of luxury. Include them in a magic serum that will give you the much-coveted Angelina Jolie glow, and you might find yourself declaring bankruptcy on account of your cosmetics bill.

In the meantime, as long as you are willing to invest in experiencing a celebrity’s skincare routine, here are our top 3 La Prairie picks to uplift your skin and your spirits for the day.

La Prairie – La Crème de la Crème

Skin Care Product La Prairie

The luxe brand’s origin story reads a little like a fable where the Alchemist is the main character. After all, La Prairie was founded in Montreux, Switzerland 70 years ago by a doctor who believed rare and upper-class ingredients like gold, caviar, and platinum can reverse the touch of time on the skin.

His ambitions may not have unearthed the proverbial fountain of youth, but his formula endured in La Prairie. Nowadays, the company claims complete originality as the main ingredient in their skin care formulas. The Clinique La Prairie is a spa resort in the Swiss Alps conducting tests and research on every precious item that makes the prestigious list on the product’s label.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, 1.7-Ounce Box/h2>
Caviar Luxe Cream La Prairie

If fish massages are a thing, then why not caviar face cream? Rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients, caviar feels as fresh and delicate on your skin as it looks appetizing on buttered toast.

The fragranced face cream is La Prairie’s taste of grandeur in cosmetics. Once you get over that guilty feeling of ‘elitism in a 1,7-ounce jar’, you won’t look back at eucalyptus moisturizers or Aloe Vera gels ever again.

Other ingredients also include shea butter as a moisturizer. The Caviar luxe cream can be used as a day cream under makeup or a night cream for that extra layer of protection.

La Prairie Celular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold

Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold La Prairie

Good things come in small packages. When La Prairie’s packaging masters brainstormed for the perfect size to accommodate their concentrated gold flakes cream, they must have rooted their PR idea into those same words.

This opulent, gold-infused serum promises to ‘photoshop’ those wisdom wrinkles and age lines away with one single drop. Granted, the gold flakes are visible to the naked eye, a feature which is pretty impressive in itself. The skin likes what it feels, so it absorbs the drops with no fuss at all.

One piece of advice, though. The same way gold can be counterfeited so does the La Prairie gold cream lend itself to fake manufacturing, especially since it comes in such small doses. To play it safe, find yourself an authorized distributor.

La prairie Cellular Cream Platium Rare 1.7oz

Platinum Rare Cream La Prairie

Our most outrageously expensive pick from La Prairie! However, since we’ve awarded ourselves with the gold of luxury skincare treatment, why not aim for the Platinum? This rejuvenating rare cellular cream really feels like a bunch of silvery snowflakes just lightly landed on your skin.

One look at the key ingredients – peptides, smart crystals, climate adjusted hydration, and platinum – and you will raise a wrinkle-free eyebrow in wonder at how far cosmetics have gone in search of everlasting youth. Checking the price tag, you’d think they had reached their destination, although we’ve seen no trace of consumers Benjamin Buttoning into their early teens again.

Keeping a La Prairie skin regime could inadvertently translate into a fasting period. After all, saying the luxe brand is not budget-friendly is a major understatement. However, you may find yourself hooked for life on the caviar, gold and platinum chic skin creams.

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