Lexxson Car Navigation Review: Innovative Map Integration for Your Car Today

The Lexxson Car Navigation system is a great way to integrate smart features directly into your vehicle. 

Whether it's the apps and music from your cellphone or maps to help you find your way, it's all available in the Lexxson Car Navigation system. And clever controls allow for touch screen and even hands free operation of the device. It is all easily installed into your dashboard and ready to give you tons of assistance on the road.

But only you will be able to determine if the Lexxson car navigation is right for your needs. And we'll get into all of the high tech features it offers in the review below. There are many other options in this automotive sector of the market, though. So we've also included a few additional impressive gadgets for your consideration. We think that no matter what you're looking for to enhance your road trips, you'll find it in the following article. 

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

A Little About Lexxson Car Navigation

There are more ways than ever to access navigation on the road. So do you really need a dedicated device like this touch screen unit? Well, after you finish reading all it's capable of doing, you'll see this is far more than a high tech map. An experienced company brings the heat with the Lexxson car navigation. And we'll let you in on all the details below. 

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

Background About Lexxson

Lexxson might not be a household name just yet. But fans of automotive electronics have likely seen the brand pop up more and more in recent years. From car stereos to the innovative Lexxson car navigation, there are many options. And consumers have been quick to give the company a seal of approval. But you'll have to judge for yourself based on the list of features this particular product boasts. Let's discuss this intuitive device broadly before digging deep into what lies under the surface. 

Who is the Lexxson Car Navigation System Great For?

Anyone who hits the road regularly will likely find something to love about the Lexxson car navigation. For starters, it can provide access to many of the apps that are already on your phone. And it's much safer and more convenient to have those capabilities right in the dashboard. Of course it's great if you frequently need access to maps and navigation. But there's so much to this system that it's a joy to use even in daily commutes around town.

What are the Best Uses for the Lexxson Car Navigation System?

Installing this system into your vehicle will open up your drive to an array of new possibilities. We'll introduce you to everything it can do in the review below. But suffice it to say that you can download programs and otherwise connect it to your cellphone. That means all of your fun and entertaining apps can be in your stereo. Listen to your favorite tunes while never getting lost on the road. And it's all accessible through Bluetooth or an easy to use touch screen interface. 

Features & Benefits of Lexxson Car Navigation

It will always come down to factors like innovation and ease of use in a system like this. And we think you'll find the Lexxson car navigation ranks high by most measures. But we've selected a few ways we think this product stands out from the crowd. Take a look at its high points to see if this is the right device for your vehicle. 

1. Access Tons of Apps

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

When you take this device out of the box, you'll see it's no traditional car stereo. In fact, it looks and behaves much more like a touch screen tablet. And the 7 inch high definition display does many of the things you smartphone or iPad can do. 

For starters, you can download apps to this device and use them on your trip. Of course, we'll start with maps and other navigation applications. This might go without saying on a product called the Lexxson car navigation. But you should know how easy it is to get whichever maps you prefer downloaded and running. 

That's thanks to the built in Wi Fi connectivity and powerful operating system. Underneath the surface, find a quad core processor that can handle almost anything you install. Plus, there are multiple USB ports and plenty other inputs for all your plug in devices. And it all shows up on a display you can easily read and use while behind the wheel.

2. Seamlessly Link to Your Smartphone

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

Interacting with the Lexxson car navigation is simple right from the start. But the most innovative function is possibly the ability to connect directly with your smartphone. The so called Mirror Link system gives you access to whatever is on your device. 

Want to take your favorite playlist on the road with you? It's easy with this system. And you probably already have some familiarity with the maps and navigation on your phone. Pick your favorite and just connect via the special link to see it right there on your dash.

Stream your music through your car's speakers. Whether your car already has connectivity or not, the system is easy to install and get started. There's also an installed aplifier that will make everything sound richer and fuller than you imagined. Control it all with your fingertips on the screen or through Bluetooth commands. And there's also an option to install steering wheel controls for even easier distraction free interaction.

3. Brilliant Touch Screen Interface

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

Lots of devices have touch screen technology these days. You might be wondering if the Lexxson car navigation device is just the same old experience. But we think it's notable and special for a few reasons. For starters is the large size and brilliant optical display. This screen measures seven inches and provides an LED back light that produces stunning contrasts. 

Then there's the responsiveness of the capacitive touch technology. You'll be able to navigate the apps as easily as your map lets you navigate the roads. It operates on the Android system and is an intuitive device to provide all you might need. There are 30 preset radio stations with an AM and FM dial built in.

In addition to the touch screen, you have many other options in deciding how to operate the system. There's a wireless connection that lets you connect hands free. You can use the included remote control to interact with the Lexxson car navigation from any seat. And from the driver's seat, you can click on all the important buttons with the steering wheel controls. The built in Wi Fi makes it easy to integrate any of your apps, maps and music. And for anything else, there's probably an input. Plug in your rear view camera and use almost all of your useful programs on the move.

4. Hands Free Bluetooth Capabilities

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

The Mirror Link for your cellphone is important for much more than accessing your music files. Use the Bluetooth to make old fashioned phone calls without taking your eyes off the road. Since distracted driving is such a major concern these days, this might be the most useful featured.

And with a great sound output, the Lexxson car navigation gives you a robust sound to your calls. Of course, the same could be said for anything you stream or play from the built in radio. The stereo itself comes with plenty of accessories. You'll receive the power cable, a remote control and a GPS antenna to ensure you have proper connectivity. The set also comes with two installation keys and a user manual to make setup a breeze.

What Motorists Have to Say About Lexxson Car Navigation

Still wondering how it performs in the real world? Maybe reviews from actual users will help. We've taken a look at many online comments surrounding this product and noticed some trends. Here are a few of the most common pros and cons we saw in our research.


  • plus
    Great visual display
  • plus
    Mirror Link connectivity
  • plus
    Choose your favorite maps


  • close
    Doesn't support all apps
  • Installation can be complicated

If you're still not convinced the Lexxson car navigation is right for you, keep reading. We've selected three other systems we believe will give its capabilities a worthy rivalry. 

Alternative GPS Systems to Consider

Tech companies continue to include motorists in the rapid increase in computing power. So why not check out some of the leading products to make your commute a bit more intuitive? Here are a few we think are capable of competing against the Lexxson car navigation.

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

You might be familiar with JVC for its performance in automotive audio. But you might not know of its achievements in GPS and navigation dashboard systems. This one gives you a range of features including Bluetooth connection for as many as five devices. A night vision camera gives you a clear look at the rear of your vehicle. And the audio features create great reverberation and deep sound for whatever you're listening. Plenty of ports and inputs allow you to connect with other devices in your life. From the water resistant camera to turn by turn navigation, this system will make the trip safer.

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

Kenwood has long created high end radios and sound systems. So it should be no surprise that this system rivals the Lexxson car navigation in every way. The screen is smaller, but you have great control over its display. And everything looks clear with the LCD lighting. Hook up your Bluetooth for hands free operation. And you can easily hook up your Spotify, Pandora or other music streaming app. The best part is many of the features are open to customization to create just the perfect experience. Plus, an included rear view camera will keep you apprised of anything that might be in the way. 

3. Kenwood Excelon DNX994S In Dash Navigation System

lexxson car navigation system, lexxon gps, lexxson car navigation system review

Need the absolute best in all categories? We think this offering by Kenwood might just fit the bill. For starters, is has basically all of the capabilities of the Lexxson car navigation -- and much more. Hook up your Android or Apple smartphone with easy integration and compatibility. There's a built in GPS system and Bluetooth for simple hands free access to all the clever features. And the quality of all of its features is on par with the very best products on the market today.

We think the Lexxson car navigation system belongs on any motorist's wish list.

But there are several quality products offering varying levels of the same performance. So the final decision will depend on your personal tastes and desires. We hope our guide has helped make the choice a little easier.

If so, share this article with the drivers in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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